What Got You Started?

What Got You Started?

Greetings, my dear readers. First I want to express my appreciation for your responses to my blog postings. It is so rewarding to know that there are so many of you that share this common experience with me that we call, loosely, “crossdressing”. Perhaps a better term is “gender fluid.” That pretty much works for me, as we all have a sense of who we are that is much broader than the confining role of the traditional binary male. I can’t imagine going back to being the macho male I once pretended to be (I say “pretended” because that was never who I really was) and wearing those heavy, scratchy underwear. Thinking about this fascinating journey of embracing the inner femme that we know ourselves to be, I started wondering about what got us all started on this journey.



I’ve read a lot of posts on various sites, regarding crossdressing folks like us, and have found there are many starting points. Some have sisters, and got started by exploring their sister’s panty drawer, or closet in search of the perfect skirt or dress. Others went foraging in their mom’s closet and dresser. Others didn’t have a sense of their femme self until later in life and lived, or do live, in fear of discovery by their wives. Others, the most fortunate of all, have a spouse that is totally okay with the feminine side of her husband or significant other, and lives happily in the gender fluid world with him.


So, I have a question for you: what got you started, and at what age? When did you first slip on that luscious pair of panties and know you were hooked – that this was a part of who you are? When did you first try on that first bra, or blouse, or skirt, and know that this was something you just had to do? We all had some starting point that led to where we are now, and I would love to hear your stories. By reading the blogs here at Xdress, surely by now you know you are far from alone in this fascinating world of the gender fluid; you are part of a virtual community here at Xdress.  Tell me your story – I would love to hear it!

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I started wearing my mother’s panties, hosiery, and swimsuit when I was 13. But, before then (age 6 ?) I was curious as to why my underpants (Fruit of the Loom briefs) didn’t feel smooth and silky like my mother’s.
At night in bed before I fell asleep I would hand rub my underpants to to try to smooth them. Also, when my mother would hang her stockings to dry over the shower curtain rod. I would feel and smell them. (When I reached puberty, she stopped doing that.)
Throughout my life I have worn lingerie when I was without a female partner. It’s compensating and consoling.
I enjoy women—they are works of Art. I feel more vibrant when I am with one. I love how they look, sound, smell, taste, feel.
Problem for me is, I’m not a chick magnet. Been married a few times, but never could find my match. Instead had to settle—and settling is never satisfying in the long run.


I got started X-dressing by my mom. She wanted to have 2 boys and 2 girls, unfortunately she had 3 boys and 1 girl. I was the 2nd boy but I was like other boys I liked to play with girls and with their toys. Mom saw this and asked me to become her “special Daughter”. She bought me lots of dresses and underthings as well as petticoats for the party dresses. I was only 11 at the time and loved the attention I got for being so special.. Dad called me a sissy but I didn’t care. I loved wearing dresses and hated wearing jeans.
My grandma also gott me dresses and an aunt donated her daughters dresses for me. This lasted all the way til I was 17, but even then I kept dressing as a girl.


I was the baby of 5 kids. Mom-Day, Oldest brother, 3 sisters, then me. I was more or less subservient and submissive to the females in my family during my entire upbringing. I do recall one or twice going through mom drawers, finding her panties, garters, etc. Nothing sexy, all very basic, all white, etc. It did nothing for me. I never once paid any attention to any panties or bras of siblings, nor girlfriends, or even first wife for that matter, the latter only wearing basic high waist, white “Hanes” briefs. It was at the end of that marriage where I found myself in yahoo chat rooms and fell under the direction of an online Mistress who demanded that if I was to “be under her”, I had to be in panties and bra daily. Although I had a new female partner at the time, who was quite vanilla from a kink perspective, the online dominant was adamant that I had to wear my own lingerie. I have been in panties 24/7 for over 6 years and have been wearing a bra for over 3 years. I am not bi, not gay, and my current wife know of some of the panties, but doubtful the extent. I have purged the collection about 3 times now. About a year ago I was going to purge, but instead, bagged it all up and waited. Yes, within about 2 days, I was back to my 24/7 routine: chastity, panties and bra every day. i keep saying the day will come when I stop, but it has not yet. Think it will be when my kids find out. sigh. Oh, for the record, I hate men’s underwear, unless it is pouch based, either brief, bikini or thong.


For me, I was about 9-11 years old. We all had chores to do prior to leaving for school. One morning, it was my job to bring in all the clothes off the clothes line. It was the first time I had ever touched nylon panties. Mom and both sisters (one older/one younger) all wore nylon panties. Just like Steve, I was fascinated with their laundry. Once I got the laundry into the house and alone, (just like another member had stated) I also found my self rubbing their nylon panties in my face.
All day in school, all I could think of was my short experience in touching their panties. With in a day or so, I found myself investigating their panties from the clothes hamper. Oh my gosh, I was in heaven!! Just like before, I found myself rubbing their panties in my face. Only this time, I was also rubbing them “elsewhere” as well.
That whole week in school was tough with their panties on my mind. At first, I would take their panties to bed with me but that was difficult while sharing a room with an older brother. So I would go into the restroom, retrieve a pair of panties from the clothes hamper and wear them to school. Back then, women’s /girls nylon panties had a double layer of nylon in the crotch. No cotton lining like they do now day’s. At that age, having very little pubic hair, their all nylon crotch had a very strong effect on me. During my teens, one of my sisters started wearing them nylon Day’s of The Week panties. To this very day, I still have her cherrry red nylon panties with the word FRIDAY in black lettering. Of course, not being as slim as I was back then, it is rather difficult to slip them on now day’s.
I can honestly say, that if women’s/girls panties had been made in cotton only, I would have NEVER been attracted to them. Nothing against cotton but why would I want them seeing as how being youngsters, we were brought up having to wear tightiy-whites? Looking back, I can see how it may have been wrong to wear their panties from the clothes hamper to school but the feeling of my hairless “privates” rubbing on their nylon crotch, it remnded me that I was wearing their panties and not on school matters. I am sure I am not alone when it came to doing some of thse things.
I wear nylon panties 24/7 and I always “remove” the cotton lining prior to wearing them. With X-D, I never have to worry about the crotch being too narrow. Nothing worse than having your privates spilling out on the sides.


Love the photo by the way!


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