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For over 20 years, Body Aware has been at the forefront of setting new standards and fun in the design of men's underwear, leaving behind the traditional, plain, and boring underwear of the past. Body Aware has its origins in the small mill town of Trowbridge in western England, where it was founded by Kristina, a former American diplomat, and David, a geophysicist. Since 2001, Body Aware headquarters has been located in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. The company is still a family affair, run by the husband and wife team, with a wonderful staff who are like their extended family!

Body Aware Ltd, Trowbridge. Wiltshire UK, 1996

The genesis of a separate Xdress brand was around 1992 when a small range of simple black and white lace briefs for men were added to the Body Aware range in the UK. The reception was positive and immediate, generating plenty of television and press buzz, as a result the Xdress range grew to encompass many fabrics that, up until that time, had been exclusively reserved for women.   Xdress broke away from Body Aware as a separate mail order catalog in 1996 and later a web site in 1999.

Body Aware will continue to be, one of the world's leaders in exciting new fashion and comfort for men of all ages and dimensions.  

Body Aware Inc, Arizona, USA, 2016

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