What Makes You Click “Add to Cart”?

I’ve been a longtime supporter of XDress and love their designs and creative genius. The fit of their panties is fantastic and I am sure we all can agree that they do a great job!  However, I was surfing the website the other day and wondered what draws us to “Add To Cart” and buy that special pair of panties?  For me, there are several things I cannot resist.

I am drawn to various styles and although I like most of them, my favorite has to be the hipster. The satin and lace hipster that XDress offers is so damn sexy!  The lace hips and satin front and back define your butt and hold you in nicely.  I also LOVE the Dazzling Lace Pouch Panty, especially the lace accent on the back.  Again, “Add to Cart” instantly!  The satin is a great feeling on me, but more on that later.  The Dazzling Brazil Panty brought out a great color: Orange! A panty color I did not own and one I loved instantly! The Ashley Collection has great styles as well, some very everyday types of panties with soft material and picot trim combined with the floral prints are super flirty and very feminine.

When the panty comes in a collection, I often cannot resist buying the whole set! A recent example was the Polka Dot Panty, skirt and bra combination that was an instant “must-have”! I think the white polka dot on the pink or blue satin fabric was a show stopper. I love twirling in front of the mirror while wearing these and out in public they look even better!  A great combination made me super confident when worn together and added with a garter and pantyhose and heels! 

I remember the first time I tried on women’s panties and I was drawn to the bow and then the fabric, a nice kelly green satin with black lace fringe.  I instantly felt a rush of femininity run through me! I loved it and have been hooked ever since!  I wore them to work and was excited by my “hidden” secret. Since then, I have crossed into wearing panties daily but it did take some time to get used to and XDress was a great find since their panties fit better!

Personally, I find the bow gives the feminine finishing touch to a product. On panties, it is just perfect and rests above the pubic mound. I love how it matches the fabric of the satin or has a little white bow on printed panties, like the Ashley Collection. There was an embroidered rose on some of my XDress panties and that is super cute as well!  It is something not found on male underwear and something that makes XDress products more femme in my opinion.

When you add a bow to the bras and garter’s, it completes the look. A true femme appearance!  When I cross-dress, I like the bow because all women’s lingerie seems to have it, and it makes me feel all the more feminine. My SO loves to unwrap me and further enjoys the added touches of femininity throughout the XDress offering.

There are certain things that make me not just want some of the product but actually need them!  I think the driving force is a need to look femme and feel femme. When I go to the XDress website, I am intrigued by the picture of the product and also by the model wearing it (although I am not as “cut” as they are).  I make sure to review each picture and like the different angles XDress offers (front, back and side), so that I can envision myself in the panties. I have rarely, if ever, been disappointed.

I am glad I found XDress and love their products and I own many of them! 

So, what features do you like on XDress products that makes you really, and I mean really, want them and cause you to check the tracking updates on your order many times a day?  Is it the styles and fabrics, and how they will make you feel? Or is it the little touches like the bow?  Would you like to see special “bows” like a pink for breast cancer awareness? Or blue for autism awareness?  Love to hear your thoughts!

Stay safe and sexy!



What inspires me “to add to cart”? Definitely the bow. I love it!! Also, the colors Purple, Lavender, Lilac, deep Purple, Periwinkle as well as yellow & orange panties. Would love to see X-dress offer sheer yellow panties w/ polka dots as well as orange (Coral) colored panties. I will say that I am a big fan of panties that have the bow. It is surprising to read in a lot of their “reviews” that some of the women do not like the bow. Like John, I would have to say that I look ridiculous in large bras but the first time I pulled one of my ex MIL lace bras from her clothes hamper and tried it on, I was surprised to find that I was able to hook the 3 hooks on the back. She wears a 44DD cup bra so she & I are the same bra band size=44. I recently purchased the purple Mesh sheer baby doll from X-dress and I love it. I am waiting for my purple Couture Satin & Lace Hipster to match my purple X-dress baby doll. Even though it is difficult wearing one of my MIL 44DD cup bras with it, it is fun just the same. I have dyed my MIL bras purple/lavender as all of her bras were always white with the little flower between the bra cups. I also agree with John that it would be nice to see a section of X-dress allowing us to post photos of us wearing their lingerie! BTW, I also love the picot trim that X-dress places on their panties. They feel so sexy while wearing my Levis, leather boots & leather jacket while on my motorcycle!! Ron

Ron December 02, 2022

Eric looks great in his blue lace panty.He looks like he is in total control of things.I look pretty in my
blue lace panty as well .They are so sexy. So many pretty panties.

randy August 01, 2021

I made the switch at 50! Stopped denying what I like and who I am! Just went with it. So much happier now! Food for thought: these styles from xdress: if they r made for men, is it crossdressing ?
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Stevie July 27, 2021

I wear panties 24/7 and I purchase those that fit well, trial and error for a few years but now these are what I’ve been searching for and they satisfy all my needs, better late than never. Thanks for creating these products for us.

