What We Like To Wear

What We Like To Wear



It's always a mystery, thinking of what people could be wearing under their everyday attire. In this video, we're revealing to you what our true taste in fashion is, under all of our typical clothing. Underneath it all, we just love our bras, panties and garters, and dressing as feminine as possible! 

Hope you enjoy the sexiness that Alex brings to showing you what we like to wear!

Let us know in the comments if you enjoyed this video, as well! If you liked it enough, we just may do more of them! 

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Love the underwire and shininess of this bra. Please consider bringing it back into your offerings. All the gurls who have expressed their preference for clasp in back bras will make this a fast sell out. Many new customers will not have had an opportunity to add it to their lingerie drawers. Thanks!


Very good video! Love the power suit with the panties and bra! The little “secret” nobody knows that exudes confidence!


The vid is good. I think we get the idea at how much fun it is. I wear panties 24/7, I no longer own any men’s underwear. I now wear a bra every day. I have a few bras that are low keyed and I can wear under a t shirt and for the most park you can’t tell. ( if you look hard you can see the straps. In the colder months I do where garder belt and stocking or pantyhose.
and if it is really cold I will put on a camisole as well.
thanks Xdress, keep up the good work.


I like the idea of the video but the execution is ridiculous. What serious lingerie lover would wear a garter belt with no stockings? What would the purpose be. The impression is there wasn’t enough interest to do it right. Or maybe just cutting costs by not paying the model for the time it would take to put on stockings. I hope any future videos would feature “honest” lingerie wearers. I know you can do better.


I used to wear bras a lot more, but it’s hard to find one that’s good for long-term (all-day) comfort, so I mostly stick to panties now. I also enjoy most women’s baggy clothing. Men’s baggy clothing is just “bigger,” versus, for women, there’s usually some style and utility thrown into the mix. Much more fun.

Around my apartment, my favorite clothing is probably workout gear (capri pants) and light tops (tanks). I have a modest-to-muscular build, so anything that conforms to my body makes me feel great. Slim thongs under tight jeans or my capris is double-the-fun.


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