Support Groups for Crossdressers

While perusing the magazine section the other day, I came across an article in OUT magazine called “When Your Wife’s Bra Wont Fit You” by Chadwick Moore which talked about the underground world of support groups for gender diverse people and their families.  Specifically, the article featured the New York-based group Crossdressers International (CDI) - a members only support group that works in tandem with Miss Vera’s Finishing School for Boys Who Want to Be Girls.  Ironically, the academy is run by a woman named Veronica Vera who operates the school out of her Chelsea apartment.  


Part of Miss Vera’s mission is to “help wives understand and embrace their husbands’ cross-dressing desires.” The academy also offers a locker room so that closeted crossdressers and people in transition can come together to get dolled up, get make-up and wig lessons, practice walking in heels, or just relax in peace.  Anonymity is crucial so real names are never used.  Essentially, it is a day spa for crossdressers.  

Similar organizations include:

  • CHIC (Crossdressrs Heterosexual Intersocial Club)

  • Over the Rainbow Transformations in Portland, OR

  • Carla’s Boutique in San Jose, CA

  • Tris Ess Crossdressers

I am definitely a fan of these organizations because, let’s face it, it’s hard out there for a crossdresser, especially heterosexual crossdressers who can’t seem to find a place in this ever evolving world that has to put a label on everything and everyone.  

Let us know in the comment box below if you are a member of any support groups or crossdressing organizations.  Are they useful?  Do you know of any other groups?  Would you join one?

Until you have found your support system, Xdress is proud to be your outlet.  You can always rely on us for cross dressing topics, trends, and of course, amazing panties!  So, put on some heels, let your hair down and fix yourself a cocktail.  It’s happy hour somewhere!


I 💖 wearing panties & stockings around my apartment & when I go out have fantasy of finding others like myself & playing dress up & maybe more.. Is that normal.?

Jim February 03, 2021

I trued it a couple of times when wife is not home love it looking for groups in mass or a personal teacher

Mark January 24, 2021

I have been interested in wearing women’s clothing since I was a little boy. It started when I found my mother’s pantyhose in the laundry hamper many years ago. I’m now 45 years old, and I still dream about wearing pantyhose and high heels and I indulge in this practice whenever I have the opportunity. I am married now, and I brought this up to my wife many years before we were married. We tried it once but I didn’t feel she was interested and I have never mentioned it again. We’ve been together almost nine years. I don’t like doing this behind her back but I don’t want to be pushy and force her to feel obligated to do this. So for now I dress when she is not at home. I would love direction on how to handle this situation.

Michael January 13, 2021

Like many I began experimenting in adolescence.
Today I have a loving supportive SO who also enjoys my cross-dressing, however it’s kept behind closed doors. We would love to socialize with other couples with similar relationships.
Here in middle Tennessee, the buckle of the Bible belt, when I let my hair down or up and apply a perfect acrylic Mani and pedi socializing isn’t an option.

vanessawatson October 18, 2020

I wish there was a group in Seattle area to meet with. I enjoy wearing lingerie and would love to meet with other wearers. Please leave a note if interested.

Seattle Bill September 10, 2020

Need lots of dresses.

Jon minadeo August 27, 2020

I love wearing SEXY LINGERIE, hi cut bikini

pearl March 17, 2020

Anyone who lives in the Sacramento area of Northern California check out River City Gems. They are a support group for transgenders and crossdressers and their SO. They also support Reno, Bay Area and down towards Southern California.

Stephanie February 18, 2020

I wish there was a group in my area(Chicago suburbs. I would like to meet other men and talk about outfits and such. Some one who could help my girl friend understand I love her but enjoy wearing a sexy outfit also. It feels great to come home after work and slip into my lingerie and relax.

Jim January 06, 2020

I sat around for a long time trying to put this together, crossdressing and being a heterosexual. I am. If I was, then there had to be more out there. It’s always present though…if you wear panties, if you wear nylon stockings, then there must be something wrong with me? Yes there was something wrong with me. I had to believe me before it was real. The jump, the realization I was not gay-and I never did participate in any other than hetero activity-and thats when I started feeling better in my journey. I would really enjoy meeting other crossdressers and making friends, my wife would like to talk to other wives and crossdressers too, and we need a support group here in Vancouver USA.

Rusty October 31, 2019

Would love to find a support group around cleveland Ohio!

Tami January 04, 2019

I love wearing SEXY LINGERIE, hi cut bikini

Alan Jackson November 29, 2018

Anyone near Knoxville tn

Helen Newman November 08, 2018

Want a support group in Southern California.

Jack Harris October 22, 2018

Would love to have a support group in the Phoenix area.

Dave October 16, 2018

Would love to find a group in Seattle area. I enjoy wearing lingerie and would like to find other guys that do.

Seattle Bill October 02, 2018

I’m also looking for a support group in SA TX.

Brian Forehand September 26, 2018

If women really understood men in lingerie, life would be so much easier for them.

Nic-ole September 22, 2018

I live in Canberra Australia I’m a cross dresser love to know how too look more feminine and know how to apply makeup

Danielle September 07, 2018

Love what you have going on here, I check regularly for products, and blog.
Would love for a social media site to share, and make friends.
Right now I’m on Fetlife, and there are many groups there to join.
Maybe Xdress could start something, I’d pay for a membership…

Samboner August 20, 2018

I know if tri ess and there are some local onesI lnow about
I use online crossdresser heaven

I wish it were easy for me to get to the near me but time job and marriage wont let me

They are important
They let you know you are normal just different

Thank you xdress it is my go to outlet and has great clothes

Stevie August 10, 2018

Are there any groups or members in the San Antonio, Tx area? I want to join and be taught how to Xdress properly, and use makeup.

iwantmature August 10, 2018

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