Why I Love Shopping, Especially for XDress Men's Lingerie!

Hello dear readers,

It has been quite some time since I wrote my last blog, and I have sorely missed being a part of this wonderful community! With that being said, today I would like to discuss the therapeutic value of shopping for beautiful clothes and mens lingerie.

There are a lot of different ways to buy clothes these days, whether it is from a department store, online store, or thrift store. All of them provide that same blissful feeling, that pure euphoria you get from trying on something soft and sexy. Luckily there isn't any risk of buying something that doesn't fit when you buy from XDress, because their clothes are specifically tailored for men's bodies. I have personally found regular women's clothing to be much more hit or miss, and this is even true for women because sizing varies greatly between different brands.

For this reason, I have become accustomed to trying on women's clothes at department stores before purchasing, which can initially be a rather daunting task. However, after a couple of times doing this, it has become second nature, much like dressing up en femme outside of the house. This is one of the few things I enjoy about living in this era where most younger individuals do not bat an eye at gender fluidity. This makes shopping at places like malls more enjoyable because I don't have to face any scrutiny while shopping.

Men's red satin wrap dressXDress' Red Satin Wrap dress

While shopping for clothes in person is absolutely incredible, I find clothes online to be much more exciting and tailored to my specific fashion tastes. Most long-time readers know I am a goth, and I have an incredibly hard time finding beautiful dark clothing (or lingerie) in stores during seasons like spring when fashion is full of pastels. I will visit about 5-10 stores on an average trip to the mall, which is no easy task while wearing 4-inch heels! Most of the time I only leave with one or two items too! This is why I prefer the ease and customization that online shopping provides.

That is where XDress comes in. This company makes the best bras and panties a male could ever wear, like my current favorites the Valentina Bra and the Sporty Picot Thong. Additionally, it makes me very happy to see XDress making not only lingerie but outerwear as well. One item, in particular, is the Satin Wrap Dress in an eye-catching red. I personally would love to see a lot more clothing like this and I'm sure most of you would agree!

Men's red satin wrap dressXDress' Red Satin Wrap dress

For me, it's not just about the lingerie but also what I wear on the outside. A beautiful bra, garter belt, and stockings look so feminine and luxurious underneath a silky dress with a thigh slit, which is an outfit you can put together entirely from this website! You couldn’t even accomplish something like that 10 years ago, and for that, I am deeply grateful to XDress. I hope to inspire some of you to go beyond lingerie and try buying a dress or skirt to wear over your lingerie. You will truly appreciate the impact this has on your femme wardrobe.

The process of finding a gorgeous item of clothing and trying it on for the first time is my absolute favorite part about shopping. What's even better is when those clothes fit perfectly, and they accentuate your body's best attributes. This is when you start getting compliments from both men and women, whether it be on your taste in fashion or just the simple fact that you are being courageous enough to wear what you want. Those are for me the best parts of shopping.

So what do you enjoy most about shopping? What are your favorite places to shop at? What are your most memorable shopping stories? And finally, what clothing or lingerie styles would you like to see XDress make for men that they don't currently offer? Be sure to put it in the comments, and it was a pleasure writing another blog. Until next time!



Some great comments here so supportive. Wish I had the body to carry off some of these wonderful garments

Simon June 06, 2022

Don I hear you! I ve often done the same , i feel very empowered! I feel special!

Stevie May 03, 2022

In addition to feeling alpha when I’m wearing my lingerie, I feel an. extra sense of empowerment and boldness. When I’m going to be doing a presentation at work, I find that I’m far more effective and present a far more convincing case for my plan when I’m swearing my bra panties and shapewear with stockings. And I do wear silicone enhancers with my bra because they provide added stretch that feels like a powerful hug. I’m in my element. The difference is striking. I’ve had colleagues say to me,”You were very effective today. Keep doing whatever you’re doing , because we’re making tremendous progress.” I feel like it brings out the best in me!

Don May 02, 2022

Alpha yes! The guts to wear your lingerie is alpha. The man power to be yourself ? Alpha!

Stevie April 28, 2022

Best site ever! Love the support we offer each other and the advice we give as i think it helps so many people in the world! Stay strong, positive, love your self as you do others and be kind! XDress is a. Great forum for support and I thank you all for your contributions!

Scott April 28, 2022

I agree with Ally, “Femme is the new Alpha”! Underdressing today as always, feeling femme and sexy and alpha!

Skylar April 26, 2022

I’m with Stevie on this; Xdress makes it so easy to experience the joy and beauty of lingerie, I wouldn’t shop in the women’s section again for it. Like Kiera, I can present as a traditional Alpha, although I’m now thinking ‘femme is the new Alpha’. It takes real courage and power to show your femme to the world in the way that we dress. Got my skirt on today. Ally x

Ally April 14, 2022

I love shopping at XDRESS I am a huge fan of all things satin and lace… I could never pass a female but my wife is very supportive and indulges in my hobby. I present as a very ALPHA Male look and personality to the outside world.. I will wear a cute bra and panty set or cami and panty set under my clothes in the winter months but shy away from wearing anything on top during the summer when I wear just a t-shirt as the lace is very pronounced under a t-shirt even if I wear a tank top over it… I would love to see XDRESS make a t-shirt bra and an every day panty. I have a 46 inch chest so trying to find a 46 A in a t-shirt bra even on line is impossible… however for all of the sexy and pretty things you make for us we are all so thankful!!

Kiera April 12, 2022

Why ? Well after years of buying clothes from the womens section and trying to ger the sizes right xdress is great because the clothes are made for our bodies. Now i dont feel like i wearing womens lingerie; i wearing mens lingerie! Its so exhilarating to open a new purchase and to open drawer and see my collection
I m so glad we can buy sexy comfortable lingerie made for us
Get ur lingerie on

Stevie April 08, 2022

When I buy from xdress I know it’s going to fit and I know it’s going to be sexy. When I wear a dress or a skirt I like to present a smooth front down below, so I do wonder if xdress could help out a little there. Gorgeous feminine blouses might be something xdress could introduce. Something I could wear with a skirt or trousers. I find buying blouses in women’s sizes a bit and miss – mainly miss – because of fit across the shoulders and chest. I love high neck satin and silk pussy bow blouses – and sheer mesh and lace too. Ally x

Ally April 08, 2022

I love shopping at XDress but I also hit up Marshall’s as well. Like that the world is more fluid and accepting these days. As for styles I’d like XDress to have, I guess more satin. Also more skirts and crop tops.

Scott April 06, 2022

Love the blue👍

Bill April 02, 2022

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