Finding Your Bliss

Greetings dear readers! Right now is a very trying time for everyone around the world, due to the recent pandemic outbreak. I truly hope you all are staying safe and remain in good spirits. Today, I would like to bring us all back to simpler moments when we were completely blissful and stress-free. For me, I've had several of these moments throughout my journey.

When I was rather young, probably around the age of 12, my curiosity towards feminine clothing had started to transcend into an obsession. I would always take any opportunity I could to dress up, but there was one time, in particular, that was incredibly memorable for me. One night, my sister was gone and my parents were occupied elsewhere. So, I locked myself in her room and explored my fascinations.

She left behind an entire wardrobe's worth of clothes, and there were several memorable items that I just absolutely fell in love with. The first of which, was a gray lace thong very similar to the Lace Picot Thong here on XDress. I loved the soft feel of the materials, the beautiful lace, and the way it felt to wear. Another item I cherished was a white and black striped mini-skirt, which was so soft and flowy that I felt it was absolutely ridiculous I wasn't allowed to wear it regularly.

The last item I remember vividly from that night was a pair of leather, knee-high boots with a 3" heel, that looked incredibly similar to the Bottes Dangeruse. That night of exploring my feminine side will forever remain ingrained in my brain, as it was perhaps one of the most wholesome experiences I've ever had. That night also seems to have heavily influenced my current style, since thongs, flowy (skater) skirts and leather boots remain some of the favorite items in my wardrobe.


During that same year, one of my older sisters moved back in with my family. She was much older than my other sister, so she had a lot of gorgeous lingerie that I adored. I recall my first time trying on a pair of her red fishnets, exactly like the red Fishnet Tights here on XD, and I could not get over the design! It captivated me in a way nothing else had before. Just like many of you, this is how I started exploring this side of me and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it!

Now these times were certainly not the only blissful memories I've had throughout my journey. My experience when I was 12 was indeed euphoric, however, I suffered extreme guilt and anxiety afterward, as I did most times I would dress up throughout my younger years. The day I decided to come out to my girlfriend was no different, and I suffered the worst anxiety I had ever felt, which remained for several months. One day though, those feelings started to wither.

It was the day that I first dressed publicly, which is perhaps more memorable than any other experience I've had. I wore black pantyhose, an asymmetric leather skirt, and a velvet top with leather boots. My girlfriend and I went to the mall and out for lunch, and even though I was incredibly nervous most of the time, I was incredibly happy. Years of fear, anxiety, and insecurity was suddenly shed off my shoulders, as I was finally able to fulfill who I am destined to be.

That day I had a wonderful realization that nobody really cares about what you wear. I was still treated with respect, and nobody pointed at me and laughed like I had feared they would for so long. Better yet, I got to go about my daily life presenting myself the way I had always dreamed of. On this day, I knew it was something that I would never let go of. This was undoubtedly the most triumphant accomplishment I've had on a human level, as I knew the courage and bravery it took to be someone that the majority of society stigmatizes.

Now especially during difficult times such as these, it is very important to immerse yourself in activities that reduce stress. For the majority of us here, the act of dressing up alone is a huge stress-reliever. Luckily, XDress is one of the companies that has been able to stay open despite this pandemic, so what better time is there to stay at home and wear some pretty clothes? Go ahead and treat yourself! We certainly all deserve it.

And that concludes my blog! I hope this blog can allow us all a moment of escape, as we share our own blissful experiences. So what are yours? What experiences will forever remain in your memory? I'd love to read all your stories!



Even though I have been wearing panties like forever, every now & then, I also like to wear nylons & a 8 suspender garter belt while out on my Harley! I am quickly aware of it when I have to stop for a light and have to put my feet down. Feeling the garter belts pulling on my nylons is such an erotic feeling, knowing that I am wearing nylons &a garter belt.

Ron August 27, 2021

I can say that I love wearing boyshorts and stockings when I can. I am at the point where I wear boyshorts all the time. My wife will let me but she doesn’t think that men should be wearing women’s clothing. I told her that it just makes me feel more when I wear them. I keep trying to get her to see my point of view but she is not very open to the idea. So as of right now it’s mostly just boyshorts for me every day.

