Where did it begin?

We all love the XDress site and likely frequently shop here for our undies of choice but I often wonder how it began for you?

Of course when we were younger, our mom’s likely picked out our undies as part of our growing up.  We did not have much of a say in that period of our lives as we were way to young to even know what options may be out there and likely did not care as we were being potty trained!

As we grew older, we had a bit more of a say in the underwear of choice and for me that was around 13 when I choose to move away from the tighty whiteys (as they were known) and into boxers. Not sure why boxers were the “in” thing back then but they were more comfortable than the tighty whiteys and seemed to be more popular.  Anyway, I went with it and enjoyed it for many years.  Of course, at this time, I was aware of women’s underwear and all the great designs and fabrics it came in but did not wear it but did try on. 

Moving forward, living on my own and dating a very cool woman, I was wearing more daring undies but in men’s cuts. Sexier underwear than boxers or tighty whiteys but still in the male section of the department stores.  Bikini cuts and thongs and boxer briefs in mostly cotton that felt sexier than boxers and certainly fit better and accentuated the male attributes better. These were fun and flirty but lacked the fabrics that women’s underwear offered. 

Women’s underwear was always an intriguing option and I would wear my girlfriend’s panties from time to time and she was always so turned on by me wearing them that it made it a fun foreplay exercise. The way that satin feels on your privates is an exhilarating feeling!  It was by chance that I grew the courage to finally wear panties under my street clothes and the first time was awesome! I remember it like yesterday.  A green satin pair that she left behind before heading to work, I put them on and went to work myself and called her when I got there to tell her what I was doing. She was thrilled!  I was excited all day from the feeling of satin and the thrill of wearing panties! The little bow on the front of panties is the defining piece of the undergarment!

Anyway, I would then begin to dip my toe into wearing panties more frequently but often kept wearing the traditional men’s underwear day to day.  The panty days were “special” days.  The women’s styles were great but lacked the support or space needed for the male genitalia which made them a bit uncomfortable.  Still felt great and very sexy!

Then I found XDress.  A very great offering of male panties in women’s styles and designed for males.  Although I still wear men’s boxer briefs from time to time, my daily choice is typically from the XDress offering.  The styles and fabrics are amazing and they are super sexy! They make you look great and they come in so many styles and varieties that you can find what you will like.  For me, my go to is satin. Very sexy and flirty and flattering.  Each pair has the bow that defines the femme style and I just love them!

So, that is my journey and I am interested in yours.  When did you start wearing panties? When did you find XDress? Do you have any recommendations for new XDress styles and prints and cuts?  I know I’d like to see a spandex or Lycra offering in a bikini or thong.  Maybe a “kisses” print on white satin?  The crew at XDress does a great job so I am sure they would be open to ideas!


Hello everybody! I loved the theme of the blog, when did it all start? First of all, I must say that I discovered Xdress during the pandemic during the confinement period. It has been excellent on this path we have taken in discovering the feminine self. I started when I was very young at 11/12 years old. I used to play with a neighbor of mine at his house and on vacation with his cousin who came to his house. It was on one of those vacations that they both surprised me by asking to wear his mother’s underwear. I resisted a little but at the same time I wanted to wear them. After some insistence, I put them on, it was a unique feeling. From then on, whenever I went to play with them, I wore underwear and I never stopped wearing them whenever possible. Today I only wear lingerie in my everyday life! Kisses. Francisca.

Francisca December 05, 2023

Welcome John; this is a great site with great people! You ll love the blog and the clothes! We re all here for support

Stevie November 30, 2023

I never thought about wearing feminine clothes but when I saw this site I said ‘you only live once’. I bought a mystery pack and received a chemise, I felt so different when I wore it and realised there are other forms of excitement in life. I followed this up with several pairs of panties and soon realised that lace was my go to for undies. Recently I purchased a bra and panties and the inner feeling from wearing the Valentina bra was overwhelming, I had seen myself many times in the bathroom mirror but wearing the bra released an inner excitement. I am still a secret cross dresser but venturing out wearing the bra and panties gave me a real buzz. I don’t know where it will go from here but I cannot resist browsing the site for new clothing lines and being tempted to try them.

