Feminine Empowerment!

Hello again, divine readers!

I would like to take this time to reflect on the wonders of femininity and the simply liberating effect it has on our souls.

Just like most of you, I have fully embraced my feminine side after many years of experimentation and discovery. This process surely was rocky to say the least, and I had many moments of doubt and insecurity. The world as we know it can be a daunting place for men who embrace the feminine aesthetic, but ultimately the feeling of being true to yourself outweighs any of the challenges that may come along with it. In the recent year, I have continued to push the gender envelope in all the places I exist publicly, and my confidence has been bolstered to a level I never thought to be possible.

Many factors have played into my newly found poise, but one of the primary ones is the simple fact that my femininity has been empowered by the existence of communities such as this one. XDress has been a wonderful place for personal validation, both in the confidence the models exude by presenting en femme, as well as the customers that share similar experiences and mentalities. The customer base only continues to grow with each passing day, and this fact goes to show how many men out there are accepting themselves as truly authentic, feminine individuals. This is such an inspiring period of history and I am truly proud to be a part of it.

I recently started a new job, and just like I do anywhere else, I presented the way I feel the most comfortable. This includes wearing satin blouses, beautiful skirts and dresses, and glamorous heels and makeup. Initially I did experience a fair amount of hesitation, and dressed a bit more androgynous as I became acclimated to my new environment. However, I quickly came to realize that no one really cared about my fashion choices, and instead I received many compliments and intrigued individuals who wanted to know more about me. One of my coworkers in particular told me: "Seeing someone who is so unapologetically themselves is always a great person to know".

At this moment I had never felt so proud of myself and my confidence continued to soar to new levels. Another coworker also was explaining my feminine presentation to another, stating "he dresses for fashion, and he looks amazing". These are experiences I simply had to share with you all, as I only wish to inspire every reader of this blog to eradicate any of the toxic societal conditioning you have endured throughout your life. To fully embrace my femininity unabashedly is an experience that I would not give up for anything. After all, gender is a spectrum that we all are free to experiment with as we desire. There are no defined rules or expectations for men or women in how they should appear anymore.

Times are changing rapidly, and it's important for every single one of us to realize and embrace this change to become truly empowered. I mean, how exquisite does it feel to come home after a long days work, and put on something like the Couture Satin & Lace Chemise? Better yet, wearing the Satin Ribbon and Bow Platforms to a a night out? I guarantee such experiences will leave you feeling confident and full of divine femininity that you will never want to give it up. And you never should. Our lives are our own, and we all are free to live them as we desire.

One final example I may share; I recently went clothes shopping while wearing an absolutely gorgeous pair of black patent heels. I live in a rather conservative area and most people around me dress very casual, so I stuck out as much as a sore thumb. At this point, I actually welcome any stares I receive, whether they are full of judgement or admiration. Such actions only prove that I have invoked another person's curiosity to a level where they may start becoming more open minded. Even if they are not, it feels good to burst the black and white bubble people often live in and force them to start thinking differently.

So set yourself free, embrace your femininity and become more empowered than you ever thought possible. Please share whatever experiences you have had that bolstered your confidence like I have. The more we support each other, the happier we can become!



Hi Nathan
I thought this would get more responses but no worries
I m happy to be more myself
Wearing makeup 💄 though nonone can tell
I can and that’s enough
I ve encorporated femme work out gear which is sexy and hott
Keeps me motivated

Stevie April 20, 2023

Thank you Nathan. I’m so excited to have discovered this site. You are an inspiration to me, and I’m sure to many others. For years, I have yearned to express my feminine self. I’ve come to believe that many of us are on a continuum of feminine -—> masculine. And, I think I am at times more feminine and at times, more masculine. I have always admired feminine clothing, purchasing sexy, silky women’s panties even as a teen. All of us have probably experienced some frustration in not finding the correct fit for us. XDRESS is like discovering a pot of gold for me. Where to start?

Mark April 07, 2023

Hello Nathan,

Thank you very much for your sharing. From an early age I discovered my femininity and I always had some fears that people would discover this side of me! It was by chance that I discovered X Dress and I’m a fan of your website and blog. It was a source of motivation to know that there were many men who felt the same as me and to be able to share our experiences is fantastic. I wear lingerie on a daily basis and I started wearing stockings, I have leggings for hiking and so as not to notice my underwear, I use dental floss. My most daring experience was wearing a bikini on the beach last year and it was an unforgettable experience. Thank you and continue!


Francisca April 05, 2023

I feel empowered by the successful risks i ve taken! Initially it was just panties when i went out. Then bras. Next it was going to the nail salon for color on my toes. From there I bought women s clothes like jeans and sweaters! Lots of comments like “ you look great” . So then I tried mascara foundation and concealer.

So i m emboldened by these successes!
I dont do dresses and heels 👠 in public. I have a family. And I d never hurt them to please my self

I continue to wear various women’s clothes and get my nails done

Get your girlie on

I did


Stevie April 05, 2023

Great story and thanks for sharing! I think the world is changing for better acceptance, or at least I see it in my region (Northeast). Just wear what I like and do not care if it turns any heads, but secretly hopes it does turn a few?

I found a pair of vegan leggings that are so comfortable and cute when paired with Stan Smiths and a nice top. The XDress Ripstop thong is a must when wearing these as there are no panty lines! It is the undergarments I wear the most and switch between femme and masc depending on the day on the exterior.

However, there is little judgement I find when out in femme. Of course,

Scott April 03, 2023

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