Okay, You Wear Panties...Now What?

For many of us, panties were the very first piece of lingerie we ever tried on.  Who can resist a pair of pretty panties?  There are so many options to choose from... panties with ruffles, panties with bows, pretty lace on the edging, satin, silk, cotton... and of course, there are so many shades of pink to wear and patterns and styles to choose from. Panties were the first piece of lingerie I bought when I started to build my wardrobe and are still my favorite thing to shop for.

But by now your drawer is probably filled with pink panties, sexy thongs, and panties with pretty flowers patterned on them. So...what's next? I like to think that panties are a gateway lingerie, the first step to creating a beautiful wardrobe of pretty things to wear under our clothes (or in the bedroom!). It's completely normal for us to crave new pretty things to wear, but what should you wear next?  I'm glad you asked!

For some of us, the natural next step is buying a bra. Although, there is nothing sexier than a matching bra and panty, I would recommend first picking out some camisoles. Camisoles are tops that usually have thin spaghetti straps that are available in a variety of fabric, colors and patterns. You can find a cami with sexy lacy edging, camis made of irresistible satin and camis covered in flirty polka-dots. Camis are amazing to wear under a work shirt...a sexy secret only you know about. They're also perfect for lounging in or for sleeping. Camis are also pretty undetectable under clothes and are ideal for adding a little more femininity to your day. Everyone needs a few matching cami/panty sets. 

Another favorite piece of lingerie are bodysuits. Bodysuits come in a variety of fabrics... mesh, satin and lace. Bodysuits look sexy and more importantly, they feel sexy. They're perfect for wearing under our boring work clothes and for nightwear. My favorite Xdress bodysuit is the Daisy Mesh Bodysuit. No one can resist the touch of mesh and a pretty daisy pattern that just adds the perfect girly touch. If you are looking to start your day in an amazing way, it doesn't get better than waking up in this feminine bodysuit.

If you still want more beautiful lingerie in your wardrobe (and who doesn't?), it's time to add the most feminine thing you can wear...a bra. Of course, why stop at just one bra? There are so many options to choose from. In my lingerie dresser (yes, I have a full dresser!) I have bras for every occasion. Certain bras are needed for certain outfits, whether I need a push-up bra or a strapless one or one of a certain color. And of course, every bra needs a matching panty. You'll need bras that are sensible and functional, but everyone needs sexy bras, too. My absolute favorite matching set that Xdress sells is the Champagne Pink Ruffle Bra and matching tanga. You'll love how you'll look in a matching set.

Finally, once you've added camis, bodysuits and bras to your lingerie wardrobe (see how it quickly you can fill an entire dresser?), it's time to add the cherry to the sundae with stockings and garter belts.  Nothing says sexy like a pair of sheer black stockings held by a lacy garter belt... even better when the garter belt matches your bra and panty. Stockings come in a variety of options and trust me, you'll want and need them all. I have an entire drawer dedicated to stockings and I have stockings for every occasion. Hold-ups, seamed stockings, and the ultimate in sexiness, fishnets. If you're looking to feel your sexiest, whether in the bedroom or under your three piece suit, you can't go wrong with a matching bra, panty and garter belt. 

Have fun building your lingerie wardrobe!  And please tell us, what is your favorite sexy thing to wear?



Hi Stevie! Thank you! I’m glad you like my personal blog. And matching sets are totally the way to go. :)

Love, Hannah

Hannah McKnight May 29, 2018

I do
I got sets together to make sure i had matches
And i love your personal blog

Stevie May 28, 2018

Thanks to Google, I was able to translate Leolo’s comment. We all want to wear pretty lingerie, no matter where we’re from!

Hi, Hannah
I wear panties since I was 20 years old, wore concealed, today I have my drawer full, several models of panties, body, pantyhose, I feel very well and with beauty

Hannah McKnight May 28, 2018

Oi, Hannah
Uso calcinha desde os 20 anos , usava escondido , hoje tenho a minha gaveta cheia, varios modelos de calcinhas , body , meia calça , me sinto muito bem e com a beleza , adoro usar fio dental

Lelo May 28, 2018

Hi Stevie! Camis are a wonderful way to wear lingerie if you can’t wear a bra. I hope you always have a matching panty!

Love, Hannah

Hannah McKnight May 28, 2018

I love matching bra and panty sets
I love baby dolls like the butterfly from XD
I got the whole ensemble
I ve recently gotten into the camis cause I didn’t want to be outed while wearing bras
I started cdressing at 8
XD and bodyaware have really helped me come out to my self and free myself to wear what I want
Stockings are great wear a lot in the winter
If I m home alone then its strappy stillettos so I can enjoy my pretty nail polish on my toes with my lingerie

Stevie May 27, 2018

Hi Ricky! Seamed stockings are the ultimate in feminine stockings. Do you prefer garter bets or stay-ups?