John November 30, 2023

Great feedback and responses! I am glad I can tap into these feelings for us and happier that you share your experiences! My hope is that, one day, this will hit mainstream for all of us who want it and this forum will help each of us gather the strength to do so! Keep posting here! Tremendous response! XDress-keep keeping us sexy!

Scott November 21, 2023

So glad to hear all of these comments. Its so interesting to hear how many of us had the thought we were gay or questioned our sexuality over clothing!!! Girls/women wear pants work boots flannel shirts etc but let us wear some panties them Bam 💥

They wear boy shorts boyfriend’s jeans there boyfriend’s button down shirt but men in a cami or baby doll and heels 👠? No way

I m glad we all can see that clothes do not make the man !!!! We do and should wear what we want

Dress on my lovelies

Get ur lingerie on

I did


Stevie November 11, 2023

Ian, Thanks for sharing. I have been through the same situation as you. Being attracted to women’s lingerie, then being confused. Am I gay? Nope, but why do I feel this draw? Really wanting to, and holding back. No one knew, no one would ever understand. When my marriage ended, I made the decision not to hide anymore, and fighting the fight was exhausting. So, when I got into the relationship that I am in now, I just came out and fessed up to her. If she wanted to be with me, then away we go, if she thought is was weird, or odd, or whatever word that you want to use, then I couldn’t be myself, and away she would go. Thankfully, she said , let me see what this is all about, and it has been amazing. The best news is that I am free to be myself, she appreciates the fact that I do, and our relationship went to a whole new level. So, when you decide to get into another relationship, decide if you want to share your Xdress with her, you never know, she may one day shop for lingerie for you!! Be you!

WB November 09, 2023

For me it started at primary school circa 1990 when we were practicing a Christmas play. I was probably about 5 or 6, and I caught a glimpse of a girl’s knickers from behind. In my young mind it was of course nothing sexual, but the panties were white and smooth and looked almost like they were made of fur (I am sure they weren’t, but that was the texture I thought I saw). I loved the look and of course thought how nice they looked compared with the rather ugly and chunky boy pants I had to wear. That image stayed with me but I never got to buy my own panties until I left home and had my own dorm in college. I wore panties from time to time and although I did like the knowledge that I was wearing something forbidden under my jeans, they were not comfortable or containing enough in the crotch area for me to be a 100% panties wearer. Of course, when I discovered XDress a few years ago and found they made panties that fit me, I gradually reverted to wearing panties virtually all the time. My wife doesn’t mind and we often shop together on XD. I probably have a bigger panties collection than she does!

Jason November 09, 2023

This blog and all of the posts made me ask myself where and how it began for me. Unlike most of the other comments, I don’t really have a memorable or significant moment of realization, instead my compulsion for wearing feminine underwear or lingerie was a gradual process, one of evolution and development. If I think about the underlying causes of my desire to wear lingerie, it started when, as a typical teenage boy, I would enjoy looking at pictures of naked and scantily clad glamour models. From the beginning I definitely found that I was most excited if the models were dressed in sexy lingerie, rather than merely naked. As this continued, I unintentionally began to imagine what it would feel like to be dressed in the same or similar lingerie to the girls in the pictures. This caused me great confusion at the time. I knew that I was attracted to girls but asked myself if my thoughts about wearing women’s underwear or lingerie was an indication that I was gay. This self doubt and uncertainty stayed with me for several years as I continued to balance my enjoyment of looking at pictures of beautiful girls alongside my desire to dress up in their lingerie. I consciously attempted to not have these fantasies but never seemed able to deny them for very long. As I got older and started having girlfriends it became clear to me that I wasn’t gay, but my fantasies about wearing lingerie were as strong as ever, which continued to cause me confusion, as well as a feeling of shame. In some of the relationships I had that became more serious, I asked my girlfriend at the time to try wearing sexy lingerie, and even bought them some as a gift on a few occasions. When they did I definitely found it thrilling, but at the same time kept fantasizing about them to asking me to try wearing the same things. Eventually I got married. I didn’t ever tell my wife about my long held fantasy about wearing women’s underwear because I was still confused and ashamed about it myself, and as I had never actually tried doing it I didn’t think it was deceitful not to tell her. When that marriage ended I had a period of self reflection. I came to a realization that I shouldn’t deny my compulsion to get dressed in lingerie any longer and should just try it for myself, with the justification that we should all try things at least once to see if we like it or not. This brings my story pretty much up to date. I definitely find it exciting to wear lingerie and doing so seems to satisfy my long held fantasies. When or if I get into another relationship, I’d like to be open about everything. I’m not sure that I will, but now that I wear lingerie on a regular basis know that I probably should. I’ve got quite a few xdress pieces and like them all, although anything in satin is best.

