New Year, New You!

I don’t know about you, but this last year has been interesting to say the least.  I have seen it as a year that has forced us to pivot, discover our inner strength, show our resiliency, and find a way to stay positive.  I think that it was also a year to reflect and spend time on the things that really matter.  Looking back, it seemed that being busy was a badge of honor, and as long as you were getting things done, it was considered success.  What I discovered in this last year, was that people were trying to do things that really mattered and trying to find meaning and purpose as this was how they were trying to find success. The great resignation was a big problem, and a big issue this past year as companies were struggling to retain their people, and the people were struggling to find alignment and purpose in their lives.  

Where I am going with this, is that with the stress and strain that this pandemic has placed on each and every one of us, it has forced us to stop long enough to reflect on what is important.  Since you are the most important person you know, have you stopped to reflect, and put the energy into just being yourself?  In the last blog by Jill, it was interesting to read how she would buy some things for herself, then feel the guilt or shame and throw them away. Only to do it all over again, and again.  Feeling guilt or shame about something that you desire, is not giving yourself the freedom to be yourself.  Not giving yourself the luxury of that freedom based upon the expectations of “societal norms”. 

My SO and I play crib, and there is always a wager on the game.  So, the loser gets to buy the winner some lingerie, so there is really no loser.  We often go shopping together and share in the experience.   The look on the clerks face when she say’s these are for him is always fun.  When I have to put on men’s underwear because I am going to play hockey, I get “the look”.  You are wearing those?  Right, you have to play hockey.  She picks out my bra and panty set in the morning and has it laid out on the bed for when I get out of the shower. 

Now that we are hopefully coming out of this pandemic, and you took the time to reflect on what is important to you and the decisions that make you happy and fulfilled, what will you do for you?  Will you put on your glistening satin and lace bra and panty set and head off to work?  Will you dress up and sip wine and read a good book?  Will you not feel shame when dressing up because damn it feels good?  As we head off into 2022, I would love to hear what decisions that you will make for you to be you? XDress is a great place to satisfy those needs, share your thoughts with others who feel the same, and a great place for my SO to shop when she loses a crib game.  Here’s to another New Year, for a New You.  It would be great to hear your stories. 

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I have on occasion gone in for a massage and was wearing a satin thong a time or two. Ok several times. Each time I have had positive responses for oh very pretty or very sexy. My response has been I think underwear should be fun. I was out with full en femme dress and wearing sweats over the top when i was offered a very good price to get a massage. I was very tempted but did not and now wonder what the response would have been. Maybe i will tempt fate and go out and see where that path leads next opportunity…

Jamea November 19, 2022

Hello Jenni , I totally feel you , no need to feel embarrassed, or ashamed , I feel the same and have roughly the same thoughts , I too love wearing the products off here , in secret , I’m a straight guy , but not totally sure I am as I fantasize about holding a guy close while he’s wearing contrast Rosa pink off here , good luck with confidence and venturing out , x Mitch

Mitch October 27, 2022

I wish XDress would carry nice things for men who have a larger chest. There are tons of us who have a narrow trunk but a larger chest diameter. an XL should fit me but I have a 49-50" chest so it just looks ridiculously tight across the top. I love this stuff though and so does my wife.

Rob Ought July 21, 2022

So true and so important. It’s panties and bras for me as much as I can this year. And hold-up stockings too. So soft and sensual. Ally x

Ally February 20, 2022

Great blog
Love the comments
I m moving forward this year as me celebrating me! Panties bras stockings-thigh highs; toes painted
I love wearing lingerie
Its ours its made for men
Thats my new year
Proud and confident

Get ur lingerie on!


Stevie February 10, 2022


Well, it is possible. My SO picks out my panties and bra set every morning, and it is on the bed when I get out of the shower. She doesn’t like shopping on her own, so makes me go with her when we shop. I have to admit that it is a lot of fun, and exciting. Have you ever thought of hinting at the idea with your SO? You just never know. They are out there, just like others have mentioned on this site.

WB January 30, 2022

Bonjour, cela faisais longtemps que je fantasmais en voyant les femme porter des bas de nylon Que jais fini par m’en acheté sur internet et jais adoré d’en porté et maintenant je met des petite culote et soutien gorge et robe avec une robe ( XDRESS ) et bas de nylon que J’adore porté . ce serais bien que vous ajouteriez sur votre site des Bas de nylon a taille Haute des des chemise de nuit Longue

Hello, I’ve been fantasizing for a long time seeing women wearing nylon stockings that I ended up buying some on the internet and I loved wearing them and now I wear panties and bras with a dress ( XDRESS) and nylon stockings that I love to wear. it would be nice if you would add on your site high waist nylon stockings or long nightgowns.

