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Greetings, dear readers!

I hope this blog finds you well and wearing something pretty. In my last blog, “The Wonderful World of Panties!”, the conversation among you (and what a wonderful conversation it was!) drifted into the realm of bras. It was a wonderful and lively conversation. I’d like to extend that a bit in this blog. A shout out to Keri for suggesting I do so!

For me personally, beginning to wear panties was not much of a stretch, as I was already wearing men’s underwear that was as feminine as men’s underwear gets, in terms of color, style, and fabric. To wear a bra – well, that was a very clear pronouncement of the inner femme that I am. It took my wife a while to get on board with me wearing bras, but she is a trooper. She started picking out bras for me in the brick and mortar stores and consults me on what she likes at XDress. She’s even given me a few bras that have stretched out too much for her. These are my favorites, as they came from her, like some of her panties that stretched out too much for her comfort. There is real intimacy in wearing your wife’s panties and bras.

As a basic tutorial for you that may be either 1) interested in wearing bras or 2) have just started experimenting with bras, allow me to share a few items of possible interest. For you that are old hands at wearing bras, stick around – you just might learn something.

As far as styles go, there are three basic groups – traditional strap bras, strapless bras, and racerback bras. Each has its upside and downside. Within the three major groups, there is an overwhelming choice of styles.


First, traditional strap bras. The appeal to me of traditional strap bras is their traditional femininity. Every woman has bras with straps. You can get underwire, wireless, push up and padded. With the push-up and padded, you can get cups with a pocket for the insertion of silicone inserts. The same is true for racerbacks. There are some blouses and dresses that just don’t look right without silicone inserts, because of the cut and fit of the blouse or dress. I’m pretty flat-chested, so inserts are helpful from time to time. The downside of traditional strap bras is the straps. They sometimes slip over your shoulders, requiring you to (as subtlety as possible) reach inside your blouse/shirt and pull them up. Even with properly fitted bras, your straps are going to come down from time to time. As far as putting them on, I’m not nearly flexible enough to hook the straps from behind, so I just clasp them together and slip them on line a racerback (which I’ll talk about in a minute). One of the cool things my wife does is, upon arriving home from work, she unhooks the back strap, reaches into a sleeve, and pulls the bra out through the sleeve. The physics of that defies me!

Strapless bras remove the bother of pulling up the straps, and you have a wide choice of blouses to wear without worrying about your straps showing. One of my personal pet peeves is women that wear tops that clearly show their bra straps. That totally lacks class, in my opinion, and they look like they should be barefoot in the kitchen cooking, with one babe on their hip and five other brats running around the kitchen. The downside of strapless is that they fit quite tight, in order to compensate for the lack of straps.

The third major group, racerback, is my personal favorite. The racerback forms a Y or an X in the back and is slipped on, as there are no clasps involved. The upside is that you never have to worry about your straps sliding down. Sports bras and T-shirt bras are commonly in the racerback family. The downside is they won’t be appropriate with some of your tops if you don’t want to be outed. They tend to display more fabric on the chest, although this isn’t necessarily true.

I have to say that XDress is my go-to place for bras. Being flat-chested, they fit me very well, as they are cut and designed for the male physique. With women’s bras, it’s hard to find a bra that fits our chest width and cup size. XDress has a amazing number of choices that are very feminine and designed so they don’t out you unless you want to be outed. My wife’s and my personal favorites are the Glistening Satin Collection.


Speaking of size, sizing is really pretty simple. Measure (in inches) the width of your chest, below your breasts. This is your band size. Next, measure your width, measuring across your nipples. This is your cup size. Just for fun, if your wife/SO is on board, let her/him do the measuring for you. Next, pull up XDress online and have some fun shopping together! The reason I might seem to be pushing XDress is that, with their designing, it is so easy to wear a bra for everyday activities in public without outing yourself, yet feeling so feminine on the inside. 

There might be some of you that have gynecomastia. To the uninitiated, gynecomastia is a condition, often occurring in adolescence, of the enlarging of the breasts in males. Cup size may be as large a C or D cup. This condition can cause some serious challenges in adolescence, especially when it comes to gym class and the showers. For you folks, bras aren’t an option – they are a medical necessity. Be proud of your beautiful breasts, dear ones, and wear a pretty bra!

There are some pretty good chat groups online for those of us who love to wear bras – sites that aren’t pornographic or sleazy. They support gurls like us who just like to wear bras. You’d be amazed at how many of us are out there. My usual precaution – if a site feels wrong for you, it probably is.

So much for my thoughts on the subject of bras. What are your thoughts? As you know, I love to hear your thoughts and stories. So warm up those keyboards and let’s have a conversation!

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I love wearing panties and have been trying to reprogram myself to accept wearing them all the time. I bought some xdress bras and love wearing them. Bras are very sexy and push my feminization training further than wearing panties alone. I haven’t gotten to the point where I’m comfortable wearing a bralette under my shirt in public (fear of being discovered) but I’m trying to force myself to wear them whenever I’m home. A matching bra and panty is so sexy and helps a lot in erasing toxic masculinity. Hopefully with enough “training” I can erase the thought that there is something wrong with it and just put on a bra and panty as normal :)

John October 31, 2019

Hi all. What fun reading your replies! Isn’t it interesting how so many of us enjoy celebrating our feminine side by wearing bras without shame or apology? Its even sweeter when you have an SO that thinks you look pretty in a bit of lace. Keep those comments coming. I love every one of them!


