Your Perfect Day


Greetings dear readers. I hope this blog finds you well and dressed in something pretty. I was chatting with David (the owner of XD/BA) and he gave me an idea for a topic. I’d like to have some fun today, and hope you will join in as well!

Cinderella’s fairy godmother loaned me her magic wand so I could have my perfect day. I waved it, and it worked! Now for one day I can be openly in public wearing anything I like and do all the girly things I want. So, let’s see what my perfect day would look like.

I’d start the day out with a nice fragrant bubble bath. I don’t have to shave my legs, as I have them waxed regularly. Next, I’m going to moisturize and apply a nice perfume – probably Cachet (one of my all-time favorites). Next, I’ll apply foundation makeup and then have my wife do blush, eyeliner, and mascara (she’s a lot better at that than I am). Following that, I’ll put on matching Xdress satin panties and bra, followed by a light weight above-the-knee skirt; probably light pink, with a white bell sleeved blouse. Next, beige Mary Janes. I’ll wear my blingy wrist watch, a coral bead necklace, and silver ankle chain.



All dressed up and, yes, somewhere to go! My wife and I will go to a nice restaurant for brunch (part of my perfect day is sleeping in, don’t you know). We’ll have eggs Benedict and Mimosas (orange juice with champagne). We’ll have a marvelous chat and talk about fashion and discuss the ensemble we’d like to wear for evening wear. Having paid for our brunch and receiving a compliment on my outfit from the waitress, we are ready for our favorite part of the day – shopping! We have already discussed our evening outfits, so we are ready to rock and roll. It’s off to the mall we go!

The first thing I need is a full slip, as I know I’m going to wear an evening gown. That was easy – one down and bunches to go. My wife finds a very sexy panty and bra set in pale lavender. I like it so much I find my size and get a set as well. I want to make sure the bra fits, so the sales clerk does a bra fitting and finds the perfect fit for me. She asks me if I want to keep it on, and I tell her no, because I’ll be wearing it this evening with the evening gown I hope to find. I put my Xdress bra and my blouse back on, and off we go. Our next stop is outerwear. 



The first evening wear we find is a skirt and top for my wife. It is knee length and navy blue. The top has bell sleeves and a cowl neckline. She looks smashing in it! After 30 minutes of hunting, I finally find my evening gown, and it is the bomb! It is soft lavender, with a nice flounce in the lower part, flouncy sleeves, and a cowl neck, like my wife’s top. It is nicely fitted at the waist, with a gold belt. Next stop – shoes! We have agreed that we need strappy sandals, as we are going to have a pedicure and want to show off our toes. We both find what we are looking for – my wife’s sandals are navy blue and mine are lavender. Nice match to her skirt and my dress. My wife mentions purses, and off we go again. My wife finds a nice little evening purse that matches her outfit and it has a beautiful gold chain for a strap. I decide the gold chain strap is just the thing, so we find me one in white.

By the time we finish shopping, we are exhausted, so we head for the spa. Here we get massages a little time in the hot tub, and then into the pedicure/manicure section of the spa. My wife gets navy blue polish and I find a polish that matches my sandals. We also have some artwork applied to our big toes. My wife chooses palm trees in silver glittery polish and I choose crescent moons in glittery light pink.


This day has gone really fast, so we hurry home to dress for dinner. My wife looks fabulous! In my long flowing gown, I look like I’m ready to go to the opera. Off we go and have a wonderful dinner, complete with a very nice bottle of wine. There is a live band in another section of the restaurant, so we go in to dance for a while. We both get hit on a few times, but we only have eyes (and hearts) for each other. We don’t dance very long, as it’s been a long but fun day. Off to home we go.

After we cleanse our faces, brush our teeth and all that maintenance stuff you do before bed, we both slip into lovely satin night gowns, collapse into bed, and fall asleep in each other’s arms. The day is a complete success – thank you fairy godmother!

Okay, that’s my perfect day. Now, let’s have some fun. I’m going to pass the fairy godmother’s magic wand to you.  Tell us all what your perfect day looks like. Get those keyboards rattling – I love to hear from you!

Fond regards,



The Perfect Day is just so tough to imagine but it would start with a mani/pedi the day before and start with a nice sleep from the night before and I’d wake in my king sized bed wearing my Pink Sheer Lace Camisole and White Brazil Lace Panties and lounge in my satin sheets for an hour or so while drifting in and out of REM and the Today Show. I’d shower up and head to the closet. I’d put on my Blue Cheeky Satin Panties, Bra (with silicone inserts for that A Cup Look) and Garter and Black Seamed Stockings. I’d slip into a Black Pencil Skirt and a White Woman’s Tailored Shirt (my bra would be almost visible through the white fabric) I’d wear a brunette wig with shoulder length hair and do my makeup just right: Not too heavy but Enright to transform me into the beautiful femme that I am. I’d top it off with subtle red lipstick.

