Don't Get Your Panties in a Knot

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“Don’t get your panties in a knot,” my girlfriend told me when I told her that I was upset with ads I saw while Googling XDress. When I pulled up the Google search, I saw ads for other sites and products. Ads for men’s lingerie, but what got me upset was the reference to queer, and sissy when describing the products. My immediate reaction to this was “wait a minute, I am not either one of those things,” I am not a queer, or a sissy. Again, she gently reminded me about not getting my panties in a knot.

I happen to be a heterosexual male, who just happens to like some of the finer things in life. I enjoy fine wine, I enjoy great coffee, I wear very colorful shirts, and have some really great shoes. I also happen to like and enjoy beautiful lingerie, satin, lace, and very sexy ways of expressing who I am, such as those items that XDress provides. So, because I like and enjoy these things, why on earth would the words queer and sissy be related? My girlfriend can attest that I am not either. This is not to say that one is right or wrong, but why on earth do we place these labels on people?

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I wrote a blog a while back called Am I Gay? to share with the readers that just because we like “feminine” things, doesn’t mean that we are, nor should we think we are gay. In fact, I feel more like myself, and am very confident when donning my bra and panties that my girlfriend picks out for me every morning. The furthest thing I feel like, is a sissy. When I lean into my feminine side, I get to embrace all aspects of myself, and my confidence goes up. So, as I have my “feminine” underwear on underneath my “masculine” outerwear, just as I do when I am leading business meetings, my confidence pays off. It is the balance between these two energies is where my power is. It really is the best of both worlds.

Now, is this really worth getting my panties in a knot? Probably not. But the stereotyping of people really gets me going. I know that I am not the only heterosexual male on this site who appreciates some of the finer things in life. I truly enjoy the look and feel of satin and lace, especially the latest luxe collection, particularly in the peach satin. When I initially put that on, my girlfriend very much enjoyed the look and showed this with a “it looks sexy” and a whistle. I really do enjoy looking and feeling sexy for her. It’s not a one-way street.

Men's pink satin lingerie - XDress


I, for one, really appreciate the fact that XDress has created high quality and sexy products in many colors and designs for men. Never have I seen them position it as queer, or sissy, or any sort of label. It’s lingerie for men, period. When I order products, I never have to feel any shame, guilt, or whatever thoughts go through people’s minds. I get to pick what I want, hit send, and look forward to looking and feeling sexy in something I love. Plus, it’s not only for my enjoyment.

I would really like to hear from the heterosexual men on this site. How do you feel about this topic? Does stereotyping men’s lingerie with being a sissy or a queer get your panties in a knot? I would love to hear your thoughts, then go untie your panties, and enjoy.


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Hi Jon, That is a great point and a great perspective. The only person that knows is my significant other. I have been very fortunate that she has been extremely supportive, and it has taken our relationship to a whole new level. Interesting thought that by us hiding it is part of the problem. Never looked at it that way. Jon, I hope your statement creates some buzz on this blog. Truly appreciate your input!!



Jon, Glad to hear your point of view. In no way am I saying go tell your significant other right away. Please read the room. If she’s definitely a no go then don’t go. I think the best situation is to tell them early. That way you wont have to hide! If u think she might be ok with it and you are already in a relationship then introduce it slowly See many previous blogs on this site about that, Stevie


Stevie’s point has made me think. My wife is the only person who has ever known that I enjoy dressing up in lingerie. I’ve kept my crossdressing as my secret for my whole life. This is probably due to the assumption that straight men like me aren’t ‘supposed’ to wear feminine underwear. But I haven’t challenged that assumption, apart from proving the point to my wife. If men like me were to stop hiding their crossdressing then it just might become more understood and acceptable. Maybe all of us heterosexual, lingerie wearing men are a big part of the problem because we mainly keep it hidden.


The concept of heterosexual male wearing panties is NOT main stream thinking. Initially i get upset too, but I then realize what have I done, we donecto counteract that notion. We keep our kink fetish or normalcy for wearing panties a secret. We fail to share this with our most intimate partners. We dont educate the world so they get their ideas from what is promoted on tv and in porn

Its hard to do. I struggle with it! I have managed to tell 1 person!!!! When I said to her they are manties she said BS those are panties!!! I said you know what, they are ! But I ve also come to realize that male panties made for men is not crossdressing or wanting to be a woman! Does a women wearing boxer brief styles want to be a man? The so xalled boy shorts.

Food for thought 💭

Get your lingerie on, I did!



When I hear Sissy, I think of men’s sissy pouch panties. Most men into Sissy play are into Chasity cages. Cages don’t work well with most normal panties. So if you search for Sissy panties, you will usually see all types of underwear with a formed big pouch in the front and maybe a lot of lace, etc.


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