There is a pattern that I have noticed when it comes to the blog posts on XDress.  I must say that I do truly enjoy writing posts for the site, but what I enjoy more is reading the responses to those posts. I truly appreciate and respect the different perspectives that people provide, the experiences that they have had, and how everyone can relate to them on their journey in their own way.

The pattern that I allude to is that once a blog post gets released on the site, there are a couple of responses, and it may end there, or there may be a multitude of responses, and then it just stops.  It never seems to be an ongoing conversation, and in my opinion, this is such a safe and open place to share our experiences and opinions.

I also appreciate the fact that every post is also moderated, as I can only imagine what comes in. Thank you XDress team. So, the reason that I wanted to create a blogapalooza is to get more engagement on the site. The more we share, the more we learn, the greater our confidence, the more we give ourselves the permission to be ourselves, the greater the world becomes.

So, I have 3 questions when it comes to the blogging on the XDress site. Here it goes:

  1. What is your favorite blog? Of all the blogs that you have either wrote, or read, which one stands out the most, and why?  

For me, I truly love reading the responses from people, and openly sharing their experiences.  I just wrote the blog called “What would she say?”, and I really enjoyed Eddy’s story on how he got “caught” in his wife’s lingerie, and after some good communication, he now has a drawer of his own, and how it has taken their relationship to a new level.  I appreciated this blog, because it also gave me the affirmation within my relationship with my girlfriend. I also have a drawer full of satin and lace goodies that she gets to choose form every morning.  So, what is your favorite blog, and why?

2. Is there a reason that you are not contributing?

I have to admit, when I started on this journey, there was no way on God’s green earth that I was going to contribute and respond to any blog post on this site. I had a hard enough time thinking about ordering panties or even entertaining the thought of clicking “add to cart” for a bra. But, bit by bit as I felt understood, and built confidence, I would start to add comments to the blogs, and it felt good to be able to contribute hoping that it would help others along the way. The next thing I knew, I was writing blogs, and I do hope that it has given permission for others to do the same.  So, ask yourself, is there a reason that you are not contributing?  Are you sacred? Shy? Don’t know what to say?  Here’s my challenge: try it, see how it feels, and if you do, put a WB at the end, so I know that it’s your first, and I’ll respond back to keep the conversation going. 

3. If you were to write a blog?

If you were to write a blog, what would you write about?  If you go back in blog history, there is a long string of posts. Some are about energy, some about personal grooming (remember, you can’t grow grass on a playground), and David even had AI write a blog post. (It only had 4 comments). Scott also had a great post on Summer Stain Lingerie Refresh (2 comments).  There are so many various topics that have been discussed.  I have always tried to write about things that would either try and create interest, and therefore comments, such as the What Would She Say? blog post. Or, write about things to help people have reflection, such as my post on A Shift in Energy and to see things from another perspective.  If you were to write a blog, what would you write about?  Let’s hear what you have to say!!

I want to thank David, and the entire XDress team for the opportunity to write these blogs, to provide such amazing lingerie that we love so much. To be able to share our stories on this platform. Until XDress, I would have no idea where on earth I would be able to go to share my thoughts and experiences, and to know that it’s ok. 

Wrap up- What’s your favorite blog and why?  Why are you not contributing?  If you were to write a blog?  Let’s create a blogapalooza!!  Panties, bras, stockings, and heels on!!!



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Wondering why not more posts but hey i ll keep posting because its therapeutic for me. Still feel like I m hiding in real life so this helps me feel free to b me. As far as feeling feminine I think i feel more pretty attractive sexy free with my undergarment choices

Thats a blog topic: do you feel feminine sexy free naughty ? With your underwear choices?


Andy good job on not pushing the envelope when u have an excepting partner. Crossdressing has such a wide range from just panties to full transformation! There is no one size fits all. In this age of greater diversity now is our time to introduce our own version of cd ing as we are comfortable doing

We have to make it more known so that we can be more open with fear.

We must respect our SO s level of acceptance as well

Dress on my lovelies



Thanks WB for keeping me engaged with your blogs, going all the way back to A Boyfriend’s Perspective. I also like MY CROSS DRESSING STORY! – JILLI another true life story. I think it is very helpful to read other peoples experiences, and I hope there will be more. That is the sort of blog I would write. My story is not so interesting. I am middle aged, and have worn panties on and off since a teenager, being fascinated by my older sister undies. I love the look of some of the models on Xdress, particularly the more androgynous guys, but facially and my build I would never have looked that good. My partner gradually got used to me wearing panties. In men’s underwear I would always chose bikini slips or thongs, so the switch to plain cotton panties was not such a big deal, as I explained they were much more comfortable than men’s. She would buy panties for me occasionally, and they got more feminine with lace and satin over time. But she was never very keen as she had quite reasonably wanted to be with a masculine man. So I went thru purges of throwing everything away after an argument, which I now know (from the blogs) is very common, feelings of guilt etc. So I have got over the need to do that, and she puts up with me wearing panties and camisoles. I don’t push it any further as I am quite happy with the status quo and don’t have any desire to fully dress up or wear makeup.


I have plenty to say lol! I think I ve commented on every blog since I found this site!

I wonder what everyone’s journey to acceptance was? Meaning how long did it take you to accept and embrace your choices for men’s lingerie?

It took me 42 years. Now I roll with it. I started with women’s panties but now with xdress and bodyaware I just order from here.

I wear something everyday!

Plenty to say I ll keep posting on the topics I see

Get ur lingerie on
I did


This forum is open to everyone so please don’t feel shy about contributing your thoughts on anything Xdress: share what clothing choices make you happiest, your personal experiences and relationship advice that may help others. No one should feel alone or that they are a lesser person just because they happen to prefer panties to boxers. The fact that Xdress is still around after 30 years attests to the fact that there are a vast number of like minded individuals regularly visiting this site. It is totally anonymous to post, we do not collect email addresses, in fact you can just make up an email address and name if you wish. Hoping to hear from you all! David

David (Editor)

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