xdress lingerie for men has been designing & manufacturing fine & lacy understhings since 1992. we pride ourselves on making men happy.

Not Sure What To Wear?

We think the hardest thing is to figure out what to put on in the morning. We've got great panties and lingerie to choose from, with so many styles and colors that will look great under your clothes.

Cute Costumes for Men

Play naughty or nice with sexy costumes made exclusively for you by XDress. We have a great selection of men's dress up costumes to let you role play your fantasy with that special someone. Whether it's a french maid or a cheerleader, take a look at our many choices.

Garters are Good for You

We love these on men and love them even more when paired with cute shoes or sexy heels, with our favorite old shoes or worn-in boots, anything goes when your stockings stay up properly!

Corsets & Trim Silhouettes

Make an entrance in something silky & seductive and leave a lasting impression. Exquisitely designed and ready-to-wear corsetry for the male physique, accentuate your body style in a timeless classic.