I’d head outside with my Camel Blazer as it is fall and put on my RayBan Wayfarers since its so bright outside, the colors of fall popping everywhere and the slight crunch of leaves under my Kneed length Faux Leather Boots. I’d head out for coffee at my local Starbuck’s and catch up on my Social Media, maybe post a pic if the vibe is right. I’d catch the wandering eye of several guests admiring my outfit and style. I’d head to the outdoor shopping center and walk the concourse while window shopping for a nice dress.

Not able to find what I am looking for, I text a few friends to see if they can meet for lunch. Christine agrees and we meet at a small Bistro with outdoor seating. We enjoy a nice Prosecco and we split a salad, Nicoise. We talk about our lives and share some gossip. We then head out shopping again as I need that dress for an upcoming event and Christine has a great eye for fashion. We enter some stores and have a lot of fun trying items on for each other. Christine has a great figure and fills out dresses very nicely, it turns me on so much to see her. She find a cute Navy Cocktail dress with small spaghetti straps for me and I rush to try it on. She helps me by offering a strapless bra that can hide my silicone cups and she says I look amazing enough to devour. I hope to take he up on that later. I pay and we head out and find another restaurant for a drink.

Chardonnay for this time of day and we continue to chat, becoming a little more risqué in our conversation after the first bottle has been finished. We finish and she says we need to find shoes for the dress and we shop for them, settling on an appropriate pump that matches the dress.

Christine asks if she can come over and not having with the shoes and black stockings. She helps me with a wig style and does my make up for me. Her smile excites me and she is beaming at my look! She comes in for a kiss and we enjoy a quick make out session before I jump out of my dress.

I walk into the kitchen in my XDress panties, bra, garter and pantyhose covered up with the Supreme Satin Robe. She is super turned on and so am I so we flirt for a bit but cannot think about anything but moving this conversation to the bedroom where we play with each other for a few hours, taking time to enjoy each other and pleasure each other to our hearts content-no rushing through this!

We finish and shower together. Clean up, dry off and lounge around in our panties listening to music. We order a late dinner of takeout and the Uber Eats guy is very intrigued by the man in panties and a bra, hanging out with this beautiful woman in panties and a bra. We would return to bed and enjoy round two, and fall asleep in each other’s arms.

That sounds perfect…..

Scott November 04, 2020

adoro esse papo , bem acolhedor , muito gostoso mesmo , as calcinhas que uso são maravilhosas , no dia dia , sinto -me muito bem , usando invisíveis com as minhas malhas bem justas , marcando todo o meu corpo , minha gaveta totalmente forrada de calcinhas ,de todos os modelos ,um amor

LELO September 17, 2019
I wake up in a sheer black babydoll and g-string, out to then to make coffee. I am soon joined by my wife and mother in law in their nighties. Yes we all wear sexy lingerie in front of each other. We sit on the veranda and enjoy the morning sun and each others company. Some time passes and there’s a knock on the door, mil goes and answers, it’s a couple of her friends have come to swim in the pool. No chance to hide I sit and get caught in my lingerie, it excites me, the looks on their faces of shock but acceptance gives me a slight hardon. My MIL and them go to her room to change and come out in their suits, my MIL and her friends come out in cute bikinis, looking God too. They ask us to join them, yes we will. I put on a micro bikini as does my wife and come out to open mouths, smiles and applause. After the swim we shower off and put on lounging lingerie, wife in sheer robe n panty, MIL in a silky long nightgown, me in a satin cami n shorts. The wine starts flowing and we have fun flirting the rest of the day.
Dean August 28, 2019

Great hold-ups appearing on the Xdress website now. Love those corsets too!
Be femme x

Ally August 01, 2019

You and I agree!
A fun time that would be
My job prevents me from joining local groups but I d love to meet at a local friendly to “us” restaurant with all of you. Perhaps for a presentation of the new xdress fall collection modeled by some of us and mattocks

Stevie July 26, 2019

I think a big part of my perfect day would be spending time dressed with more people like me – or us. Just being able to be comfortable to wear something more feminine and being able to do that in an everyday environment with other like minded people, without all the effort and stress of planning, concealment and fear.

Ally July 22, 2019

I so love reading all your stories! Your ideas of your perfect day so sound like mine, I’d love us all to get together for that perfect day out as the gurls we know ourselves to be. Oh yes, and our wives/girlfriends with us. What a lovely day that would be. Keep those stories coming! I love to read them.

