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Whose Panties Are These?

Posted on 11 May 2015

Some of us have been there, whether by accident or through deliberate snooping, when your girl confronts you with a pair of frilly panties dangling from her hand and utters those four dreaded words: Whose. Panties. Are. These.


Oh sh*t! Make something up…Just say it! No!…Make something up! Uhhh...


Recently, I did an interview with Kinky Paret - a married, heterosexual couple who love to dress each other up in lingerie and take sexy photos of each other. Hot, right? What’s even more hot is that the wife is in on the action. Not every wife or girlfriend is that understanding though.


A friend of mine, Paul, says he hides his panty wear in his tool shed within an old, crusty toolbox that he knows his girlfriend will not think twice to search through let alone touch. Tetanophobia is his accomplice.


Another guy I know was bold enough just to wear it underneath his regular clothes but exposed himself by bending over or reaching for something just enough for her to see what he was wearing. At first, she thought he was wearing her underwear as a joke. Eventually, she got used to the idea and now she buys him lingerie. Which is a plus, because let’s face it guys, sometimes we could use a girl’s opinion, right?


What about you? What would you do if your significant other found your stash or walked in on you prancing around the mirror? Where do you hide your panties? Does the secrecy give you a rush? Do you want her to know? Would you fess up? Could you? Maybe she does know. If so, how did she take it?


Let us know below. We want to know how you would answer this game-changer of a question. In any event, and whatever you do, please don’t respond with “Aren’t those yours, honey?” Big mistake! Your bae, as the kids say, wasn’t born yesterday.

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