Andre January 29, 2022

I think Jenni makes an interesting point about wanting to surrender control. Maybe if we are encouraged or better yet told what to wear by our SO, it’s a way for us who like wearing lingerie to not feel guilty and to get out of the cycle of buying and purging. I can relate to that, and I suspect it’s a desire many men would have. I would love my SO to buy me lingerie or even go shopping together, but I doubt that will ever happen.

Jason January 28, 2022

Jenni-You are not alone. So do not feel that like you are on an island. Embrace it and know there are many of us out there that share in your feelings that femme is good, positive and should be embraced! Love to see you put yourself out there, even if it is on this blog, as it can build courage to push the envelope a bit in your life. Be comfortable with yourself and embrace it. Be vulnerable with your SO and I am sure they will help you get there!

Scott January 26, 2022

Hello friends. I haven’t told her yet… honestly don’t know how to say… help me with advice if you can.. I’ll be glad to get help.

Andranik January 25, 2022

Scott, Thanks for the kind words. Isn’t it great to leave the negativity behind? Well done. Isn’t shopping with your SO fun? Yes, the satin series is pretty spectacular. But, I will refrain from having it part of my hockey gear.
Jenni, sorry that you are / were feeling weird. The good thing is, is that you have this blog, site to be able to express how you are feeling. In my opinion, if others had, or didn’t have a fantasy like yours, would that make it ok, or not ok to have yours? How will you ever know if it is something that you would like, or not like, unless you bring it into reality. Have the experience, see for yourself, and leave the judgement at the door. Just my 2 cents.
Andranik, if you let her know what you like, it would be great to hear how she responded.

WB January 24, 2022

I like this blog as it makes me feel not quite so weird. My new me would be to dress and act like a sissy. Its very embarrassing to even write this, but I am consumed with the fantasy of being a sissy and giving control to a mistress or master (preferably a master if I was most honest with myself). I have a maids dress and actually look quite pretty (I am 31 and slim build), but I would love a girl’s frilly party dress complete with frilly knickers. I live alone near London and work in tech from home so I am lucky that I can wear what I want, but the whole covid situation has restricted any social life I might have enjoyed. As I say this is just a fantasy that comes and goes with the associated guilt and shame, and I am not sure the reality would be something that I would really like. Am I unusual in getting obsessed with a fantasy like this? I am OK with wearing lacey panties and bras under my clothes when I go out and of course at home, I think that is no big deal, but I worry that I am going too far, at least in my mind. Does anyone else have fantasies like this?

Jenni January 20, 2022

Very interesting post. These hard days really gave all people a chance to be a little bit with themselves… to reflect… to re-evaluate events. find support, communicate and help each other .. Last year I started wearing beautiful feminine, but masculine underwear from XD, I really wanted to … and I bought … I went to the gym in it, for walks. ..and I felt more complete… my female part living in me helped me become a more whole man … in the new year I began to wear it to work… yes, there were embarrassments… but by the end of the working day I I felt that I had already become a different person … a friend recently appeared in my life … she saw me only in thongs … but I hope she will understand that I like to wear bras .. sleep in a delicate and beautiful nightgown … not I know maybe I should tell her about it myself .. then show her .. but I can’t stop wearing bras anymore …

Andranik Barseghyan January 19, 2022

You look amazing in the lingerie
Wish the store was brick and Norse to visit and try on in person.

Glenn January 19, 2022

votre lingerie est super belle,,

jean paul January 19, 2022

Nice blog WB! I have taken the time to reflect on a lot of aspects in my life. I have tuned out the negativity and committed to treating myself and others with positivity and love. I no longer engage with the ignorant and invest in the ones willing to learn and hear both sides of an issue because when you communicate, you find common ground. As for my inner femme, I have embraced it since before the pandemic and my SO has been very supportive. We too shop together and love the looks we get. However, I do like the XDress satin series the BEST! I wear panties at work, when I travel, at the gym and just about everywhere. Probably the only time I wear the gross men’s underwear is when I am doing yard work but have worn a thong in these scenarios once or twice. My guess is your hockey friends would rib you for wearing panties but I also bet 1/3 of the room was wishing they had your confidence. Of course, if you are wearing satin panties on the ice, that just might ruin a good pair of panties! Stay safe, stay femme and wear them with pride!

Scott January 19, 2022

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