Fond regards,

Angie July 22, 2019

A perfect day?? That is so easy in my world. I am so very fortunate to have a wonderful and understanding wife who appreciates, understands and takes advantage of my fetish for sissy male lingerie. Of course being a sissy male, she makes me her submissive and adoring slave. Our special days start with me preparing her breakfast and serving in my XDress panties, hosiery and heels. The rest of the day, and into the evening has me in various lingerie outfits and heels, while my wife makes very erotic comments and has me perform my very special duties. Duties that include household chores, like dusting, polishing, vacuuming, floor washing and laundry. The day draws to a close with a her bubble bath and massage, all while dressed in my best XDress lingerie. Its a wonderful life and I am totally and completely enslaved by my wife, and she allows me to dress in any all types of sissy male lingerie. Its all made possible by the wonderful and great male lingerie items by XDress.

jeffey July 19, 2019

You’re right about the bonding experience when getting a pedi. I hadn’t really thought much about it but the first time we went together I realized that it was so much better than going alone! My GF and I both travel so it’s sometimes difficult to schedule one together but when we do it’s so much fun.

Kyrstin July 18, 2019

Here s another perfect day:
Wake up in satin nightie put on the peony robe. Take a shower freshen up the legs with a scented shave and remove any body hair
Lotion all over with a bath body rose scent
Light perfume
Sun dress over satin thong
2 inch kitten heeled thong sandals
Perfect make up eyes and lips
Off to get mani pedi
Hot pink to match pink white floral dress
Lunch with all of us at outdoor cafe “gurls day out”

How bout that ?

Stevie July 17, 2019

You all have such lovely ideas! Stevie, you and many others wishing to be accepted for who you are is definitely part of the perfect day for all of us, I think. It would be so blissful to be able to dress to our satisfaction 24/7, around any and everyone without scrutiny. I still have a long life ahead of me, so I hope this is something I (and the rest of you) can achieve!

Also, that new mesh cover up and swimsuit combo is absolutely adorable! I haven’t dipped into swimwear too much yet, but seeing those new items definitely inspired me to!

Have a great day everyone, and keep being yourselves! We only have one life to live, and we all deserve to do what makes us feel fulfilled.

Nathan July 13, 2019

I feel you on going to pedis with my wife. Its such a bonding experience and it makes me feel accepted for who i am. In a lot of ways that’s perfect!

Stevie July 13, 2019

I will not use the magic wand for dressing, I can easily live that fantasy by wearing my XDress bow top nylons, satin rosebud panties and matching bra, and chiffon robe and spending time with my spouse, but I will use it for better health!

Paulena July 11, 2019

The perfect day…, so many thoughts rushing into my mind all at once. I’ll try not to be too “stream of consciousness” here. Hmmm, let’s see…my GF and I sleep in then enjoy fresh fruit and mimosas for brunch. I slip into some tight capris and black wedges and she chooses a floral shirt and a short jean skirt and 3” heels. We hit the malls to shop for the night out and after purchasing several tight pairs of jeans for both of us we go to Macy’s as their shoe department seems to have both our sizes in stock most of the time.

I selected some black pumps and silver platforms and my Tiffany picks out some 5” stilettos for our night out then we head to a neat little nail salon in our neighborhood. They offer champagne pedicures so we take advantage of that. She chooses coral polish for her fingers and toes and I choose clear gloss for my fingers and metallic lavender satin for my toes. We Uber back home for a quick nap then shower and change for our night on the town.

Tiffany wears her LBD and new stilettos and I pick a new pair of tight black jeans with fishnet pantyhose and my new pumps with 4” heels and a low cut white blouse. We both wear light makeup, mine a little lighter than hers with dark mauve lip gloss and neutral foundation. We Uber to our favorite seafood restaurant where the maitre’d and our waitress both compliment us on our outfits.

After dinner we enjoy a short walk on the beach then head back home for a girlie movie and cuddling, then we enjoy a bottle of Prosecco and head upstairs to change into our thongs and nothing else, fall softly into each others arms and have “play time” then fall into a deep, sound sleep after an extraordinarily beautiful day ( and night!)

Kyrstin July 11, 2019

I feel like a perfect day would be to get to shop at XDress but instore rather than online if it were ever possible.

Dave July 09, 2019

A perfect, yet realistic, day for me:
Wake up wearing my black satin nightie with the lace trim and high thigh cut. My wife is cuddling me and wakes with a smile and some gentle caresses over my body to feel the contrast of smooth satin over hard flesh. We wash up together and keep the caresses going.
After some breakfast, we go for a drive in the desert to one of our favorite places: a natural hot springs! I change into my XDress mesh shorts and we take the short mile hike down to the river, cross it, and head to the pools where clothing is optional. Other patrons come and go throughout the day and each compliments me on my BodyAware swim trunks and how they accent my body. We open a few eyes and a few minds, then soak up our sunshine.
Getting back to town, we pick each other’s outfits for the night out of wine tasting and tapas. She is encouraging and picks a black lace thong, low-rise skinny jeans (whale tail optional), matching lace bra I can wear under a tank top. We get a few looks and smiles and the server lingers long enough to be obviously aroused.
Home again after food and drinks for another change of outfits – into something even sexier and “actionable” for the bedroom. The day is full of openness, non-judgement, and encouragement based on love.

