The Art of Femininity

Hello dear readers! I would like to start by sincerely wishing you all the very best during these troubling times. Today, let us take the time to discuss the art behind femininity, and how each of us has our own unique style(s). 

So what exactly does it mean to be feminine? The dictionary describes it as "having qualities or an appearance traditionally associated with women, especially delicacy and prettiness". Even in this definition, it states "traditionally associated with women", which means you certainly do not have to be a woman to be feminine. Femininity can be displayed in various ways, whether it is our clothing, makeup, hair, or personalities. Standard feminine personality traits include gentleness, empathy, humility, and sensitivity. 

Now that we understand the basics, let's discuss further. Of course, I will start with clothing. Typical feminine styles that I adore are lace, frills, ruffles, and ruching. These can all be found in a plethora of colors in all categories; skirts, dresses, blouses, and lingerie. I often am drawn to the most feminine styles because that is at the core of who I am. I usually pass on plain, unimaginative designs in favor of beautiful styles that you can't help but admire constantly. This is very easy to do when you get to wear such exquisite designs, so thank you XDress!

As many of you might know already, I am a goth, and with that comes a whole new subcategory of styles and clothing that is not found as commonly. I would say it is the most beautiful fashion out there, as it specifically revolves around materials that are rich in color and that emphasize romance. Satin, leather, lace, mesh, and fishnet are such materials, typically found in black, or deep reds and purples. My favorite types of gothic clothing are latex skirts, velvet blouses, leather leggings, and lace lingerie. As I mentioned earlier, femininity is an art, and this is my specific style. 

Let's move on from clothing and talk about makeup! Now when it comes to my personal style, I of course wear goth makeup. This usually emphasizes the eyes by making them appear very luscious, with heavy eyeshadow and eyeliner, with gorgeous long lashes. This is all completed with a flawless foundation and lipstick. This look is one that certainly makes me stand out, and I always appreciate the compliments I get on my appearance as I spend hours every day to achieve my femme goth style. 

Personality/ behavior traits is a whole new subject. Since I began dressing completely on a daily basis, I've noticed a shift in my attitude. I am more patient and understanding, while also becoming more empathic and sensitive. This has actually done wonders for my relationship, and I've never been so happy with my girlfriend. I personally think every man needs to get in touch with their feminine side, as it opens up so many wonderful opportunities even excluding clothing.

Beyond personality, femininity is also apparent in the way we move. Men typically are very stiff, with their shoulders being the focal point of their movements. Women are much more graceful, appearing to move in a fluid motion. This is achieved through the legendary hip-swaying and a delicate swing of the arms. Walking this way takes much practice, and I would personally recommend wearing heels accompanied by a corset if you want to practice. This will force you to keep your shoulders immobile while making your hips do all the work.

As you might gather, femininity plays a part in so many different aspects of who we are. Our bodies are a unique canvas in which we all portray our personalities through the use of clothes and makeup. I cannot imagine my life without feminity, and I hope one day all men can express themselves in such a beautiful way as we all do here. 

That wraps it up for this blog! So what are your thoughts? In what ways are you creative through clothing/makeup? How has femininity changed your life? I can't wait to hear your stories!



Dropping into the fem has become the main reason I dress these days. Letting go of the masculine is altogether healing for me. At the moment i decide to dress, something happens deep within, a cascade of the feminine floods my whole being, with a softness, that melts my pains away. Crafting and reflecting the divine feminine brings balance, fun and love to my life xxx

Stu October 31, 2021

The feeling and experience of being feminine is something that is special to us XD guys. I did not get into my “feminine side” till I was in my 30’s. I was single at that time and had the fortune to to be dating a girl who was dominate and then wanted me to wear panties and a bra as a way of expressing my submissiveness to her. She continued with this “training” until we went our separate ways. After breaking up with her, I continued with my dressing because I now felt my true self as a feminine male. I did all I could to learn, read and dress about male femininity, until I was dressing and acting female a good portion of my time. I was able to join a cross dresser group where the support and confidence to be feminine became a real reality. I had purchased a large wardrobe of dresses, mini skirts, blouses, lingerie, short-shorts, swim wear and make up to complete my transition. i was also blessed with a slim body and long shapely legs. Dressing was easy and convincing. I even dated males who were fond of and admired “gurls” like myself. It was great! they would bring e flowers and gifts! So from my 30’s up until my late 50’s I indulged myself in femininity. I dressed, acted and conducted myself as a girl, except when I was at work, which was only an 8 to 10 hour time. So my art of femininity was long lasting, truly enjoyable and something I will never forget. I did it with confidence and realized this is who I am. Today, I am married to a wonderful woman who allows and admires my feminine side. She only allows me to dress in panties, bra and lingerie, and that is just fine. So the art of femininity is special and should be experienced, indulged and hopefully become a reality for most of us XD guys.

