Recently I was invited to an XDress photoshoot which I have to say was an absolute blast, but it created a burning question I wanted to ask you! I have to know my friends, what do you think of men and women side by side wearing lingerie in photos?  Seeing a hot man like Michael in lingerie was truly something to behold, but I found it really went to the next level for me to see Aurora in lingerie next to Michael. I could picture myself and my love doing the same, which made it all the more personal and intimate. Does this also hold true for you?



In the media we are bombarded with women in lingerie, and seeing this on it's own doesn't really become anything special for me. However, when I see a guy in lingerie that’s a different story! I picture myself in the pieces they are wearing and it makes me think of what it would feel like for me. I am very much about the feel, look, and fit (XDress has the best fit!). Now, when you add in a woman into the picture, I instantly get flashed back to the exciting feeling of what it would be like to wear the lingerie for my love. I get that heart racing sensation when I am modeling something new for her. Am I alone in this feeling? What about two guys together in lingerie, does this also hold the same feeling for you?



I really hope you will share with me your thoughts on this cause, since the more we share the more we realize we are not alone. I know I would love to see more photos from XDress that show both men and women together in beautiful lingerie. I think it would also be sexy to feature women in a more masculine light and the man in a feminine manner (tastefully done as only XDress can do). Another would be to have a woman/man helping a man do up his bra or attach his garters. But again, these are just my thoughts. Tell me what you think?

Until next time my friends remember we define what is sexy and we deserve to feel sexy ourselves!


XD Blogger


I think having a female on the site is great! Offer matching sets or contrasting sets. It would be nice to see more women.

Scott August 14, 2020

just Love the clothes you sell

steve mercer October 28, 2018

love it! I love my lingerie and so does my wife

stephanie July 28, 2018

I love the recent pictures of men and women together
It helps my wife accept my way if dressing
I always say if the clothes are made for men is it crossdressing?
So I say its my way of dressing

Stevie July 17, 2018

Very interesting Blog and some interesting posts. I Guess I would be on the side of seeing both. Guys with guys would be my preference. However, I love seeing an attractive woman in lingerie as well either with a man dressed in lingerie or by herself. I just love seeing feminine looking men in any lingerie item. XDress has clearly been on the cutting edge and been very tasteful as well. It is understandable that they must appeal to as wide an audience as possible. So go with the biggest buying group while trying to appeal to smaller segments when possible.

As far as everyday normal looking non model guys are concerned I can understand that and would approve in most cases I suspect.

Keri (Scottsdale) July 13, 2018

The man is so handsome. Can I know his name ? include facebook, instagram,… is better

Doan Phong July 10, 2018

The male/female pictures are interesting if you’re straight or bi, but if you’re gay and like men in lingerie, it’s kind of a turn-off to see a dressed woman in the picture. If you’re going to show straight couples, please at least show the women in lingerie as well. It would also be nice to see male/male couples either both dressed in lingerie or one in masculine lingerie (jocks/briefs, etc.) with the other in feminine lingerie. Thanks for asking our opinion!

TR July 02, 2018

I do enjoy the male- female photo shoots. After all, isn’t that one of our objectives, to bring our partners into the intimacy’s of our lives? And I agree, why just make-female, why not add a third person? Although Michael and Aurora are a beautiful couple, why not show someone who is 50 plus and who doesn’t have a model perfect build? Personally I love the idea of a trunk show party. I would love to be invited!

Paul July 02, 2018

Kudos to Mare
Thats what all of us need
Acceptance understanding and love

Stevie July 01, 2018

As a woman in love with a man who is fond of wearing sexy panties and stockings for me, I must say I love this photo shoot. I want to give those of you who havent come out as cross dressers to your partner hope. I am a straight woman i a relationship with a Bi man who first let me know he loves wearing women’s lingeries 17 years ago when we were first dating. He did this by showing me the sexy red panties he was wearing under his jeans one day. I smiled and told him how incredibly sexy he looked in panties. The only reason that relationship didn’t work out back then is that he moved 3000 miles away to pursue the career of his dreams and distance doesn’t work for either of us. We are back together and still very much in love 17 years later. He has not revealed his love of wearing panties and stocking to subsequent lovers. While I understand that many of you fear rejection from a partner if she should find out that you love cross dressing, the stories here of men whose partners love that they dress in sexy lingerie should give you hope. The woman who rejects you for wearing lingerie does not love you for who you really are. The right woman will love you, including the fact that you love wearing panties, bras, stockings. Etc. Hold out for the woman who loves you exactly as you are. You deserve to be loved by a woman who finds your cross dressing not only tolerable, but incredibly sexy! Kudos to all of you for embracing your feminine side.

Mare July 01, 2018

I love the puc in the beginning of the website, girl guy together
Its thrilling
I had a girl one time who accepted my panty wearing and toes polished and we d wear matching panties it was intimate on the highest level
I d love to see girl guy and guy guy
All sexy to me

Stevie June 30, 2018

I enjoy being extremely feminine shaved body and wearing make-up/. I love xdress and would enjoy men who are soft and feminine

Holly June 29, 2018

I love wearing my panties and bra in front of my gf she tell me how good I look thank you

sidney June 28, 2018

I’m going to be thinking of a photo shoot with the man and the feminine side and the woman on the masculine side of things for WEEKS! What a titilating and provocative idea! Only you guys could pull it off as tastefully as it could be done. I’m going to be praying for it🙏 Please don’t TEASE with this perfect idea and then not deliver! The roles are reversing more rapidly in society already and it just seems like the next logical step for it to translate into intimacy. Show us what it could look like! Pave the way for the empowered strengthened women and their softer pretty men!! Show us it’s not only ok but that it’s sexy as ****.

