Okay, You Wear Panties...Now What?

For many of us, panties were the very first piece of lingerie we ever tried on.  Who can resist a pair of pretty panties?  There are so many options to choose from... panties with ruffles, panties with bows, pretty lace on the edging, satin, silk, cotton... and of course, there are so many shades of pink to wear and patterns and styles to choose from. Panties were the first piece of lingerie I bought when I started to build my wardrobe and are still my favorite thing to shop for.

But by now your drawer is probably filled with pink panties, sexy thongs, and panties with pretty flowers patterned on them. So...what's next? I like to think that panties are a gateway lingerie, the first step to creating a beautiful wardrobe of pretty things to wear under our clothes (or in the bedroom!). It's completely normal for us to crave new pretty things to wear, but what should you wear next?  I'm glad you asked!

For some of us, the natural next step is buying a bra. Although, there is nothing sexier than a matching bra and panty, I would recommend first picking out some camisoles. Camisoles are tops that usually have thin spaghetti straps that are available in a variety of fabric, colors and patterns. You can find a cami with sexy lacy edging, camis made of irresistible satin and camis covered in flirty polka-dots. Camis are amazing to wear under a work shirt...a sexy secret only you know about. They're also perfect for lounging in or for sleeping. Camis are also pretty undetectable under clothes and are ideal for adding a little more femininity to your day. Everyone needs a few matching cami/panty sets. 

Another favorite piece of lingerie are bodysuits. Bodysuits come in a variety of fabrics... mesh, satin and lace. Bodysuits look sexy and more importantly, they feel sexy. They're perfect for wearing under our boring work clothes and for nightwear. My favorite Xdress bodysuit is the Daisy Mesh Bodysuit. No one can resist the touch of mesh and a pretty daisy pattern that just adds the perfect girly touch. If you are looking to start your day in an amazing way, it doesn't get better than waking up in this feminine bodysuit.

If you still want more beautiful lingerie in your wardrobe (and who doesn't?), it's time to add the most feminine thing you can wear...a bra. Of course, why stop at just one bra? There are so many options to choose from. In my lingerie dresser (yes, I have a full dresser!) I have bras for every occasion. Certain bras are needed for certain outfits, whether I need a push-up bra or a strapless one or one of a certain color. And of course, every bra needs a matching panty. You'll need bras that are sensible and functional, but everyone needs sexy bras, too. My absolute favorite matching set that Xdress sells is the Champagne Pink Ruffle Bra and matching tanga. You'll love how you'll look in a matching set.

Finally, once you've added camis, bodysuits and bras to your lingerie wardrobe (see how it quickly you can fill an entire dresser?), it's time to add the cherry to the sundae with stockings and garter belts.  Nothing says sexy like a pair of sheer black stockings held by a lacy garter belt... even better when the garter belt matches your bra and panty. Stockings come in a variety of options and trust me, you'll want and need them all. I have an entire drawer dedicated to stockings and I have stockings for every occasion. Hold-ups, seamed stockings, and the ultimate in sexiness, fishnets. If you're looking to feel your sexiest, whether in the bedroom or under your three piece suit, you can't go wrong with a matching bra, panty and garter belt. 

Have fun building your lingerie wardrobe!  And please tell us, what is your favorite sexy thing to wear?



Hi Hannah,

Nice Blog Gurl. I am a life long panty wearer. I began as a young boy and by the time I was on my own I was nearly full time. I got married and that slowed me down of course. However, my wife was accepting and I quickly became a full time pantyboy. I am probably one of the older sisters here so I have been used to wearing the so called Granny Panties. I just love wearing panties. After a few years of wearing panties in married life I was allowed to add night gowns. OMG my feminine side was raging. Yes over the years I have worn bras, garterbelts, stockings and lots more. None of these items are on the wife approved list so I don’t indulge. I have a very strong feminine side and so agree with men being able to crossdress in whatever they enjoy. Some men in lingerie are drop dead gorgeous as is the case with some of the models in XDress.

Great Blog and I look forward to more as well as comments from fellow crossdressers.

Keri (Scottsdale) May 22, 2018

Hi Hannah, I am a long time customer of Xdress. I also follow your personal blog. Recently purchased just shy of $200 of assorted pretty things. My wife demanded a fashion show. So I paraded the runaway much to her approval. You are very good with pen. Glad to see you on the Xdress Blog. Good Shopping. Marsha

Marsha May 22, 2018

Nice piece with descriptive commentary. Makes me want to go and indulge in some…………….

Gendre Amore May 22, 2018

It sounds like you know what you love to wear! :) I would recommend pairing your panties with a silk cami to wear under your clothes for the day.

Love, Hannah

Hannah McKnight May 22, 2018

my Mommies panties and sexy nighties were my first things…(and sometimes Her heels)!! i was 5 and She caught me often….so often, She finally bought me my own panties…plain white for school days, then pink and lacy for the w/ends!! It wasn’t long before She told my spinster Aunt and my grand mother about my dressing. Auntie suggested i spend the summers with Her and my Gr-mom. i was to take NO boy’s clothes with me! She had two outfits ready for me, and then while dressed, we went shopping for more and more outfits!! Lacy sox and hose and Maryjanes!! i was pretty enough to easily pass as a girl then!! They taught me some subtle make up applications, and bought me girl’s bathing suits…it wasn’t long before my boy cousin’s visited, and took advantage of my situation!! Then the “country boy’s” out there began coming around too!! i was in sissy Heaven!!!!

sissy-glenda Walker May 22, 2018

Hi Hannah!!
Oh yes what would we do without some nice silky panties my favorite lingerie along with some nice nylons and garters. I wear nylon panties 24/7 and love how nice they feel to wear……how wonderful to enjoy the feel of comfort of feminine panties. It doesn’t get any better or sexier to slip into ladies silky panties for the day. Like to read your suggestions on what to buy sexy lingerie. No more mens cotton briefs for this guy. Give me my satin panties and I am in heaven. Don’t forget nylon nightgowns……wear pink gowns with satin panties underneath for a wonderful slippery experience every night. Thnx and keep up the good work……..Panty guy!!!!

Roy May 21, 2018

I hope you enjoyed my article! I can’t wait to hear what everyone’s favorite article of lingerie is!

Love, Hannah

Hannah McKnight May 21, 2018

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