What's Your Femme Personality?

What's Your Femme Personality?
Hello dear readers! I truly wish you all well and hope that you and your families remain safe and healthy. Today I would like to discuss a rather interesting topic; the benefits crossdressing has on us as individuals, and how it affects our personalities.

For most of us, I'm sure that we all experience a complete mood shift simply by the act of crossdressing. Regardless of why you dress, it's a wonderful feeling that is hard to let go in any situation. Just think: would you be happier at an event you were dragged to if you were crossdressed? I would say yes, and I'm sure you all can agree. For me personally, I am happier while dressed because I am completely content. How I dress is a part of me, and being able to express it without shame is vital to my well-being.

How many of you can remember a specific time you took that risk, and fully dressed up to go out? For those who haven't, a feeling of complete and unrestricted euphoria awaits you. Now, none of this is to say that the act of underdressing isn't just as euphoric. There will always be situations where we must fulfill masculine roles, in which underdressing becomes the only option. It's during these times, that we truly realize and appreciate that simply wearing a bra and panties can elevate our happiness to a peak as nothing else can.

Aside from simply making us happier, I sincerely believe that cross-dressing has the ability to make us all better people. The inherent delicate nature that comes along with femininity is echoed in our personalities. How many of you noticed that you became more empathic, patient, and caring since you started crossdressing? These virtues are nothing to be ashamed of, rather, they should be embraced and incorporated into our daily lives. When we do this, our relationships with not just lovers, but friends and family improve as well.

Women often are referred to as the gentler sex, and this isn't just in regards to physicality. This also refers to their naturally caring and nurturing personalities, which makes them typically more polite and kind. Of course, there are extremes to everything, and of course, men possess these qualities as well. However, I have encountered countless men who are rather curt when discussing their emotions or problems. I believe this is due to the fact that most men are conditioned from a young age to just "deal with it" and act the tough guy when it comes to their problems and social interactions. An obvious example of this conditioning is that women greet each other with a hug while men shake hands.

For true inner peace to be achieved, we must all have balance in our lives. Embracing the benefits crossdressing has on our personalities ironically makes us better men, by enabling us to become better communicators, listeners, and companions. I have noticed a wonderful change in my relationship since I began crossdressing daily, as my girlfriend and I are able to connect and communicate on a much deeper level.

Of course, it is also lovely being able to discuss clothes, shoes, and makeup with our other feminine companions. The world of fashion offers limitless possibilities for expression, and it should not be limited by sex. Simply by crossdressing, we also become more accustomed to the standards of fashion and beauty, and can further empathize with the struggles that women have. The amount of effort it takes to have that hourglass figure, or flawless skin, is something most men do not understand.

As you can see, the benefits of crossdressing expand far beyond just feelings of happiness or euphoria. For some, crossdressing can be hard to understand. When people began to realize how it changes us for the better, it becomes far easier to accept.

So that concludes this blog! I think this is a very important topic, as most people just associate crossdressing with the clothing itself and not the emotional benefits that come along with it. What are your thoughts? Has your personality changed for the better since you began crossdressing? Have your relationships improved as a result? I'm very excited to get this discussion going! 


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Wow. How can I put this simply? For me I am just a regular guy with the exception that at home I wear women’s attire. I absolutely love dressing up. I love putting on fake french-tipped fingernails and painting my toenails. Putting on thigh highs, garter belt, breast forms, bra, skirt or dress is a must for me after I shower and shave most of my body. I have encountered the biggest issue with XDing, I have a very manly face and can’t get it even close to looking fem. To be honest, I don’t have that much of a problem with that. “Yes”, on day I’d like to have someone who knows how to transform my face to look passable so that I can at least have the excitement euphoria of going out into public once. Otherwise, I am happy with looking the way I am. I watch as women go through the ritual of getting ready for a nights out on the town and I must say I know for a fact, I don’t have the patience to do all of that once or even worse, more than once. So, I just focus on everything else to feel as gurly as I can. For the very select few people that know the I dress, they are just fine with how I look. As for women and relationships, living in a small town has many disadvantages. Its very hard to find a woman that is open minded and mature enough to become friends with or more, get in a relationship here. I’ve had one that in the beginning said she didn’t mind it, but later it turned out she wasn’t. I’m hoping one day I will meet a woman who enjoys & encourages me to dress and will always be there. I’ve always been closer to women then men. So to answer your questions, since I started dressing, I have become more secluded cause I would rather be comfortable dressed since I don’t go out wearing which slows down the process of meeting someone. Thanks


I had a nice surprise earlier today. A female friend I haven’t seen for a while contacted and we got chatting. She is well aware that I XD from time to time and we have arranged to meet up in a few weeks and she has agreed to do my make up and allow me to dress for the afternoon. So looking forward to this


Geoffrey You r so lucky! I d like to offer an alternative perspective as the spectrum of xdressers is far and wide! I like xd ing because the contrast of male and female turns me on I m not femme acting , i m just a male dressed feminine. A subtle difference! I m very comfortable wearing heels skinny womens jeans panty and bra under with a turtleneck and subtle make up but just contrasting that on a man Just another perspective Love ur input Wear something pretty today i am Stevie


A femme personality? That’s a very interesting topic to be sure. For us XD males it is a very important theme to be sure. To be a cross dressing male you must possess and demonstrate that feminine side. That is not a bad thing and I think that my fellow XD males will agree. If you are going to look the part, than you must act the part. I know we all like to act the part, that is why we males cross dress and embrace the feminine side of our life. As I have written in other blogs, I was introduced to cross dressing by an ex-girlfriend who was a female dominant and wanted me to dress in panty and bra as a way of showing my submissiveness towards her. It worked very well!!! She taught to walk, dress, apply make up and most importantly, to act like a girl. After a 2-3 year relationship with her, I was a cross dressing feminine male. After we separated, I continued as a XD feminine male. So my “femme personality” was firmly established, and continues to this day. I am now married to a very understanding wife, who allows me to dress in panties, bras, lingerie and at times be my femme self. It works and it is me. Again, I had training and lots of feminine experience to grow and embrace my femme self. I hope this narrative works for my XD partners and I wish you all the very best femme life.


I dress full time Panties, Make-up Brows, baby dolls, etc my body completely hair less I love being a CD and I make sure I watch my weight. I try to be as fem as possible


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