Adam November 27, 2020

Finding the bliss! Nothing makes me happier than wearing sating panties and matching bra! Whether I am dress up in womens clothes or men’s clothes, it is such a sexy feeling that inspires confidence and makes me happier. That is the start of it. After that, bliss is achieved with the people we surround ourselves with.

Scott October 09, 2020

I was about ten years old. I was totally smitten by the seamed stocking clad legs of women, especially of my mother’s bridge club. One day as I was taking out the rubbish, I spied a run nylon stocking and secreted it to my room. After lights out, I put it on slowly drawing it up my leg. It was so long it came all the way to my crotch. Of course, I had no garters (another event) and had to hold the stocking up. But it felt so wonderful as stockings do to this day, I was totally hooked.

angie September 13, 2020

Pushing the envelope to reach that bliss
I ve added mascara foundation and concealer along with Filling my eyebrows
My underdressing now includes an xdress bra or other bra and panties everyday and i polish my toes everyday

Thats my finding my bliss

Wear something pretty today

Stevie May 22, 2020
New to XDress. Love what I see. Plan to order soon. Caught Chris’s statement that he is gay. I wanted to say that he is not alone. I love dating guys in fem attire. I am impressed what xDress offers. Keep offering your thoughts here. Be pretty. Rob
R0b April 30, 2020

Why thank you Nathan x

The thing about jersey is that it also smooths some of the harsh contours of male physiques. Women have a natural layer of smooth fat. Jersey acts a bit like that on men.

Ally x

Ally April 03, 2020

Hello dear readers and commenters!

You all had some great stories to share, and it seems we all have had similar blissful memories that are at the core of who we are.

To Ally: You have great taste! I adore batwing sleeves, cowl necklines, and that wonderfully soft Jersey material. I think those styles are very well suited to the male physique.

To Keri: Thank you for your contribution to this blog! I will have to start using Nair as well… I’ve been looking for an effective method of hair removal as I wear pantyhose daily, which looks so much better with smooth legs.

As always, have an amazing day and continue being your true selves!


Nathan April 02, 2020

Great Blog Nathan,

I am a senior so I have been dressing for a long time. I wish that when I was younger that companies like XDress were around.

I had an older sister and things began for me when I tried some of her panties. WOW, I thought these are wonderful. Of course her bras came next, stockings and garter belts back then. Very soon pantyhose came on the scene. By the time I was in my 20’s I was wearing panties most of the time. It wasn’t until I was married and with my wife’s sort of consent I began wearing panties all the time. Early on she complained now and then. Especially when my panties were so colorful, lacy and more feminine than hers. Once she accepted this was who I was and that I was “not gay” she relaxed. My being gay was her biggest fear. Anyway, all this eventually evolved into my wearing selectively women’s things like shorts, tops, sweaters, jackets, sneakers etc. As long as they looked unisex enough she was okay. Fortunately I am small so finding my size isn’t tough. Like anything else once you go there the boundaries expand to include color, materials and styles etc. Every now and then I look at a top or shorts and say to myself there was a day when these wouldn’t have passed her approval. Other so called feminine things followed like deodorants, body creams, sprays, perfumes and Nair for hair removal. My legs have been smooth for so long I forget what hair on them is like. The last thing I guess was makeup. I don’t wear a lot but I do wear Cover Girl and other women’s brands on a minimal basis. The makeup basically smooths out the facial skin color and as my wife says makes me look younger.

Okay, after reading this you might say or think — YES I am more girl than boy. But so what. I am happy this way.


Keri March 29, 2020

I love love love the photos of the model in the maid dress, if only I could look like that wearing frilly panties, petticoats and the dress, I would be have found my bliss. I am feeling like maybe I will buy one, just not sure how my wife would react, she is not a great fan of my love of gurly things, although she does her best to put up with it. Hope you make more really pretty dresses and more pictures of the model wearing them please!

Chris March 24, 2020

Another blissful moment I remember from many years ago is when I visited a dressing service. I had to drive quite a way to reach it and when I arrived, the lady who opened the door was surprised to see me. We had somehow crossed wires in making the arrangements and she wasn’t expecting me. However, since I had driven such a long way, she invited me in.

