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Why doe she get to have all of the fun?
Men's Lingerie by XDress makes you feel beautiful, confident, and sexy.
Garter belts, bodysuits and bras, oh my! Yes that's right, men can now wear the sexiest underwear ever conceived and feel comfortable too. XDress has properly sized and compensated in all the right places with it's lingerie specifically designed for the male physique. Whether you are a sissy, a crossdresser, or just love experimenting, XDress has so much men's lingerie it's mind boggling. Bodysuits are a perfect entry level pick for those just looking for a different type of underwear whereas a corset is a little more advanced. XDress also offers bras for men that work with breast enhancers to give an extra lift to your chest. Of course we have many beautiful men's panties but the ensemble would not be complete without a sexy matching garter belt! Check out our men's hosiery section for cute pantyhose, socks, and stockings that match.

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