Why is Sexy, Different, and Fun Underwear Important?

Why is Sexy, Different, and Fun Underwear Important?

Life in the 2020s can seem rather dreary, if not downright frustrating and even scary. A global pandemic, multiple lockdowns, vaccinations, war in Europe and now potentially the worst financial meltdown in our lifetimes. This is the daily fare on our social media feeds, and conversations in the office or the bar. 

We can allow ourselves to slip into the gloom and doom, the collective worry over heating bills. digital finances and nuclear war, or we can choose to lighten up, to invite some more fun, some more enjoyment, even some unbridled hedonism into our lives, no matter what’s going on in the world. Even with the overall, prevailing sense of destruction and problems on our planet, it’s possible to have your own reality of something completely different, way more expansive and way more fun. 

Time to introduce XDress. XDress offers high-quality, more feminine lingerie for men, and it appears at first sight that this “pretty boy” sexy feminine underwear can provide a means of escape from the prevailing problems on our planet. Well, yes it can and does, and there what if it does more than just that?

The XDress lingerie is high quality, a pleasure to look at, and delicious to feel against the skin; the fabrics are soft and delicious, and the underwear is designed with the male body in mind, and is really comfortable. When you wear this underwear, your body is likely to feel good, and it’s also likely to spice up your sex life – your male or female partner will love the way your body looks, and the way it brings your body alive. 

For a lot of men, it can also be affirming and liberating to wear underwear that finally allows them to show who they are, to be who they are: gone are the boring white Y-fronts, and gone is that sense of being constrained by there being no alternative to that kind of underwear. 

These are all the personal benefits that the underpants bring; and for me, that is already massive. Anything that can contribute to people enjoying their lives, their bodies more is for me to be celebrated, particularly at a time when so much of the world is experiencing so much difficulty, and it can seem so much easier to “descend” into the collective difficulty. 

However, my sense is that choosing to enjoy ourselves at a time when most people are not, goes beyond just creating a greater, more enjoyable life for us: it can actually have a bigger impact. 

There seems to be an unwritten rule in many cultures that you can’t enjoy yourself if someone close to you is suffering. It may not be said directly, or at least not in England where I grew up, yet the message was clear for me, and I remember very clearly when I cognitively understood it. It was the Summer holidays, and we came home to the news of my very good exam results, at the same time as the news that an acquaintance’s husband had suddenly and unexpectedly died.

A hush, a sadness fell over our entire family, the entire neighborhood, and I realized I wasn’t allowed to enjoy the success I had worked so hard for. It was inappropriate when other people were suffering. Beyond that, I remember thinking or even deciding that there is always going to be some pain on the planet, and often in someone close to you, so you never really get to truly enjoy the good stuff that occurs for you. Quite something for a sixteen-year-old to decide! 

It had felt unfair and wrong, and yet I somehow, like so many other people, accepted it as true, or just the way it is on our planet. I did not talk much about my success, even to people outside of my immediate family where we “should” be suffering. I basically buried it, along with the emotions and frustration, and felt somehow unseen and unheard. 

Decades later, a mentor of mine asked a simple question that totally changed my world, put a question mark into everything I had learned about life: what if the purpose of life is to have fun? And beyond that, what if remaining upbeat and positive is more of a contribution to the people who are suffering than taking on their difficulties and suffering with them? 

This immediately felt true to me, despite my upbringing and the many different ways different cultures on the planet try to make this untrue. 

I know from my own experience that when I am feeling down, feeling low, it is way more “comfortable”, way less confronting to be with someone else who is suffering, feeling low, or at the very least someone who agrees with me that my situation is “bad”. However, what is actually more helpful for me, what can change my perspective on my problems, and even potentially shift me to a better, happier space is when someone is willing to not agree with my plight, and to express the happiness they are feeling in that moment no matter what. 

So, what if this lingerie that leads to some men and women feeling happier, enjoying their bodies more, honoring their bodies more with beautiful sensual fabrics, not only contributes to their happiness but is an invitation to others to have that happiness and enjoyment in their lives, challenging the “norm” that there is too much bad stuff occurring on the planet at the moment to truly enjoy ourselves?


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Nice article Fiona and I think it is important to feel happy as much as possible. The past few years has been a struggle and the optimism seems to be trending towards negativity. But stay as positive as possible and be as positive as possible. Understand other peoples struggles may not be seen so just be understanding that we are all declining with our own struggles. Check in on friends and family and ask how they are doing. Of course, XDress provides plenty of products that make me feel happy with myself and wearing their panties makes me more confident and happy despite the fact that the outside world may not know my little secret! My SO loves the panties and this website. We shop frequently and she cannot wait to dress me up when the XDress package arrives to cover my package! Enjoy, stay happy, be safe and always be kind!


You nailed it! I absolutely adore the look that has been created.


Absolutely true. The purpose of life is to live.


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