Ian November 08, 2023

My story begins like many others around puberty through the pages of the shopping catalogues that fired the imagination. Putting on my sister’s swimming costume is still one of my favourite memories of those (more) innocent times. Then except for the odd Vicars and Tarts parties nothing. A new partner who senses something within me and challenges me to wear a pair of her panties and we’re off searching the internet for lingerie. Finally I found XDress and now 5 years later I’m approaching 50 pairs of panties of all colours in satin and lace, to say nothing for the bras, garters, stockings, nighties, camisoles and a corset that now share space in my wardrobe. There is nothing like putting on a new item of lingerie and showing it off (but not in public, yet). It’s been a lovely journey and long may it continue. Rikki xxx

Rikki November 03, 2023

It began for me when I tried on my older sister’s panties when I was about 13. By that age I’d already developed an unexplainable curiosity about what it would be like to wear feminine underwear and so one day just felt compelled to try it. I loved the feeling straight away and have not lost it in the 20 or so years since. I love sexy black lingerie mainly, whether it’s panties, garter belts, bodies, basques, stockings, etc., and would like to see more of that kind of thing on xdress, particularly in shimmering satin materials. Thanks for what you do xdress

Anon November 02, 2023

Wow! Overwhelming response for my blog and I so much appreciate all the feedback! Love to hear the support for all of us who wear and hope it helps the ones on the sideline who are thinking of trying! Jump in! The water is perfect! Thanks XDress for great products and a very supportive community!

Scott October 30, 2023

This blog is great!

My question is
Does it begin innately or is it environment? Or combination? Are we a strict gender binary or non binary? What i like about the current narrative is that i can love wearing lingerie and still b a man without being gay or trans

For me it began with a foot fetish!

Stevie October 30, 2023

Ah! How did it begin? I am unable to say. What I am currently aware of, and now have the requisite vocabulary to express it, is that for as I long as I can recall, there’s been a “feminine” energy about me, within me. Since pre puberty. And for decades I ignored, repressed, suppressed it, hid it and hid from it. Only in these recent years have I begun to not only embrace this femininity but explore it and uncover it. Xdress has been an integral part of this enlightening and invigorating journey. In fact, as I write this, under my lounging attire, I’m wearing the Xdress eco rib cami (please bring it back 😘). My journey now is into “beyond the gender binary “. Thank you. For the exquisite lingerie (especially lace thongs with bowtie on front), for the blogs and for each of your comments. 💕💃

PJ October 29, 2023

David that was rhetorical! I know u hear us and thanks for the blog

Stevie October 27, 2023

Xdress do u hear us? The new bras are purr-fect!!! They fit us sooooo well! Especially for that 40-42 that needs a A cup! Hard to find elsewhere!!! And the fabric is devine!
Xdress owner (David) comments: Sure Stevie, I hear you all and thank you for participating so regularly in our blogs. I read the comments and reviews personally and take on board all suggestions. We are very much customer lead and hope to create the sort of pretty items that bring a little happiness to our wonderful and supportive customers, many of whom have been with us for 25 years+!