Love, Hannah

Hannah McKnight May 27, 2018

Yes, Hannah, I love thigh-stockings! I even have one pair with a line down the back that looks like a seam, and another with an actual seam down the back.

Ricky May 26, 2018

Hi Lace! I am so so happy you liked the blog. What panties did you get??

Love, Hannah

Hannah McKnight May 25, 2018

Fabulous blog Hannah…….really enjoyed reading it , even bought some panties after reading

Lace May 24, 2018

Hi Keri, I know exactly what you mean! Sleeping in a nightgown is amazing. Pink, ribbons and bows are amazing

Love, Hannah

Hannah McKnight May 24, 2018


You are so right. I just love waking up in a pretty nylon nightie. I really do not understand why more guys don’t enjoy them. Actually I do. Men are so conditioned to what they believe is feminine and what is not. If guys would try wearing a night gown for a week, even less, I know they would convert. They don’t have to go totally feminine with a gown, just something basic. However, I for one want mine to be as feminine and girlie as available. Give me pink, lace and ribbons and I let my feminine side enjoy.

By the way I enjoy wearing camis. However, my wife prefers that I do not. She has this fear someone will see the lace thru my shirt or get a peek thru the button gaps. I can and do get away with a plain basic nylon cami now and then.


Keri May 24, 2018

Hi Ricky! Thanks for sharing! A cute matching cami and panty set is the perfect thing to wear under a boring suit. Have you tried pairing it with a pair of thigh-high stockings?

Love, Hannah

Hannah McKnight May 24, 2018

Well, since you asked, my favorite sexy thing to wear is satin panties, of course. I also love to wear satin camisoles and half-slips, or even full slips, and stockings under my shirt and tie and slacks when possible. I have some bras that I really love too. (The first several bras I bought weren’t that comfortable, but I found some that I really love.) When possible I love wearing a skirt or dress with heels. Unfortunately, that is not very often, but I love to when I can.

Ricky May 23, 2018

Hi Opw, sounds like you have an amazing wife (and lingerie collection!)

Love, Hannah

Hannah McKnight May 23, 2018

Hi Redhy! If you need more bras, I recommend the Red Dot Bra by Xdress. Is there anything more feminine than polka dot?

Love, Hannah

Hannah McKnight May 23, 2018

Hi Marsha, I love garter belts too! Especially with black seamed stockings….!

Love, Hannah

Hannah McKnight May 23, 2018

Hi Holly! What a wonderful story…pretty lingerie is a great motivator!

Love, Hannah

Hannah McKnight May 23, 2018

Love the blog. Been wearing panties since I was a teen. Today that is all I wear and proud of it. I have tried bras but never became a fan. I do wear garters and nylons on occasions but not as often as I would like. I Love the feeling of a sexy pink panty under my business suits. The wife and I role play and she looks forward to my fashion show when my new shipment arrives from XD. We also like to shop together and get matching panties and other items. It’s exciting for us when you checkout with two identical panties in different sizes or the wife asks you at the counter are you sure they will fit. She calls me her pantyboy hubby and I am more than willing to prove her right.

OPW May 23, 2018

Hi Hannah ….

I Like wear women panties and bra ….woww amazing. My collection panties is 75 pieces and bra 10. I need more bra ……

Redhy May 23, 2018

Hi Hannah, Oooop, sorry I forgot to answer your question. Thanks for the reminder. That’s really a hard question. I love everything. However when I think of lingerie I think of femininity. There are two items for me that scream female and that is the bra and garterbelt. The Xdress Smooth Satin and Lace series is a favorite. Got all six colors. Currently wearing periwinkle. Now you know. Giggles. Best Wishes, Marsha

Marsha May 23, 2018

I have been wearing panties and nighties for a very long time from Xdress of course. I love being as feminine as possible. I even lost a lot of weight Thanks to Xdress. I now regularly use an epilator over my entire body.> I have accumulated over 200 pairs of panties and nighties over time of course.I had get rid of my male panties thanks to xdress.

Holly May 23, 2018

Hi Keri!
Is there anything better than sleeping in a nightgown? What a fun way to wake up every day!

Love, Hannah

Hannah McKnight May 22, 2018

Hi Marsha!

Sounds like you have an amazing wife! What was her favorite?

Love, Hannah

Hannah McKnight May 22, 2018

Hi Gendre! Have fun shopping! Please let us know what pretty panties you pick out!

Love, Hannah

Hannah McKnight May 22, 2018

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