What to Wear While Carving a Turkey


Greetings dear readers. I hope this blog finds you doing well and wearing something pretty. My dear friend, David, of XD/BA fam gave me the challenge to write a blog on the proper attire for Thanksgiving. What a fun challenge! 

After due consultation with my Executive Consultant (my wife, in other words) it occurred to us that the preparation, consumption, and afterglow of a proper Thanksgiving feast requires more than one outfit. The following are my thoughts on proper attire for this most excellent celebration.

First, there is the preparation of the Thanksgiving feast. In our house, I’m the resident Sous-Chef. What in the world is a Sous-Chef you might ask? “Sous-Chef” is French and means the second-in-command in the kitchen, ranking after the Executive Chef (my wife), and holds much responsibility in the kitchen. What that means in our kitchen is that I open cans, put them in pots and pans, wash said pots and pans, and set the table. It is pretty messy work, so my proposed attire as resident Sous-Chef is matching panties and bra (XD of course), black garter belt and hose, black Mary Janes (don’t want heels while standing in the kitchen), simple V-neck sweater, and girly jeans. By all means, don’t forget the apron! This is messy work kids. A nice glass of red wine while doing all the grunt work – I mean Sous-Chef duties – always makes the duties flow smoother – especially if you have a second glass of wine! Since we know Thanksgiving dinner involves meat, red wine is the only logical choice.

The Thanksgiving feast will require quite a bit of time to cook, so we have plenty of time to properly attire ourselves. I’ll keep the matching panties and bra and hosiery. I didn’t apply makeup while serving as resident Sous-Chef, since I know I’ll just perspire and lose it. So first; facial foundation with a moisturizer, then moisturizing my hands, next a quick review of the eyebrow line and possible mascara, followed by lipstick. Finally, a nice light spice perfume. (The scent of your perfume is important, as you don’t want it to compete with the wonderful aromas of your Thanksgiving dinner.)

Since Thanksgiving dinner is typically a formal affair, I’ll be donning a maroon crushed velvet, ankle-length skirt with a cream-colored lacy sweater with a lacy camisole, and over-the-calf black leather boots with a mild lift in the heel. I’ll also wear a necklace of maroon beads matching my skirt, and gold loop earrings with matching gold link bracelet. 

Following this leisurely meal, my Executive Chef and I will rinse the dishes, put them in the dishwasher (a marvelous invention) and retire to the living room to sit like a couple of beached whales, complete with a final glass of red wine.

Ah, but the day is not over by a long shot! We need to prepare for the evening, which will require a brief nap, followed by popcorn and a chick flick. For this part of the festivities, we will need to don our matching satin pajamas and fuzzy socks (to keep our feet warm). We will have a proper girlfriend evening in our jammies, eating popcorn, and crying at the proper moments in the chick flick.

Well, dear sorority, that’s my idea of wardrobe and activities for the upcoming festivities. What are your ideas? As you know, I always love to hear from you and enjoy your creativity and ideas. So get those keyboards warmed up, and tell me your thoughts. Oh, by the way, have a most wonderful Thanksgiving! You are my very favorite people in the world.

Fond regards,



Satin and Lace panties and matching bra! Blue
Garter and some hosiery! Blue and white.

What else do you need?

Scott October 30, 2020

Well when I woke up and had breakfast , cleaned up and got ready to cook wearing a jean set with mu matching panties and bra and a course a full work apron. My wife and I cooled the turkey and changed for dinner. Her in a short skirt and top, me in a new dress bought just for thanksgiving. we changed into our serving apron (each matching full ruffled cross back aprons0 Hers n light blue mine in a off shade of green. we looked lovely. After we finished I changed into a vintage full plastic apron my wife gave me that evening to do the dishes. I was in heaven!

Tom December 20, 2019

It all sounds like too much eating and getting hot in the kitchen to be much fun being dressed to the nines.
I think I’d curl up on the sofa in my lingerie, hold-ups and satin robe and watch some TV.
Ally x

Ally December 09, 2019

Hi gurls. I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving! We certainly did. TA, it sounds like we’d have fun together in the kitchen. I didn’t even cut myself or burn the backs of my hands in the oven.


Angie December 07, 2019

Ooooh Angie – we’d feel right at home with you! Cheffing it up in the kitchen dressed in only the best! I hope your Thanksgiving was fabulous!
Lotsa Satiny Hugs!

TA December 04, 2019

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Mine was certainly well spent. My wonderful girlfriend cooked our feast, while I helped clean dishes. Once our meal was ready, we got dressed and chose some lovely options. I decided on a high neck silk blouse, skater skirt, gloss open-toed heels, pantyhose, and of course a matching bra and panty set, all black as per usual. My girlfriend decided on a backless bodycon dress and lace bolero, with gloss high heels. She was so captivating to sit across from! We enjoyed our meal for several hours together accompanied with wine, and it was an incredible night.


Nathan December 03, 2019

Hi Angie
What an interesting topic, and take on xdressing. Heres how I d play it… for the morning when I get up i would take my satin negligee off take my bubble bath
I would tighty up everything with a razor then put on a bra and panty set black with lace trim. Then my skinny jeans a v neck sweater (my toes in deep red nail polish) and barefoot in the kitchen.
After cooking, for dinner I d put on a black form fitting dress that came to my knees add a garter and sheer black stockings with 4 in peep toe(gotta show those toes) black pumps

After dinner i d take a quick shower and put on my xdress satin pants and take and watch football until i fall asleep

Wear something pretty today,I am

Stevie November 27, 2019

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