Flapper Thigh High Stockings

SKU: X1350


These tassel-topped thigh-highs are super comfortable to wear, and the strong but gentle silicone-grip band at the thigh keeps them in place.  Built to last, you will wear these thigh-highs for years to come.  

Sizing:  Please order based on your thigh circumference.

Size M:  Thigh Circumference - up to 25"
Size L:  Thigh Circumference - up to 29"
Size XL:  Thigh Circumference - up to 33"
  • Super-comfortable and soft thigh-highs (that fit men!)
  • The silicone grip band at the top keeps them in place without the bind
  • 76% Nylon/14% Polyester/10% Spandex
  • Hand wash recommended
  • Imported for XDress

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