Given the Opportunity

Given the Opportunity

As a woman, if you had told me a year and a half ago my SO would be wearing sexy satin and lacey bras, panties, and accessories, I would have said you were nuts. Meeting my SO changed all of that.  I knew going into this relationship he enjoyed wearing lace and satin and I was fine with exploring what that would be like.  In the back of my mind, I did question if this attire would be a simple phase or if it was something that would be ongoing … for both of us.  

I wondered if I was ok with it because I really liked him and wanted it to work - would that acceptance and enjoyment fizzle after a short time of being together?  Would his ‘exploration’, which was fairly new, last?  Or would he realize this wasn’t for him but was in fact a phase?  I had no clue how this would go as it was all so new for me. I did, however, hope that it would work the same for both of us!

Just over a year into our relationship, I couldn’t imagine enjoying the look and feel of the satin and lace on his body any more than I do.  

A few weeks ago I was in the kitchen making a rhubarb crisp – his favorite summer dessert – when he disappeared.  I assumed he was off to work in his home office or read a book.  Only minutes later, he reappeared wearing my favorite lingerie - his blue glossy and lace panties with matching bra, garter, stockings, and lipstick and I love the confidence it brings out in him.  Depending on what he chooses to wear, I see different energy in him.  This was incredibly sexy … and he joined me in completing the crisp!

It’s actually a little strange to see him in briefs when he does wear them!  Perhaps when he does it’s a little hint that we need to go shopping. ; )

I absolutely love going shopping with my SO – either online at XDress or in person at the malls.  I do wish XDress had an outlet where we live so we could go in and experience the shopping in person.  I think we both love the personal attention we receive when the salesperson realizes it’s my SO we’re shopping for and not me!  We had an amazing experience with one saleslady who was so supportive and assisted us in finding what we were looking for.  She let us know we are not the only people shopping for lingerie ‘for him’ (though that doesn’t matter to us AT ALL!)  We love the merchandise from XD because everything fits well.

The most recent purchase added to the collection is matching satin nighties.  I like the idea of matching and wearing lingerie for him to enjoy as well.  It feels good to have this kind of connection with my SO.  I’m grateful he discussed this with me prior to us dating – it gave me time to process the idea and a better understanding of why he does it, and the opportunity to grow with him.  It’s really fantastic to go through new experiences with him.  We continue to grow and explore in this area and I love every bit of it!

Lots of Satiny Hugs!


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Hi there

This is a nice story to hear. Each partner can be with who they want to and be who they want to, without the conformist constraints of who wears what.

I’ve found that Xdress always has a winning fit when it comes to lingerie. You can’t quite beat bricks and mortar for being able to try on skirts, dresses and tops though.

I find sales assistants in the major stores really helpful now. It really is a matter of having a little confidence to browse for a bit and then ask, “Do you mind if I try this on?” Most, or a lot of, major stores assistants are trained to be helpful to Trans customers – or whatever label we give ourselves. I’m just a guy who enjoys wearing clothes normally worn by women. I love the shapes, the textures and the colours – and what it does for me. It’s a little like art for me – what look can I achieve.

Nice article. Thanks.

Ally x


Lingerie gives me stress relief! Even at work I’ll ponder my panties for the day and it will give me relief. After a long day i slip into something more comfortable and voila a scotch and stress relieved. I love this blog one of the few places i can talk about my love of lingerie and I love xd products Wear something pretty today i am Stevie


That is super cool. A man can be a man but feel sexy wearing sexy lingerie in your world!


Oh I love the personal attention as well when I shop in person. Many sales people are very supportive and offer ideas for what might match or look better on you. I do wish XDress had brick and mortar despite the death of retail.


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