What I Like To Wear, Part 2

What I Like To Wear, Part 2

In yet another installment of "What I Like to Wear," we show you what Michael had going on under his casual, day-to-day outfit! 

Though we may like to take it easy with our fashion, our undergarments can reveal our true sense of style. The reveal from this hoodie and jeans to a luxurious, shimmering satin getup shows that you may be. Whether it's lacy, frilly, or shimmering panties that we wear under our everyday attire, what we wear under our clothes can show what we truly love wearing.

Let us know in the comments what kinds feminine undergarments you enjoy to wear most!

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I love the satin step in under my medical work scrubs… so sexy


On the outside or sportswear clothing I dress pretty much in guy things. Although I own some women’s shorts and tops that can be worn out in public and no one really knows for sure.

Under my so called boy clothes I am as feminine as you get. I love a pair of pretty panties and a lace camisole. Most of my panties are pink so go figure. I do wear women’s sneakers as I have small feet. Some of them have pink, as much as I dare. Thankfully guys can wear pink these days. My no show sox or peds are stretch lace. My feminine side is strong.

Thank you XDress for making this even more mainstream.


What I like to wear are nice bra(s) and panty(s) in reds and blues

DAvid Lane

Lace and silky nylon does it for me!
Feeling my clothes slide across my silky panties and bra/camisole makes me smile
and enjoy my little secret underneath…..
Yummy. Love the new polka dot and lace
items. How fun and feminine!!


I really like silky things. I have the XDress satin camisole and matching panties. I love the feeling of satin on my skin. A bit of lace trim is nice because it makes things looks sexy. I do like a feminine look to my panties and lingerie. I also really like one piece things, like teddies and bodysuits.


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