Ever wonder why there are no corsets available for men? Well XDress has what you've always dreamed of.
We have the corsets that are just your size!
Stay-Up Stocking $13.00
Industrial Strength Fishnets $11.00
Pop of Color Nylon Pantyhose $12.00
Rainbow Net Pantyhose Tights $15.00

Sexy Bow Tights $15.00
Bubble Gum Pink Argyle Tights $16.00
Fishnet Tights $10.00
Fishnets and Lace Panty $15.00

Opaque Sheer Tights $9.00
Polka Dot Sheer Pantyhose $12.00
Ruffle Top Thigh Highs $11.00
Seamless Net Pantyhose $15.00

Wet Look Lace and Lace Up Stockings $20.00
Worship Me Cross Net Tights $14.00
Fishnet and Lace Thigh Highs $14.00
Vintage Backseam Heel Stockings $14.00

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