A Shift in Energy - Part II

In my last blog, I discussed the feeling of an energy shift when getting dressed.  Wearing certain items of clothing or wearing specific colors can shift you energy from a more masculine energy to more of a feminine one.  At this level, I believe that it is a feeling that we create for ourselves.  We are making a choice on how we want to feel.  In this blog, we are taking this a step further, the part of you that isn’t a conscious choice, but a part of who you are. 

There is quite a bit of information out there regarding masculine and feminine energy, just go to Google and check it out.  As an example, Tony Robbins talks about it, and there is even a quick quiz you can take to evaluate which energy you primarily have: https://core.tonyrobbins.com/gender-quotient-4/ 

Masculine and feminine energy has nothing to do with and is beyond gender.  It is your Yin and Yang.  These energies define and are a part of your values and inner nature.  We all have both masculine and feminine energies in our body, but one will lead or present itself more than another.  You can also show those energies when in different scenarios, for example, you want to dominate a conversation or situation, you will be showing your masculine energy, should you want to bring peace and harmony to the situation, you will bring your feminine energy to the forefront.

Generally speaking, one energy will dominate the other in your day to day world.  Feminine energy feels softer, gentler, kinder, compassionate, and loving, whereas masculine energy feels more focused, determined, logical, leadership and action.  The feminine energy is more creative, flowing, collaborative, with idea creation and attracting the things you want in its own time. It is about sharing, and seeing the big picture, and working with others to create a feeling of community.  The masculine energy is about getting things done within a time frame, setting up the plan and structure to get it done to see an end result. Relying on oneself to problem solve and make sure that things get done.

The thing is, you cannot have one without the other, otherwise you will feel unbalanced.  If your masculine energy is too dominant you may feel undervalued or not appreciated.  If your feminine energy is too dominant you will feel unfocussed, scattered and unstable.  The trick here is to understand and allow the energy that you naturally have to come through, and not try and force or correct it. 

So, how does this play out in accordance with this site and the people that connect within it? You can be the company executive who has to make hard decisions during the workday, and make sure that projects get completed on time, then can’t wait to slip into something soft, sexy, and feminine at night or on the weekends to find that balance and feed that energy, it has nothing to do with gender.  Maybe you wear the suit and tie, but wear panties, bra, and stockings underneath to find that balance.   The other option is to wear a skirt and heels, but make sure that you make your point, win the argument, and GSD (get shit done).  

The interesting thing is, one’s not better than the other, there is no right or wrong, they are part of who we are, and we need to learn to embrace them. Allow them to shine and just be who you are.  These energies are playing themselves out no matter what you are wearing, the question is, are you supporting it? 

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences when playing with these energies.  I know that as a hetero-sexual male that my dominant energy is feminine, and that is why XDress is so great for someone like myself to be able to fulfill that part of my being.   What is your dominant energy, and how do you balance yours? 



Being a school teacher, it would be tough for me to show up in heels, thigh highs, a skirt, and a sheer top with a bra full of “D” forms. Would I? Daily.

So until society gets there, I wait to get home and slip into a matching set and lounge around with my wife. She’ll occasionally surprise me with something pretty-I love to go panty shopping with her.


MICHAEL February 19, 2022

Mick, fantastic! What a great place to be; sharing with your Sig other! Free to b yourself! Its such an incredible feeling and it creates closeness and intimacy; and its great to be loved for the complete u!
Get your lingerie on

Stevie June 21, 2021

Great blog, thank you. I’m very aware of energy & how it shifts in my body, depending on what I’m doing or where I am I will shift between male/female energy. As an engineer mostly on site I will be in male with male traits but once back at hotel much more comfortable in a dress. I describe it to my wife its like being a wheel with both masculine & feminine energy to make it whole with only one part touching the ground, constantly turning hence shifting energy. Far happier now I have come to enjoy both sides of my energy & accepted fully my feminine side My wife also says when “she” is out to play I become a lot softer, she notices the shift in me and likes the result. Lately I have been working on our home, some days in male clothes & other days in a dress, those days are more creative & a lot of fun. Even the neighbours have gotten used to me shifting. Keep up the great work, so glad I found Xdress. Be brave, it’s worth it. Mick

Mick June 17, 2021

WB again very similar i work on cars lawnmowers etc but i love me some lingerie and when i feelthe need I indulge even more thsn my every day panties

Stevie April 07, 2021

Hi Stevie, Yup. You get it. I feel the same way. I can work on my vehicle, or handle difficult business situations one day and take control of the situation, and on another day I can slip into something sexy and create harmony with my SO. It’s how I feel and present myself. It’s my energy and I follow it, vs trying to make it something. It’s me being me.

WB April 06, 2021

WB i feel u! I present myself as stylish male with a subtle feminine twist! My energy is male 80:20!
The choice is how I choose to show it . The feeling u r correct I can’t choose
Does that clarify???

