Why You Should Date an XDresser!

Why You Should Date an XDresser!
Hello dear readers! It's long overdue that we discuss all the lovely benefits of dating an Xdresser, and what we bring to the table that other men do not. So let's get right into it. 

First of all, it goes without saying that the men who xdress love to shop! This automatically makes us more enjoyable company than the men that just sit on a bench when they go to the mall / clothing stores with their significant other. For me, shopping is not only incredibly fun, it's also a form of stress relief. To unapologetically shop in the women's clothing section, alongside your wife or girlfriend is an experience that could only be described as euphoric. I have done this a number of times with my girlfriend and it is quite simply a very intimate experience to share together, especially when shopping for lingerie. Picking things out for each other, recommending items and just enjoying what is considered to be a feminine activity is something that can strengthen any relationship. 

Next, xdressers are generally more empathetic compared to other men. We understand the amount of effort it takes to look pretty, what it takes to pull off an outfit and the difficulty in wearing heels on a night out. We also tend to be more in tune with our feminine side, which makes us able to convey our emotions in a much more sensitive way. For example, I recall being quite dismissive and having a "it's not a big deal" attitude when discussing problems  before I became an Xdresser. However, my attitude could not be more opposite now when I have discussions. Coming from a place of love, understanding and compassion is my general guideline now. In short, I feel xdressing has made me a much better person for this reason alone. 

Also, xdressers are just more fun to be around! The majority of people live in an all or nothing world, where they follow social constructs and guidelines as if their lives depend on it. The inherent courage it takes to even be a xdresser means we generally look at situations in life with a unique perspective. We are comfortable with standing out and breaking the norms, which takes a serious amount of gumption. One could argue we are more "manly" than your average jeans and t-shirt wearing man, as we do not fear criticism like those who try so hard to fit in. Bold is the perfect term for xdressers, because there is nothing more bold than a man in heels and lipstick that doesn't care if everyone is staring at them. 

Lastly, an xdresser is an amazing lover! They will more often than not, devote more than the average man to a relationship, as we value intimacy and commitment above all else. At least, that's how it is for me. We also love spending time with our significant other doing all sorts of activities other men would scoff at. Such activities include mani/pedis, facials, massages, or any other essential self care activity! I am sure all of us here can attest to how incredible it is sharing these experiences with our SO and not feeling guilty for it. After all, what woman wouldn't want a man they can share almost every part of their lives with? 

All in all, I truly think xdressing is wonderful thing. Embracing femininity is a balancing act that will vastly improve your relationships, as people begin to be drawn to your balanced and harmonious energy. So, what do you think? Has xdressing made you more fun? Have your relationships improved? Let me know in the comments! 


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Another very interesting blog. Even more so when I’m on vacation at the beach enjoying the sun and reading your blog! I’m gay who loves to be feminine, I’m with my boyfriend on vacation. We were reading and I asked him what does it feel like dating me a gay Xdresser? He was a sweetheart so I love him. It has been a fantastic experience, he considers me to be excellent company, he loves sharing everything with me from shopping at the supermarket to clothes. He considers that our daily life is super fun and engaging. He finds me a wonderful lover and always available for him. It brought a new meaning to your life. I feel very moved by your words, I love being a woman and as far as possible give my boyfriend the best. Good vacation! Francisca.


Hi so I’m bisexual I guess although it’s 5yrs since I dated a woman and think a cross dresser would be a wonderful lover! She has confidence, style, class, and can take care of business. She would always be the beautiful woman she is to me. I would never see her as anything but the beautiful woman I’m attracted to. Plus I’d like to xdress every now and again and she could play dress up with me. I’ve always been attracted to xdressers and fem boys!! I’m very masculine and dream of dating a beautiful xdresser. I just don’t know where to meet anyone. :(

Michael Shannon

To cross dress makes me feel so happy and sets me free. To feel female cloths on is so enjoyable most men never feel this enjoyment. To go shopping for new cloths is so much fun and finding something new makes me so happy l cannot wait to get home and wear it.


So very true … though I first crossdressed briefly when very young (c’mon what boy doesn’t at least once!), many years before I recommenced and then continued — loving it of course — I loved to shop unlike most men. Then, as my crossdressing bloomed and I eventually discovered the TG gurl that I truly am, I realized it was this feminine core that was playing out in my shopping impulses and love for it! xoxox Taryn Amber

Taryn Amber

Jason welcome
This is ur spot
We welcome u and love u


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