Angie October 31, 2019

Krystin you go boy/gurl. Great your SO is on board. If you can find someone who is on board its bliss with shopping together wearing your lingerie freely and living as your self

Stevie October 31, 2019

Is that our Zach in the green satin and lace set?
Doesn’t he look gorgeous.
Keep it up Xdress. You’re the best.
Ally x

Ally October 29, 2019

Bras are soooo sexy and I’m lucky to have a GF who’s totally on board with XD so we have lots of fun shopping online and even at brick and mortar stores. I’ve found that demi bras and sports bras work best for me because I have a wide chest (42 band size) and small breasts, kind of between A and B cup. I recently began trying on some lace bras and was surprised to find that they fit fairly well and I liked them more than I thought I would. I’ve only worn bras at work a few times and have never been outed so I’m going to make it a daily thing from now on. Guess I’ll have to do more shopping! Anyway have fun gurlz and thanks for sharing!

Kyrstin October 29, 2019

My wife is definitely not on board, but I recently had a blissful week when she was away and I could wear bras all day, every day. They were well concealed under my clothes,but I reckoned without the friend who put an arm round me and could obviously feel the bra band. That was more than a tad embarrassing! My breasts are quite small, but I love the way a bra shapes them – such a sexy look and femme feeling all the time. I love to wear inserts when I’m laced into my corset.

Paul October 28, 2019

Hi everyone
I probably don’t need to tell you – I love wearing bras. Specifically, Xdress bras, which fit me perfectly and are made in such wonderful materials. The satin rosebud in pink has been my favourite. It just makes me feel so feminine and so right. I love wearing Xdress inserts in my bra too. I do this under a regular shirt and suit jacket. I find it such a subtle effect that I don’t care if people notice. It just gives me a little shape, encourages my posture and my general deportment too. So empowering!
Great article Angie. I’m right there with you.

Ally x

Ally October 27, 2019

Well one thing wearing a bra does is that it hugs you all day and it also allows you to have a naughty little secret plus gives you a femme feeling
Wear something pretty today
I am

Stevie October 27, 2019

All I have to say is….. I Don’t know why but it is really nice to wear a bra now and then!!! Just makes you feel sooooo good sometimes!!

Dave/Souixe October 27, 2019

Rob I feel you
I ve got to get to the point where ny wife is on board it would help a lot
As for work i wear suits in the winter so i can get away with it

Stevie October 27, 2019

Great topic, Angie!
Bras are certainly the epitome of femininity, and it feels so lovely to wear one! I am currently wearing the Glistening Satin Bra in black underneath a beautiful black blouse, here at work. Like you, this is also my favorite style XDress offers, as it is just simply gorgeous. The feeling of wearing a bra at work is absolutely wonderful, and has a calming effect on me like no other item in the feminine wardrobe. I believe this is because as I mentioned earlier, bras are at the core of femininity, and wearing one makes me feel truly at peace within myself.

At this point, I have only purchased 3 bras and they have all been from separate stores. Out of all of them however, I can confidently say that XDress offers the best fit for the male physique. I am definitely looking to buy more and experiment with different styles, as I want to start incorporating them into my daily outfits. The calming, wholesome feeling I have while wearing one is just too good to not experience every day.

The only thing holding me back from doing so, is that a lot of my blouses would reveal the fact that I am wearing a bra, which is not ideal. Even though I wear pantyhose, skirts, blouses, makeup, painted nails, and 4" heels daily, somehow a bra seems to be over the line, and being caught / seen wearing one especially at work is quite intimidating. Just like the other clothes though, I wear a bra as it what I feel most comfortable wearing. I have high hopes that in the future, men can wear anything they want, including bras, without unfair ridicule.

No man should have to feel shame or guilt when they wear something that makes them happy. Society currently proclaims that bras are for women only, and any men who wear them must have something wrong with them. This is such a toxic ideology and I am so grateful that XDress is slowly working towards absolving this toxicity, by revealing truly how many men out there love wearing bras and panties!

The world is changing daily, with every man who purchases from XDress or writes on these blogs. For that, I am eternally grateful.


Nathan October 26, 2019

One of my favorite quotes is: “I Have Autism. What’s Your Excuse?” Well, Autism is MY “Excuse” for wearing bras. Many people might not understand me, but “So What?” It’s just how I am. Like many, if not all, Autistics, I just LOVE wearing snug, tight clothing. Bras are one of my favorite clothing items. They give you an All-Day-Long hug that feels so nice. I find that Sports Bras work best for me. NO bulging Hardware to hide — Clasp and Sliders. I like wearing bras that are “Snug”, but NOT so “Tight” that I get chest pain, and can’t easily breath. Well-Fitting bras are part of my daily life!

ASPIEMAN October 26, 2019

I love wearing bras and panties .The one I like most is a red unpaded that is sheer that when I pair with a form let’s the nipple show though a nice sheer top and skirt

sidney October 26, 2019

Angie! Hi! I missed u lol!
Bras are a necessity for me because my favorite underdressing is matching sets, now unfortunately I can wear them all the time!
I love the back clasping ones because is so femme! But i like the sports bras because I can hide those better.
I totally agree that Xdress has great bras fit for guys that handle the band size cup size dilemma of female bras
As for gynecomastia i had it as an adolescent and it was embarrassing. I had to go to the doctor and he told us it would go away and it did. The upside was that i was exploring lingerie back then and it made me think i was girly. I think it advanced my femme feelings back them and furthered my journey into crossdressing
Anyway great topic-AGAIN!
Wear something pretty today, i am

Stevie October 25, 2019

I have to say I love wearing bras ,since I found your website I have spent well over $400 on panties bras and nighties. My collection is getting huge, and you keep coming out with more pretty things I think I have an addiction to this site. It is nice to put on a nice bra and matching panties and just lounge around the house . I’m just glad my wife is on board so I can enjoy these without having to hide it from her. I wear panties everyday now and bras at home, I can’t get away with wearing bras at work to afraid of getting caught. Thanks for all the nice and pretty things to wear I do wish you made longer nighties though.

Rob October 25, 2019

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