The Wonderful World of Panties!

The Wonderful World of Panties!

Greetings Dear Readers!

I hope you are well and wearing something pretty. First, a shout out to Nathan, who suggested a blog topic about lingerie. Thanks, Nathan. What a fun topic! Because the word “lingerie” covers such a large array of clothing, I’m going to limit this blog to the topic of panties – a topic I know you are all totally into, as am I.

The great majority of us got our start in cross-dressing with panties. A good number of us started by exploring mom’s or sister’s panty drawer and then progressed to buying our own. Some folks, once they are adults, limit themselves to underdressing under their everyday male clothing, while others of us progressed on to bras, hosiery, and finally outer clothing. 

I was a late starter, having begun with underdressing in middle age. Do you remember the thrill of that first time you slipped into a pair of panties? I was so amazed by the choices. With men’s underwear, you have a choice of tighty whities or boxers. Of course, you could expand that to uh, tighty whities or boxers. Of course, you can also find male thongs, usually in, of all places, swimwear. With panties, you’ve got this amazing variety of styles, colors, and fabrics. Xdress/Body Aware has a huge selection, ranging from pretty grannies to bikinis, thongs, G-strings, tap pants, tangas – ah the list goes on! And the fabrics! Lace, satin, cotton, polyester. I’m all about comfort, and men’s underwear does not begin to measure up to the comfortable styles and fabrics of panties.

It’s interesting to me that, although I’ve been underdressing for many years now (I have one pair of men’s underwear that I wear for my annual physical with my very conservative doctor) that it is still a treat every morning to pick out the day’s panties. When I wore men’s underwear, I didn’t give a thought to the selection of underwear, as they all looked the same. Not so with panties. Every day it is fun to decide on what panties to wear. Is it like that for you?

Online panty shopping is the safest way to go, and Xdress/Body Aware panties are designed with the male physique in mind, in terms of the width of the gusset, which gives a very comfortable fit. It is also fun to go to the “other side of the store” and explore the panty section. I am very fortunate to have a very supportive wife, and we go panty shopping together. I find that shopping in stores appeals to my feminine side, plus it is just a bit risky, making it all the more fun. Part of the fun for me is wearing a very sexy pair of panties under my women’s jeans and nobody has a clue how hot I look under it all. Speaking of jeans, if you try on a pair of women’s skinny jeans, you’ll never go back to men’s jeans. I know, that’s off topic, but I just had to throw that in there. 

Okay, so there are my thoughts on the topic. How about you? Are you a full-time panty wearer or limit it to weekends or special occasions? How old were you when you started underdressing? What are your favorite styles/fabrics? What is your preferred style of shopping – online or brick and mortar? Warm up those keyboards guys/gurls. You know I love hearing your stories.

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I love wearing girlie lace panties. I started young, around 8 years old. I have been wearing panties on and off my whole life you could say. I made the transition during the last year to wear panties fulltime. I have now thrown out my entire drawer full of men’s undies, and replaced them with various styles and colors, mainly lace panties, but some microfiber g strings and boyleg.

To me it’s about wearing women’s panties, not lace panties designed for men, and I like my panties as girlie as possible, mostly lace Brazilians and g strings. I like the way they fit, not perfectly, and the way they feel, sexy.

The variety is endless so get to wear whatever I want, whenever I want. I have had girlfriends embrace this, and that’s the best ever. Nothing like pantie swapping. It’s never been about bras or outer clothing for me, I occasionally wear stockings and suspenders, but it’s the panties that are my favorite item of clothing.

I’m so confident wearing them that I recently went to the doctors and had a microfiber g string on. I had to remove my trousers to have a dressing done on my leg, and the nurse could see everything, not lace panties, but very obviously a girlie g string. In some ways, i wish I’d worn a pink lace g string, next time.


This is a very good blog! COVID restrictions has increased the ability to wear panties on a daily basis but unfortunately I am not able to wear everyday. I first started in my early 20’s when my GF left a pair behind and I pout them on for the first time. I got out of them before heading to work but rushed home at lunch to put them back on and wore them the remainder of the day. From that moment on, I was hooked! The feeling of the satin for the first time still brings a rush of adrenaline just thinking about it. I loved the Kelly green satin with the black lace trim and the black bow on the front. I look for these features on most all purchases now as it just completes the femininity of the product. I like a lot of different styles but my favorite is satin. It is just so comfortable and sexy and again, the adrenaline rush that hits while typing this is exhilarating. Lace is probably second. I like the Cheeky Satin Panties in all colors, the lace Brazilian Panties too along with their matching bras. I stay away from cotton as it is just too ordinary and not as sexy as the other fabrics. As for shopping, I have invested a lot of money with XDress in the last 8 months because it is an easy site to order from. The panties and bras come in discreet packaging and it is simple the order. COVID put a damper on shopping in person but when I do, its usually VS. Their staff is very supportive of the XDress community. I bought a nice faux crystal garter belt there last week which matched my XDress res satin hipsters and bra perfectly!


I to wear panties everyday. My biggest problem is finding any that I like the fit. Most I find in department stores are size 5 and just don’t fit tight enough. So I have found that girls sizes are just right.


Terry, it was good to read that a 68 year former USMC member also wears panties. I too wore panties during my military career. While stationed over seas for 3 years, my ex would send me her nylon panties to wear. Her panties had a double layer of nylon in the crotch (no cotton in the lining back then) and I always kept my privates shaved to enhance the feeling of the nylon . I think some of my friends suspect that I wear panties but are not sure. I think it is cool that you have no problemss in letting others see your panties sticking out from your jeans. Good for you!


Roxanne, I also love nylon panties. Growing up, mom & both sisters all wore nylon panties. Back in the day, they did not have the cotton lining they have now day’s in the crotch of their panties. They had a double layer of nylon in the crotch. With very little pubic hair at the time, I LOVED feeling that nylon on my prviates. For that very reason, I always REMOVE the cotton lining from my panties prior to wearing to this very day! I would even find sisters panties in the clothes hamper and would wear them to school now & then. As far as crotchless panties, I would buy them for my g/f back when Fredreick’s of Hollywood was still around. Regardless if they were crotchless or not, she would always wear her panties to bed and we both enjoyed it.


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