Dave July 09, 2019

Hi gurls. I love all your stories. A special shout out to Darl. Welcome to our little sorority! I hope to see more posts from you. We are a very supportive community.

Fond regards,

Angie July 08, 2019

Angie Hi
The ultimate is that we could wear what we wanted without harsh scutiny

Stevie July 07, 2019

Hi there Stevie
I’m with you on the wedgies. I’ve been into those recently because they’re nice and comfortable. I think I’d go for metallic straps and, like you, some skinny jeans – maybe in white. I’ve also been into tunic tops recently as they kind of neutralize upper body shape and do bum cover. A little jewellery and some light make-up, a nude lipstick for example, would set it all off nicely. I’ve been getting into bags recently too – not literally, fear not – but it’s amazing how gender neutral I find girls bags these days. Got myself a nice tan, cross body with tassles the other day. Just right for essentials.
Anyway, on my perfect day, out into the world I’d go, knowing I wouldn’t need to worry about what anyone thought.

Ally July 06, 2019

Brand new to all of these things, I’ve bought a few items, now I’ve got the rush! I’ve got to know more!

Darl July 05, 2019

I m with you, a world where no one cares what you wear would be perfect!
Today it would be a red t shirt dress and bedazzled wedge heel flip flops red with fresh pedicure dark blood red
black lace thong matching black silk bra
Tomorrow maybe skinny jeans with stillettos….

Stevie July 05, 2019

Hi Girls:
I usually have a perfect day when I have the day off from work. After sleeping in, Get up and put my silk robe on over my camisole. After a leisurely breakfast, I will do my nails and put on my make-up. Next I usually coordinate my bra and a pair of panties. Since I tend to go for the corporate executive look, I tend to wear skirts and a blouse—usually black—along with matching black panty hose and high heel shoes. My wig is usually the last thing I put on. It is a nice look when I am sitting at my desk getting caught up on the paperwork. If a do not have anything planned for the evening, I will usually change into an evening dress and stiletto heels and lounge around the house. My boyfriend is starting to get into this as well and is now experimenting with make-up and jewelry. We both find it relaxing.

Great topic. Interested in hearing more from our community. Go out and get dressed up!

Randy July 05, 2019

Hi Gurls
I think in my first perfect day I would wake up to a world that I knew didn’t mind at all how I dressed and go out into it.
Since it’s nice and warm at the moment, another perfect day could involve me relaxing in my xdress swim briefs by a pool somewhere, bumping into one of your models and being invited to rub a bit of sun-oil into them slowly and being careful not to miss anywhere difficult to reach!

Ally July 05, 2019

Hello my dear friends! Home alone! Today I have the day off and I don’t want to get up early! I slept in my nice lace nightie without any panties! It was amazing! I will go to take a shower! I will eat such a tasty cake and drink some champagne! It is such a beautiful day! I stand in front of the mirror! I dress up my white lace thong, bra and garter belt! My stockings are very beautiful! I look like a real lady! My makeup is nice! I want to take a selfie! My photo is gorgeous! I am going to send it to the fashion magazine! I really want to be a model for the man’s lingerie show! I want to walk on the podium in the beautiful lingerie! A lot of men and women will see my body in the cute thongs and bras! They will take the photos with me! It is my dream!… It is time for lunch! I cook something to eat and drink such a tasty orange juice! The weather is fine and I want to go to the lingerie store! I am going to buy a lace bodysuit ! I dress up a very feminine black lace bodysuit and the shop assistant say “Wow! You look gorgeous! Nice outfit!” I want to go to the flower shop! I really like the red roses! I want to buy these flowers for myself! I went at home! I dressed up my new bodysuit and my black stockings! How cute! I am going to watch a romantic movie on TV and drink some tea. After that I want to take a bath with flowers aroma!…It is time to go to bed. I am going to sleep in my cute nightie without any panties! Good night everyone! It was a beautiful day!

Cutie Drew July 05, 2019

Hi Angie
Thanks for the interview very interesting
Nathan that’s a great day

For me
I d wake up take a scented bubble bath
Freshen up the shaving
Then apply a scent male/female neutral
Go to nail salon for pedi a dark red and a mani light pink
I d wear some strappy sandals 3 1/2 inches red some daisy dukes a tank white with light make up
After i d go home workout then
Get ready for night out

4 inch peep toes red
Skinny jeans
White shirt
White lace panties and bra
Freshen up the make up lip gloss then on my way

Stevie July 03, 2019

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