Recently I was invited to an XDress photoshoot which I have to say was an absolute blast, but it created a burning question I wanted to ask you! I have to know my friends, what do you think of men and women side by side wearing lingerie in photos?  Seeing a hot man like Michael in lingerie was truly something to behold, but I found it really went to the next level for me to see Aurora in lingerie next to Michael. I could picture myself and my love doing the same, which made it all the more personal and intimate. Does this also hold true for you?



In the media we are bombarded with women in lingerie, and seeing this on it's own doesn't really become anything special for me. However, when I see a guy in lingerie that’s a different story! I picture myself in the pieces they are wearing and it makes me think of what it would feel like for me. I am very much about the feel, look, and fit (XDress has the best fit!). Now, when you add in a woman into the picture, I instantly get flashed back to the exciting feeling of what it would be like to wear the lingerie for my love. I get that heart racing sensation when I am modeling something new for her. Am I alone in this feeling? What about two guys together in lingerie, does this also hold the same feeling for you?



I really hope you will share with me your thoughts on this cause, since the more we share the more we realize we are not alone. I know I would love to see more photos from XDress that show both men and women together in beautiful lingerie. I think it would also be sexy to feature women in a more masculine light and the man in a feminine manner (tastefully done as only XDress can do). Another would be to have a woman/man helping a man do up his bra or attach his garters. But again, these are just my thoughts. Tell me what you think?

Until next time my friends remember we define what is sexy and we deserve to feel sexy ourselves!


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As someone who has been to the studio and met the people, it was an amazing growth opportunity for me to meet Michael and see his confidence in person. I have always had visions of how a truly free and accepting, nay, encouraging relationship could look. Seeing the photos I identify with (a man and woman exploring intimate fashion together) really gives me both a thrill and a hope for my relationship and its future in this realm. I agree with you that sexiness is both a personal feeling and an attitude we express to which there are endless possibilities and flavors; XDress certainly captures that feeling for my own proclivities.

Does seeing a man and woman explore the spectrum of masculine and feminine thru clothing act as a turn on? Absolutely.
Does imagining myself in that photographed scenario occur? Almost every time.
Would I want to see anything change with the XDress photo shoots? Yes. However, not because I feel anything is wrong. In fact, quite the opposite. Seeing the new looks and scenarios (especially those approaching real, mundane life situations) is like going to your favorite restaurant and have a new menu all the time. You keep going back because the chef knows how to please your palate, not because it’s always the same – that’s fast-food. So keep up the changes XDress – it’s the never ending possibilities I come back for… Oh, and the comfortable/sexy lingerie.
ps. There is an incredible sexiness to blurring the lines of “masculine” and “feminine” when it comes to a power dynamic… Something I’d really love to see captured.


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