The Wonderful World of Panties!

The Wonderful World of Panties!

Greetings Dear Readers!

I hope you are well and wearing something pretty. First, a shout out to Nathan, who suggested a blog topic about lingerie. Thanks, Nathan. What a fun topic! Because the word “lingerie” covers such a large array of clothing, I’m going to limit this blog to the topic of panties – a topic I know you are all totally into, as am I.

The great majority of us got our start in cross-dressing with panties. A good number of us started by exploring mom’s or sister’s panty drawer and then progressed to buying our own. Some folks, once they are adults, limit themselves to underdressing under their everyday male clothing, while others of us progressed on to bras, hosiery, and finally outer clothing. 

I was a late starter, having begun with underdressing in middle age. Do you remember the thrill of that first time you slipped into a pair of panties? I was so amazed by the choices. With men’s underwear, you have a choice of tighty whities or boxers. Of course, you could expand that to uh, tighty whities or boxers. Of course, you can also find male thongs, usually in, of all places, swimwear. With panties, you’ve got this amazing variety of styles, colors, and fabrics. Xdress/Body Aware has a huge selection, ranging from pretty grannies to bikinis, thongs, G-strings, tap pants, tangas – ah the list goes on! And the fabrics! Lace, satin, cotton, polyester. I’m all about comfort, and men’s underwear does not begin to measure up to the comfortable styles and fabrics of panties.

It’s interesting to me that, although I’ve been underdressing for many years now (I have one pair of men’s underwear that I wear for my annual physical with my very conservative doctor) that it is still a treat every morning to pick out the day’s panties. When I wore men’s underwear, I didn’t give a thought to the selection of underwear, as they all looked the same. Not so with panties. Every day it is fun to decide on what panties to wear. Is it like that for you?

Online panty shopping is the safest way to go, and Xdress/Body Aware panties are designed with the male physique in mind, in terms of the width of the gusset, which gives a very comfortable fit. It is also fun to go to the “other side of the store” and explore the panty section. I am very fortunate to have a very supportive wife, and we go panty shopping together. I find that shopping in stores appeals to my feminine side, plus it is just a bit risky, making it all the more fun. Part of the fun for me is wearing a very sexy pair of panties under my women’s jeans and nobody has a clue how hot I look under it all. Speaking of jeans, if you try on a pair of women’s skinny jeans, you’ll never go back to men’s jeans. I know, that’s off topic, but I just had to throw that in there. 

Okay, so there are my thoughts on the topic. How about you? Are you a full-time panty wearer or limit it to weekends or special occasions? How old were you when you started underdressing? What are your favorite styles/fabrics? What is your preferred style of shopping – online or brick and mortar? Warm up those keyboards guys/gurls. You know I love hearing your stories.

Fond regards,


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I’ve been underdressing for the past 15. It started by accident when I was 15 and accidentally grabbed a pair of my cousins panties from the dryer. I put them on and was instantly hooked. The feeling of the silk on my bottom was heaven. I had an embarrassing experience in college that made me regress for several years. I’m starting to find myself after the last year of being locked down, and now wear panties exclusively. I’m even starting to progress to full CD.


First GF gave me some m panties when I was 13 (I had been dressing since I was 6, she caught me).
At 19 I had been married about a month when my wife caught me. Next day she asked me why I had both m and g underwear. No answer for male underwear. That weekend we bought me a bunch of panties.
FT underdresser 19 to now 62.


After years of not wearing lingerie, I commenced again after getting married in my mid twenties. For a while my spouse permitted me to wear one of her black nylon nighties when we were intimate but she finally stopped me from using it. I then began dressing in nylon lingerie of hers and later of mine when she was not at home. Wearing nylon lingerie of all kinds made me feel and look sensual and very desirable. It transformed me into an alluring female persona who put on red lipstick, wore a black wig, and was dressed in nylon lingerie from my shoulders to my toes. I also purchased some attractive women’s sandals to wear when I dressed up. It was such an erotic experience when I reached my climax watching myself in the bathroom mirror. I felt like I was in seventh heaven.


Hey Adam, that’s part of what I like, that the boys fall out occasionally, it’s part of the risk element for me. (A bit like “panty peek”) I know what you mean about the VS, I got some of the corded lace Brazilian panties in several colors. So sexy and girlie but I do suffer from “fallout” occasionally. I just do a bit of a shuffle and adjustment, and carry on.

I do like my panties skimpy and minimal, and generally recognize the styles that will hold everything in place for the best part. But occasionally I just see some panties like the VS corded lace Brazilians, and can’t resist how sexy they are, never mind the consequences, I’ve just got to have them.

One of the nice things about wearing panties is that it’s all about what we love to wear, whether it’s women’s lace panties of men’s lace panties. I have to say though, that I’ve never looked forward to putting on men’s underwear, but I look forward to putting on girlie lace panties every day.


I agree with Jeremy that there is something extra sexy about wearing real women’s panties, and I have a few VS, but unless they are really big granny panties, they really do not fit at all with a back that is too high and narrow crotch, Its a little uncomfortable when the boys pop out of the leg openings as inevitably they do, and if wearing thin trousers or pants, it can be embarrassing. So most of my panties come from Xdress as I know they will fit and they still look like women’s panties with the added advantage many of then have pouches which show of my masculinity while at the same time being feminine. Its quite an erotic juxtaposition.


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