Austin June 28, 2018

Speaking as a very happy XDress customer, I must admit I want my man to be a MAN! I completely understand that everyone’s different, with different tastes and turn-ons, but my boyfriend is a rough, bold, 100% masculine alpha male, and we both like it that way. I’m the guy with the deeply feminine side, and wearing sexy, lacy, sheer, beautifully and undeniably feminine things when I’m with him arouses both of us immensely! He adores the contrast of my muscular, masculine body wrapped in a bra and panties (and often more!), and when we’re together, he makes me feel like a supermodel!

I’ll add that I enjoy seeing the beautiful women (with the beautiful men) in this site’s posts and ads, because that’s how I feel when I’m wearing my feminine underwear and lingerie – the sexy things ratify and amplify my own interior femininity. My boyfriend knows how wearing these things makes me feel, and he adores it!

So yes, I’d rather my man be ALL man! And he will ONLY be that, because that’s just who he is! I will share that, once early in our relationship, he tried on one of my panties, just for fun. He couldn’t get them off fast enough! “That was really weird,” he said! Simply having the panties on chafed at his masculinity on psychological and emotional levels!

Best, and keep making beautiful, sexy things!

Nick June 27, 2018

I wholeheartedly agree!
There is something wonderfully fresh about a man and a woman in your photo shoots!
As a happy XD customer I can relate to spending time with my wife wearing sexy outfits that “blur the gender norm”…and enjoy being photographed for the fun of it! There is freedom in the expression of a clearly masculine man (I’m 6’-0" and a very muscular 220 pounds) wearing paricularly feminine items suchas a bra and panties, or sexy stockings and garters. Having a woman alongside makes that expression even more pronounced and exciting, like you pics with Michael and Aurora together doing everyday stuff…and totally comfortable with it. That’s what it kind of comes down to, being comfortable with who we are and who we are with…artfully displayed by your XD couple. I vote yes, please keep it up!

Brad June 27, 2018

I would like to see photos of masculine looking shaved men enjoying their lingerie together, doing everyday activities. Why not a lingerie house party just for men showcasing XDress lingerie. Men could be examining the items, showing them to each other, and modeling them. Say maybe 6-8 attendees and of course a gorgeous host attired in the most beautiful lingerie. Do a look book.

Steve June 27, 2018

I couldn’t say it any bertter myself! I totally can relate to the pictures that get posted with a man and a woman in lingerie. This is how my relationship with my wife works. It is always exciting to get new clothes and model them for my wife. Please keep up the good work!

Eric June 27, 2018

I guess that we, the outsiders to your industry, are also inundated with glamorous pictures of gorgeous women in scanty clothing and provocative poses. We are not as used to seeing men photographed in similar conditions. Maybe this is why my reaction to photos of a man and a woman, such as the ones illustrating this blog, is that I am less nonplussed at the man — he is just on a par with the woman. Alone, however, he is more striking. (The woman alone is obviously just what she is every time — another gorgeous — ho hum — model in glamorous — yawn — lingerie.) As a result, I had to look twice at your third photo to realize how truly sexy the man looked.

This is good news and bad news: the good news is that by having both genders present in a picture, you achieve more of an impression of equals. The bad news is that you continue to set an impossibly high standard for us male buyers of lingerie. There is no way we, in our mid-forties (or early seventies as far as I am concerned) with imperfect pecs and a four- (or even two-) pack instead of a six-pack and incipient baldness can look like that, anymore than the MILF next door looks like she stepped off the runway.

So how about it, people? How about running a pictorial/blog (not a whole catalog, of course) of some ordinary people for a change? And by all means, have them engaged in some innocuous activity such as a gal fastening a guy’s bra in the back, with another guy holding up a loose bra over his pecs as he is shown how this is done? Maybe I could be that last guy, the Lord knows that I need a lesson or two!

Tyri Hansen June 27, 2018

I couldn’t put it any better than Dave and completely agree.

BC June 26, 2018

As someone who has been to the studio and met the people, it was an amazing growth opportunity for me to meet Michael and see his confidence in person. I have always had visions of how a truly free and accepting, nay, encouraging relationship could look. Seeing the photos I identify with (a man and woman exploring intimate fashion together) really gives me both a thrill and a hope for my relationship and its future in this realm. I agree with you that sexiness is both a personal feeling and an attitude we express to which there are endless possibilities and flavors; XDress certainly captures that feeling for my own proclivities.

Does seeing a man and woman explore the spectrum of masculine and feminine thru clothing act as a turn on? Absolutely.
Does imagining myself in that photographed scenario occur? Almost every time.
Would I want to see anything change with the XDress photo shoots? Yes. However, not because I feel anything is wrong. In fact, quite the opposite. Seeing the new looks and scenarios (especially those approaching real, mundane life situations) is like going to your favorite restaurant and have a new menu all the time. You keep going back because the chef knows how to please your palate, not because it’s always the same – that’s fast-food. So keep up the changes XDress – it’s the never ending possibilities I come back for… Oh, and the comfortable/sexy lingerie.
ps. There is an incredible sexiness to blurring the lines of “masculine” and “feminine” when it comes to a power dynamic… Something I’d really love to see captured.

Dave June 26, 2018

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