Martin July 18, 2021

I would “add to cart” a product they used to sell a while back on Body Aware, which was basically a thong that instead of enhancing the bulge, actually flattened it. It was not as uncomfortable as a gaffe, just helped flatten the bulge a little. I bought three and they sold out. If Xdress could make those again, with flowery prints or in satin . . . I would add to cart immediately!

Jamie July 10, 2021

The new purple daisy is the fastest I’ve ever bought anything. I love flowers and bows and anything pink and purple. The girlier the better!

Jer June 22, 2021

I m hooked! Im so mad i missed the diana set but i ordered the new purple set immediately! Its the excitement of a new ensemble and the desire to blend my masculine and feminine together that make me hit buy
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Stevie June 21, 2021

I love the selections of lingerie and accessories on XDress. Happy customer.

Gregoria June 19, 2021

The moment I saw the Diana panty in blue with the white lace back, I am hooked. So sexy and see through; they are irresistible. I have ordered my first pair with the pink and orange certain to follow.

Michael June 18, 2021

John u nailed it! I love that the pieces are made for us to fit us! Now to me its not even crossdressing! Its my clothes its mens clothes; now is it different? Yes! But so what!
Get ur lingerie on!

Stevie May 28, 2021

For me its simple, if the photo immediately gets a “love it” reaction from me, I have to order it. I loved the Ashley collections immediately, the model in the pink bra and panties looked so good that I want to look like that, so I have bought several of the prints and absolutely love the look. I think because these are made to fit a guy with room in the front of the briefs and minimal cups on the bras, they look perfectly normal to me. Whereas when I have worn real women’s lingerie, the bras look ridiculous on me and the panties of just panties don’t fit. So All in all if Xdress keeps coming up with this sexy stuff that makes me look good, I will continue adding to cart! It would be great if Xdress had a gallery where we could post some of our better pictures.

John May 27, 2021

What makes me add to cart is I love bras and panties on me. When I wear my bra and panties I feel soft and feminine, but also sexy and seductive. I dress in men’s clothing but under my clothes I wear what makes me feel the best and always reminds me that I am fem sissy born to serve my man.

Trevi May 22, 2021

When I get an email from XDress and it has something femme and sexy, I typically head to the site to check it out. I order quickly because many of XDress styles sell out quickly. Good to be in the insider list for advance notice of sexy panties!

Scott May 21, 2021

Silk, satin and lace are my go to, they just feel so right and so femme. For daily wear I love bright colours (so fab under my boring boy clothes), so was gutted when the orange Dazzling Satin Brazil panty went out of stock so quickly; I want a pair so badly. I also love high cut panties, so they peak above my trousers which makes me feel both naughty and flirty all at once!

Ed May 18, 2021

What makes me click “add to cart” you ask? Retro satin does. I love panties and thongs made from thick vintage satin. Xdress had a pantie and a thong in retro satin a few years ago. They only came in purple with pink picot trim. I hope they will some day return only with different colors.

Stephen May 18, 2021

What makes me do that! I love the clothes and the styles. I know they will make me feel great and sensual, sexy and a little femme

Stevie May 12, 2021

What really makes me add to cart are the versatility and uniqueness of an item. I love pieces that can be lingerie, club wear, or even incorporated into an everyday outfit. Because of that I’m more drawn to bras than to panties, as I can layer them under sheer or mesh tops. I also love bike shorts and skirts. The iridescent skirt, short, and bra set here on Xdress is an absolute favorite that I have been meaning to pick up. It just fits my tastes perfectly.

Joshua May 12, 2021

What makes me add to cart on Xdress are frilly, silky, bright, flowery pattern thongs. I love my pretty girlie thongs. Xdress is slowy helping come out of closet as a married bi sexual. Thank you Xdress.

PS, I’m sure u won’t but please don’t publish my email.


Gord May 11, 2021

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