Stevie October 26, 2023

Fred and Debbie I feel both of you and identify with both of you and have had similar circumstances

Stevie October 25, 2023

Started in High School as a prank! Now I wear panties 24/7 and recently upgraded all my swimwear to bikinis. I hope xdress does a swimwear line soon. I’d much rather support you all than the department store. I agree the current line of bras are perfection. Need to order more of those blossom bras before they sell out again! Can’t wait for the next colors in blossom.

Gregg October 25, 2023

Hopefully there is more blossom on the way!! It’s the best xdress has ever done. We need more colors please! Maybe a bodysuit? And solid colors please! I would but so many if the styles came in solids.

X Joey

Joey October 24, 2023

I first got into cross dressing a few years ago by accident really when I attended a fancy dress party with my wife dressed as Madonna for a laugh really. However it had a huge effect on me. I just loved the feeling of wearing sexy feminine panties, bras, stockings and short skirts. As well as wearing make up and a wig. I have never received as much attention and one guy even tried to chat me up before he realised I was a man. It did wonders for my self esteem and confidence. I knew from that moment that I needed to embrace my cross dressing desire, and with my wife’s support have built up a nice wardrobe of women’s clothes that I wear from time to time although still not confident enough to wear them outside much. I found X Dress just after this and immediately fell in love with the beautiful feminine designs of their panties and now have many, many pairs. My favourites are the Satin and Lace bikinis as I love the deep lace front and the gorgeous bow detail. I have every colour and they are so comfortable and sexy to wear. I now wear them literally everyday under my ordinary clothes and also in bed along with X-Dresses beautiful satin nighties. Why should girls be the only ones to be able to wear pretty, feminine panties? I’m so glad that I discovered XD and just adore wearing their beautiful whisper light satin undies. Would love to see the Satin and Lace Bikini done in some autumn colours like a deep red, chocolate, coffee and burnt orange. Reckon they would look stunning.

Debbie October 24, 2023

My first try was by accident. Playing dress up when I was about five with my sister, her friend, and her brother. The girls put us boys in ruffled satin panties and I immediately loved it. Over the years I would go through my sister’s panty drawer to find the perfect fit for me, then would keep that pair for months, hidden from the world. Once in high school I had my panty stash under my mattress, and while one of my buddies was in the room with me I lifted the mattress looking for something else, and a small squeak of my secret got out. I played it off as one of my girlfriend’s pair of panties, but didn’t change my ways. Years later after I got married my wife actually bought me a male thong for Valentine’s Day. First thong I owned, but not for long. I bought a bunch more and started wearing them all the time. Then I stumbled upon Body Aware and the rest is history. I have multiple drawers full and prefer satin and lace Brazilian cheeky style. I’ll wear traditional brief cut, but always satin. I do love the rotation of new items and have decided I like the products at XDress most of all. I always thought I was a transvestite but that is a strange tag for someone who just likes to wear non traditional gender specific clothing. So with XDress making sexy panties for men, how could I really be considered a transvestite? That tag is gone and I just wear super sexy men’s underwear! But maybe subconsciously I do like the tranny tag because I recently got into the satin bras and love the satin nighty…still not mainstream manly attire, but who cares? I like surprises so just keep the satin colors coming! Life is short, play hard!😘

Fred October 24, 2023

Great blog
I m sure we ll get plenty of responses
I started around age 8, after developing a foot and heel kink. That progressed to stockings and panties and bras

After years of wearing women’s panties I found two sites that made lingerie for men. (1 just closed 😞)

Xdress is so good with their evolution of men lingerie! I think the current bras are so perfect for the male physique

The matching sets are my favorite. I usually do the bra a thong and panty in the same color. I cant get enough of them

I d just love to see more colors in each offering including some solid colors for daily wear to avoid show through

Stevie October 24, 2023

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