Empowering Heels!

Empowering Heels!
Greetings, wonderful readers! I hope you all had an incredible holiday season, and are ready for new and exciting experiences in 2020. As we step into this new year, I would like to discuss the expansive topic of High Heels.

For me personally, High Heels were one of the first feminine accessories that filled me with awe. Specifically, it was a pair of black leather knee-high boots with a 2" heel. At the time, I was used to shoes only serving their base function; utility. To see a shoe that had such an amazing visual appeal, filled me with a curiosity I didn't quite understand, and I was driven to try them on immediately.

Sliding my foot into the boot, and zipping it up to my knee filled me with such an intense euphoria. It was as if I was fulfilling my destiny, even though these desires had laid dormant in me for the first years of my life. All I knew was how much I enjoyed putting them on, wearing them, and seeing them on my feet/legs. The feeling of a heel underneath my foot was incredibly new at the time, but it filled me with confidence as I became taller, and my posture was straightened.

High Heels have been a symbol of femininity for so long, that the majority of the population doesn't realize that they were originally invented for men. At their genesis, they were invented for horseback riding, as the heel helped keep the riders foot secured in the stirrups. Not long after, they became an item worn by Nobles, as to convey their status. Women then took notice, appreciating their fashion appeal.

If you've read my blog on Hosiery, you'll notice a similar trend of such items being invented for men, women taking a liking to them, and men abandoning them for fear of being considered "less manly". One of my main goals in dressing femininely, as well as writing these blogs, is to break these stigmas. Sure, wearing makeup, heels and skirts make one appear feminine. However, both femininity and masculinity are not limited to clothing.

Bravery is a traditionally masculine trait, and what is braver than overcoming your own fears and wearing something that is so stigmatized? High heels are perhaps the boldest feminine accessory out there, and I wear them with confidence every day. I hope I can inspire you all to do the same, as the only way to break toxic stigmas is by normalizing things once considered taboo.

When I first began my journey, I purchased two pairs of heels. The first was a pair of satin thigh-highs with a 3" chunky heel. I've always adored the alluring sheen of satin, and I loved the look of such a material gracing my whole leg. The second pair were studded open-toed heels with two straps to hold them on. These had a very thin 4" heel, which was incredibly difficult to walk in. However, the difficulty is worth it to be able to wear such amazing shoes.

My feet are naturally arched, so I became accustomed to wearing heels relatively fast. At first, though, I would only wear them at home because I did not want to make a fool of myself publicly by stumbling around with horrible form. My mistake was going from wearing flat shoes for the first two decades of my life, to 4" heels. My advice: start slow. Get a 2" heel and upgrade when you feel comfortable in doing so. Walking in heels definitely takes practice and patience.

I have found that routinely exercising your legs is one of the best ways to make walking in heels easier, as it requires a decent amount of muscle in your calves to walk on the balls of your feet constantly. Walking in heels itself is an exercise, and if you are out of shape it will be much harder. I have been wearing heels daily for months, and I can confidently say it gets much easier with time. In fact, I find it more uncomfortable to wear flat shoes, and I often wear a 2" heeled leather bootie when I need to do a lot of walking.

Once you start wearing heels, so many more options will open up for your shoe collection, and you will never want to go back to the drab male options. XD has a decent amount of heels made specifically for men's naturally wider feet, my favorite being the "Silver Open Toe Pumps". In fact, XD is the best place you can buy heels as a male because they are suited to fit our feet perfectly. I've had to return plenty of shoes purchased online from other sites, as they were always too narrow for my feet. High Heels that don't fit correctly will make walking in them an absolute nightmare, so shop wisely.  

High Heels are my favorite feminine accessories, simply because they not only look and feel fabulous to wear but complete literally any outfit. And thus, my blog on High Heels comes to an end. What are your favorite types of heels? How high do you like the heel? What are your favorite styles? Let's get a great conversation going!


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77 in April. Beginning CD. Kitten Mules were my first purchase. Still learning. Working my way up to a pair of 4” Stilettoes. They make me walk differently than ‘normal’! More femme and sexy! Sometimes that’s all I wear around the house!


I finally got the courage to tell my wife yesterday that I want to wear her dresses. She’s already bought me panties to wear, I was hopeful she wouldn’t freak out. She didn’t! I am wearing one of her dresses now with some green bikini panties that are so soft. I’ll need to ease into the bra situation, but so far so good. Sometimes she catches me in panties and paddles my bottom. She makes my bottom hurt. I’m glad she puts up with my fantasies and uniquenesses. Her clothes are small size, we need to shop-hopefully today, for some dresses in my size.


Hi Nathan,

i would like to add a side note on your comments concerning clothing history.

You are correct about men wearing heels first, but men also wore wigs, hosiery, skirts (in some cultures), etc. These were usually all started by the nobility (or common sense), and when the middle class came into existence they copied the trends of the nobility.

Where you faltered was when you stated that once women started wearing the clothing, men started questioning their masculinity and ran from the options. Actually, it was the industrial revolution that made it impractical for the working man to continue wearing such fashions in a place that was filled with deathtraps for wigs, heels, skirts, and anything that was not worn near the body. When the Industrial Revolution was in swing, it was the Victorian Era that “standardized” what men and women should wear. We have been in the corset of the VE ever since. Once a garment became “feminine” only, men couldn’t wear it. The reverse was true.

When the feminist movement began and women began wearing men’s clothes again, men did not loosen their own stringent choices of clothing (except in the counter-culture). And this leads us to now, where men are hopefully reclaiming the right to wear clothing that traditionally began as men’s clothing. However, only women’s versions of some articles tend to be the only versions available for men to wear.

Viva la revolucion!


I deliberated for months about getting a pair of heels. Main stumbling points were , what kind , do i really want them etc, will i be able to walk in any pair etc…..

Eventually bit the bullet and went into a store here and ordered a pair. Completely ignoring all Youtube advise of get a small heeled pair to learn with etc….having bought a black leather pair of stilettos that were 5inch extra thin heeled. Dive into the deep end i figured

They took three weeks to come in to stock and then i went in and tried one on. Just one.. to ensure they fitted. Paid for them and took them home.
Couldn’t put them on that day as others were around the house etc…

But when the house was empty i grabbed the box , got them out… put on one of my pairs of fishnets and then put the stilettos .

They were like putting on electricity.

The feeling of kink and excitement all at once was game changing.

Tough to stand in at first… and impossible to walk in as well.

But with a few hours of practice i now have it worked out. Also have new appreciation for those who walk in high heels every day.

Love them and have ordered two more pairs…..


women are way ahead in freedom/choices..i love wearing heel and stockings.they ,more than any thing else makes me feel sexy/womanly,esp during sex…mmmmm


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