XDressing for the Season

Winter is quickly approaching and I love this time of year as I find I can pull off more sexy fashion choices. I love to wear my XD underwear on a daily basis as I find it boosts my confidence but I find I cannot wear a bra with them at work as it shows beneath my dress shirts (if anyone has any suggestions to make this less noticeable please let me know). I have tried wearing an undershirt over it during the Summer but I find during the course of the day I get too warm.

Fall gives me a chance to wear sweaters or a jacket that allows me then to wear my favorite bra like the Juliette Lace Bra or the Paris Lace Bra. By wearing a sweater or sweater vest no one but me is any wiser and I can again amp up my confidence by 100%. No one can see the straps but I know they are there and I love it. I know many are more confident than I and can just wear a bra and not worry what folks think but I am just not there yet.

This little tip though has made all the difference to me and my feelings of being beautiful and sexy. The feeling of having my breasts loving cupped by an XDress bra makes me feel sexy inside and complete in my feeling of femininity. Its like adding the whipping creme to an almost perfect Sundae. Wearing XD underwear alone is great but add a bra to that and I feel whole.

If you're not into wearing a bra this also works great for camis too like my favorite, the So Soft Eco Ribbed Camisole, or for bodysuits as well like the Ballet Thong Bodysuit (OMG it is awesome). I may even try a Strapping Bra Harness this Fall just for some fun. 

Another thing I also enjoy doing I find easier in the fall is wearing Hosiery under my pants. Because of where I live and the cooler weather i find I can wear my Argyle Thigh Highs and not get too hot. I have even gone as far as wearing my Stay-Up Stockings with dress socks over them and was quite comfortable. I love the feeling of them under my clothes as I can feel them on my thighs and depending on the style with my legs freshly waxed they feel so silky. I cannot help but smile.

The moral of this blog is Fall and Winter can be fun as we can layer up both our confidence and our feeling of beautiful without having to share with those we don't want to. 

How do you feel about dressing your best during the different seasons? I’d love to hear your experiences!

Stay Beautiful My Friends 
XD Blogger


Ahh, I had heard about these but forgot about it. In my full crossdressing transformation days I thought about getting a pair but instead went with tucking.
I get it now ! Maybe u need to try another brand???
Anyway now that i dress androgynous at times I just wear xdress panties ! Since they are cut for men i can weat daily without issue

Get ur lingerie on

I did


Stevie November 26, 2022

Stevie, i am speaking of a silicone vagina you pull on like a pair of panties. it has a very realistic looking vagina and after dressing with the tight panties, Gaff underwear, and pantyhose to keep a smooth finish under pretty dresses but having to undress to pee then redress and much more difficult to get everything back in place and hidden after using the toilet and the small confines of the restroom. I saw an ad for the vagina pants that said you could pee while sitting down and not need to totally undress to use the toilet. i thought that this was the answer i was looking for so i could wear pretty panties and stockings, and not have the showing of bits.

Jamea November 24, 2022

Autumn and winter – so good for wearing what I really want to wear beneath a long coat and knee-high boots. Who’s worried about me wearing lipstick when they are just worried about keeping warm. Ally x

Ally November 23, 2022

Jamea I m confused, what is this that you r speaking of ??? Explain more…

Stevie November 20, 2022

the one item i have added that i thought would really make me feel en femme is the vagina pants. My first experience was the insertion into the tube being almost impossible. Then the location of me vs the tube, i was bent in half and so my first attempt at peeing sitting down was very bad and caused bleeding. i look at it as though i got my first period as i attempted to pee sitting down. Since then i carefully removed the urinary tube. I carefully lined me up with the small vaginal opening and tried to sit and pee a few hours later. i was rewarded with sound of pee splashing gently into the toilet like i often hear from ladies. After a bit, i tried to wipe/pat the area to remove any residual. I then as a precaution had a handful of t paper I held under me as i stood up. Thankfully, because i soaked this when i stood and still leaked more. Is it me ? or do these just not really work? i was hoping with the changing season and thicker clothing i could wear this all day and noone would be the wiser. Any comments? suggestions?

Jamea November 19, 2022

Great blog. I agree. Now that the weather is turning colder is great to stay underdressed everyday. Matching bras and panties that my SO picks out for me every morning. It’s a great start to the day. I have to say the blossom collection is a very nice addition to the lingerie drawer. Wearing that under my business attire all day is a great feeling. Hopefully Dress will make more sets like the blossom collection. I love under dressing everyday. Even more when my girlfriend gets to pick them out for me. Love this site, the lingerie, and the stories in the blogs. Well done Xdress.

WB November 05, 2022

So glad its fall! Now i can wear bras and panties of same color. Stockings garters! Womens jeans and sweaters with light make up
And them i m all femme. My toes are always done.

Wear a black tank over the bra to hide the adjustable sections

Socks over the stockings if u want to hide them

So glad its fall


Stevie November 03, 2022

I love wearing Xdress stockings, skirts and bras under my regular clothes to work. Some bras will show thru dress shorts but some will not and what the hell if ppl see a hint of bra under your dress shirt, what they gonna say. This is your truth and you should feel comfortable wherever you are.

I wore the purple Argyle stockings to work this week and love the feeling all day. Wish I could post pics here of my day at work dressed. Hehe

Lance November 03, 2022

Hi I just read your story yes I where tight leggings too the gym to they are comfortable ,I feel the same way people sure judge you for where it ,but I don’t care what people think I just feel comfortable in it .people should not judge anyone who wants to where it I love showing of my cruves, if they don’t like it they do not have too look

Walter Stirling November 01, 2022

Would love if XDress had more bras like the one in the Blossom collection! Maybe in solid colors? It fits perfect and is so comfortable. I adore the fabric. More more more please!

Brennen November 01, 2022

Nice blog! I love the cooler weather as well and like the hosiery I can wear under my work outfits. Along with the bra’s. I agree with the confidence statement too as I love the boost I get when wearing panties and femme clothing. I do think the acceptance of “whatever floats your boat” is entering into society and there is way less judgement out there. For example, I wear leggings to the gym. They fit tight and are super comfortable (I know why women love them because I do too!). Anyway, I receive many compliments from my gym friends. Moral of the story, do what you like and just be kind and accepting to others.

Scott October 31, 2022

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