Stevie April 05, 2021

Hi everyone,

Happy Easter, if thats your thing. Ally, I just wanted to approach this topic and you don’t seem to be picking up what I am putting down. Energy is not about preference, or how you choose to show up. It is who you are, then you let that part of you show up. Your energy isn’t a “choice” unless you want to work really hard to try and change it. It doesn’t work. It’s not about feminine and masculine roles, is about how you represent yourself in the world. However you play that out. I would love if you, or anyone else for that matter, would ask direct questions to this topic. Shall we discuss??

WB April 03, 2021

Hi everyone I’m still not sure about this feminine energy thing. I have characteristics that some might describe as feminine. I also have preferences that that might be described as feminine – particularly the way I like to appear. I’m not quite sure about having an energy that is feminine some time and masculine at other times. I do know that some times I feel like I’ve got lots of energy and some times I feel like I’ve got none at all! Also, my preferences and the strength of them lead me to certain behaviors – particularly in relation to dressing. I think there are personal characteristics classified as masculine and feminine although these are not respectively or exclusively owned or displayed by males or females. I’d also think we are motivated by our preferences; though whether we have a masculine energy and a feminine energy still feels a bit of a strange idea to me. Love to you all Ally x

Ally April 02, 2021

My dominant energy is male but I definitely have some feminine energy. So to balance it out I wear panties bras camis toenail polish shave my body underneath my male clothes. I also wear mascara shape my brows wear concealer and foundation
Now i also mow my lawn fix my car use my tools 🛠
But I m me ! I love my life. Thanks xdress for male lingerie
Get ur lingerie on

Stevie April 01, 2021

Hi everyone, I would like to inquire if there is any confusion as to this whole masculine/ feminine energy post, as Ally had alluded to? The point that I was trying to make it that we all have both energies within us, no matter who you are. I was just wondering how everyone either balances those energies, or how they have embraced them, or not? Maybe in the office, you have to use that masculine energy to force an issue, or demand that things get done a certain way, and then at home you find that balance by wearing what Stevie suggests? Do you create a balanced approach at work and keep more of a feminine energy throughout your day? What is your dominant energy, and how do you balance both sides? Always interested to hear your thoughts.


WB March 30, 2021

Hello everyone, I hope you are well! This discussion about our dominant energies is very interesting. It was easy for me to realize from an early age that my dominant energy was female. It’s how I feel and in my daily life I always used panties and at home I like to feel very feminine.

Francisca March 28, 2021

Ally you got it gurl! Energy outlook feeling about yourself changed with the heels ! I can come home change my panties to more sexy add a bra a dress heels some heavier make up and i m feeling relaxed sexy and good about myself

Get ur lingerie on

Stevie March 24, 2021

I’m not sure I understand this energy thing. However, I’ve just started wearing heels again and that definitely shifts my whole consciousness of my feminine presentation. When I slip on heels I instantly feel both powerful and vulnerable – especially when wearing panties and hold-ups as well. Ally x

Ally March 24, 2021

Stevie I agree. I’m XY genetically and heterosexual but gender fluid. I m usually 80:20 masculine energy but I can easily even it out to 50:50 by light makeup i.e. primer, concealer, bronzer (in winter only) mascara and brow filler. I also have several shades of nude lipstick that I wear daily – nothing too drastic- I work in an office full of women and one other guy and no one has ever said anything about it. As Angie once said less is better.
My girlfriend and I regularly get pedicures so my toes are always done. All those things bring out the femme in me which I really like.
And like you I easily flip to 80:20 femme when I get home by sliding into something satiny and sexy.

Get your femme on gurls!!


Kyrstin March 10, 2021

More on energy, other things I do to facilitate my femme energy is bubble baths, scented lotion over smooth legs tummy and nether lands, adding toenail polish. That creates a soothing femme energy from that point forward

Get ur femme on, and lingerie


Stevie March 08, 2021

TA I agree gender has little to do with it. I m genetically male xy
My gender is male but fluid
My sexuality is hetero, but i love sexy clothes both wearing and admiring on others
Sensuality is my weakness! Fabrics do a lot for me! Thanks to XD i can find made for male pretty lingerie

Get ur lingerie on


Stevie March 03, 2021

This is wonderful – For so long I thought it was all about gender. I’m grateful my mind has been opened to see that gender truly has little to do with it!
I’m glad you embrace your feminine energy!
Lotsa Satiny Hugs!

TA March 02, 2021

My dominant energy is definitely femme. Love to wear panties and bras and garters and get made up. Not able to do it all the time which is a bummer. I do feel more confident in my femme mode.

Scott February 23, 2021

Energy huh! I feel mostly masculine energy 70:30. Now i can shift it by dressing more femme. Now i will push it 50:50 by wearing full black underdress panties bra stockings toes painted and then all femme outer garments jeans and femm sweater with make up : light foundation concealer mascara and brows filled . However i look put together fresh but masculine

When like that its prob 60:40 femme!
I can get it to 80 20 by full lingerie and make up lip gloss and silk robe and heels

I must admit the latter turns on a certain sexuality that is lets say different

Get ur lingerie on

Stevie February 23, 2021

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