After a leisurely chat about the look I’d like I chose some clothes and she then set to work on my make up. She worked away, chatting all the while, with me relaxing and responding to her commands to look up, look down, pout my lips etc. During all of this I couldn’t see myself in the mirror. Done with the make up she then chose a wig for me and we put that on. She combed and teased and adjusted the wig until she was happy. Then she turned me round to the mirror.

Well, I couldn’t believe what I saw! Staring back at me was a totally gorgeous woman most exquisitely made up and looking like one of my favourite TV stars in Dynasty. I had the most wonderfully lashed and smokey eyes, glossy red lips and a porcelain complexion with cleverly highlighted cheek bones. I almost burst into tears I was so pleased. When I saw myself in the mirror I was in heaven.

After breathlessly expressing my thanks we retired to her lounge for tea and for me to practice walking and sitting in my new look. I couldn’t resist admiring my face in the mirror in her lounge I was so overjoyed. I have visited dressing services since that time but no one has ever given me such a wonderful facial makeover. I didn’t see her again but am forever, deeply indebted to her for showing me what I could be.

Pure bliss.

Ally x

Ally March 24, 2020

I found crossdressing at the age of 8-10
Started who shoe/ y toed 3-4 in heels and peep toe slingbacks
It progressed from there
I found my bliss when I accepted myself stopped loathing
Converted to all panties everyday
And pushed the envelope on womens jeans toenail polish and makeup
Still maintaining my heterosexuality
Bliss truly came when a friend said i was sexy in bra and panties and accepts me foe me
Wear something pretty today I am

Stevie March 23, 2020

Hi all, Greetings from Hamburg/Germany, currently the most affected city here as far as Corona. But I am fine.
I don’t remember exactly when I was attracted to feminine (under)wear, but for certain seeing an early 80s Prince strut around in stockings and thongs and ruffles and fishnet and wearing make up was turning point for me. But only 3 years ago, when I started doing a little travesty in my singing appearances I realized how sexy I find especially stockings, heels and sexy pants and i started wearing pants and purchased quite a collection from Xdress. I wear these basically each day and find it so liberating because they match my inner self so much more then the average cotton men’s pants.
So thanks to Xdress.
BUT on the other hand I am a gay guy and not straight or bi at all and I feel myself and my peers kinda underrepresented here at Xdress.

Christian March 23, 2020

Love the commentary. Has xdress considered some everyday dresses and skirts. I have tried other women’s websites and cross dressing sites but have not found anything satisfactory.

Don March 22, 2020

Hello Nathan

A Covid-19 pandemic reality is transforming our modus vivendi. Right now I’m at home without being able to work, I’m not sick, but I’m unable to exercise because I can’t move!
Being at home, I had the opportunity to read many of the posts here on the blog and I never thought we were so many and with so many stories. I was about 12-13 years old when I became attracted to women’s clothing, especially underwear. When we went to the house of friends and saw how little mothers and sisters’ pants gave me a shiver. But it was the day of play with a friend of mine and then a boyfriend, that I started. He asked me to put on some mother’s underwear and it was an unforgettable experience. Even today how I feel in my body! Since then I never stopped wearing underwear!
thanks for your blog. At a time when we have to be at home, nothing better than being beautiful and enjoying everything.
Best Regards. Francisca.

Nuno March 21, 2020

Hi there Nathan
I found a dress that was absolutely perfectly my style and remember looking at myself in the mirror thinking, “This is me!” It was a lovely navy, batwing, jersey dress with a cowl neckline. The hem came to just below the knee and I was wearing opaque black hold-ups and suede ankle boots too. The dress fitted perfectly without any need for foundation wear to pull my waist in. It was actually the point when I realised I could be feminine and comfortable, and have made that my goal when dressing ever since.
It’s kind of why xdress is so wonderful for having such beautiful and feminine designs that fit men’s shapes. Pure bliss!
Ally x

Ally March 21, 2020

To be able to express your feminine side must have been a huge relief. Feminine clothes,especially lace panties are so adorable and desirable to wear. It is the sheer pleasure of putting on the skirt, tights or stockings ( preferably ) with the lace panties and bra. It just feels amazing.

Michael March 21, 2020

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