JEFFEREY February 20, 2021

I’ve worn stockings and garters under my male business wear for decades. I’m strictly vloset. I wear nude or light beige after stockings with a wide six strap gbelt with the rear strap well to the rear. I love the gentle thigh massage from the stockings and tiny motion of the straps as I move about. I don’t believe I was ever detected. But one day, as I was giving a presentation, I dropped a paper on the floor. As I stood up after retrieving it, a front garter popped open with what seemed to me like a cannon shot. I hurriedly finished my talk and went to the mens’ room for repairs.

Angie February 20, 2021

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Francisco February 20, 2021

Hello everyone! Apologies for my late response. I have loved reading all your comments and I think we all are on the right track towards a much better (and femme) world. These topics feel more and more natural to discuss every time, and that is a great feeling. You all have great taste, and don’t ever stop exploring this side of you. -Nathan

Nathan February 20, 2021

On man bags… i have several. I match them with my clothes. I really want a neutral looking female bag. Looking for one. Lots of guys laughed at me but now they want one too! Stevie. Wear something pretty today!

Stevie February 20, 2021

Hi Gurls, I love that men are able to let out their feminine side more than ever. I have let my fem side gradually over the years. Like so many it started with panties and other lingerie. I guess panties were center stage for a long time and I have worn them exclusively for years. Even to doctor appointments. Of course I tone them down to a basic white or black panty. You might get a quick look or glance and yes I was terribly nervous the first few times. That all passes. I don’t know when or how but other feminine things followed. I shaved under my arms and legs. That was a big deal for me when going out in public. Terribly self conscious. That to passed and quite quickly. Today men shave everywhere. The color pink was another goal and I love that color. Shoes, tops, shorts and even sneakers in my attire. By the time you are there people are likely thinking you have a fem side. But do they really know? Originally I bought man bags. My wife was okay with that as it was less I asked her to carry. She has bought me a number of purses or handbags over the years. If my eyebrows went up I pretended they didn’t and have several handbags that I even think are girlie. They are so terribly handy though. Nail care, eye brows (I love having my eyebrows fem), light makeup, selectively women’s tops, shorts and footwear. But only if unisex enough to pass. Those lines move in time if I am honest. I am small so women’s clothes are easy for me. I love men expressing their feminine side. It seems so much more acceptable these days. I hope it becomes even more acceptable. Why shouldn’t males be able to wear girls school uniforms? Why not wear skirts and dresses? XDress has certainly help make all this more open and acceptable. Thank you.

Keri February 20, 2021

Ally, I love the idea of boys being allowed to wear girls school uniforms, what a wonderful world that would be!

Jamie February 20, 2021

Hi everyone

I found a great online article about eyebrow care. Using some of the simple tips from it made a real difference to the femininity of my eyebrows. A little bit of trimming and a little bit of plucking in the right places have given them a subtly more feminine shape and more scope for using eye shadows and mascara to better effect. Really simple but very effective.

Have fun

Ally x

Ally February 20, 2021

Hi Ally Great points Freedom is the ability to be yourself in any situation Negative energy needs to be extracted from our lives Wear what you want when u want Panties daily for me Nail polish on my toes all the time Bras occasionally Women’s jeans and tops Wear something pretty today i am

Stevie February 20, 2021

Hi Nathan – thank you for writing this blog on such an important topic. Since more openly expressing my femininity in the way I dress and make up, I have also simultaneously adjusted my interactions with people who display more characteristically masculine behaviours. Those people are on the fringes or gone from my life completely now and I feel so much better for it mentally. Being able to outwardly express my femininity in the way I dress and behave and to be around people who accept that makes me feel so much better.

The change I feel makes me wonder if choicee of expression of femininity needs to be encouraged at a much earlier age rather than leaving people unhappy and to warily unfold who they are over a long period of their lives. I remember when I was a child and my mother had to dress me in a skirt one afternoon and how different it made me feel. The pressure to ‘behave like a boy’ seemed to fall away and I felt so much more relaxed and happier. School uniform requirements should be much less gender specific. Boys should be allowed to wear skirts if they want to and without fear of bullying.

Like Stevie (hi Stevie) there are things that I do that might be thought of as masculine – but girls do those things too. The much more important aspect of my femininity is the way I choose to dress and my more naturally feminine behaviours. Perhaps my appearance is an outward expression of my values and who I see as my clan. By being myself I have found I attract people who appreciate me as myself. Life becomes so much easier.

Love to you all

Ally x

Ally February 20, 2021

Thanks for all your thoughts. Much appreciated and gave me many useful tips!

Myron February 20, 2021

Thank Nathan. Provocative post For me I have a feminine side that yearns to be heard. I struggle with my fluidity for at times i wish to portray what is considered “femme” I love heels and painting my toes I love short dresses and stockings Skinny jeans and stilettos I love pretty lingerie I m exploring make up. But I m so male too! Lol! Cars football engines Lawn mowers fixing things etc I guess my femme side expresses itself in my personality as well. I m often called humble , nice , gentle. I love this blig its a lifeline for me to express my thoughts and share others as well Wear something pretty today i am Stevie

Stevie February 20, 2021

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