Why doe she get to have all of the fun?
Men's Lingerie by XDress makes you feel beautiful, confident, and sexy.
Sleek Satin Camisole $27.00
The Satin Rosebud Bra $27.00
Smooth Satin Bodysuit $37.00
The Valentina Bra $24.00

The Smooth Satin Tank $29.00
The Picot Ribbed Camisole $25.00
Paris Lace Bra $25.00
Glimmer Satin & Lace Garter $25.00

Sweet Tooth Lace Garter $18.00
The Picot Mesh Blossom Bra $25.00
Lace Garter Belt $16.00
The Striped Ribbed Sports Bra $25.00

Soft All-In-One $37.00
Foam Bra Enhancing Pads $13.00
The Cherry Blossom Bra $24.00
Frilly Garter Belt $17.00

Glimmer Satin & Lace Bra $25.00
The Sexy Satin T-Shirt $28.00
The Striped Ribbed Rayon Bodysuit for Men $35.00
Glistening Satin & Lace Bralette $23.00

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