What Got You Started?

What Got You Started?

Greetings, my dear readers. First I want to express my appreciation for your responses to my blog postings. It is so rewarding to know that there are so many of you that share this common experience with me that we call, loosely, “crossdressing”. Perhaps a better term is “gender fluid.” That pretty much works for me, as we all have a sense of who we are that is much broader than the confining role of the traditional binary male. I can’t imagine going back to being the macho male I once pretended to be (I say “pretended” because that was never who I really was) and wearing those heavy, scratchy underwear. Thinking about this fascinating journey of embracing the inner femme that we know ourselves to be, I started wondering about what got us all started on this journey.



I’ve read a lot of posts on various sites, regarding crossdressing folks like us, and have found there are many starting points. Some have sisters, and got started by exploring their sister’s panty drawer, or closet in search of the perfect skirt or dress. Others went foraging in their mom’s closet and dresser. Others didn’t have a sense of their femme self until later in life and lived, or do live, in fear of discovery by their wives. Others, the most fortunate of all, have a spouse that is totally okay with the feminine side of her husband or significant other, and lives happily in the gender fluid world with him.


So, I have a question for you: what got you started, and at what age? When did you first slip on that luscious pair of panties and know you were hooked – that this was a part of who you are? When did you first try on that first bra, or blouse, or skirt, and know that this was something you just had to do? We all had some starting point that led to where we are now, and I would love to hear your stories. By reading the blogs here at Xdress, surely by now you know you are far from alone in this fascinating world of the gender fluid; you are part of a virtual community here at Xdress.  Tell me your story – I would love to hear it!

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When did I start

I was 9 or 10 and walking to school with a girl that lived near me. She wore a scarf and I remember picking it up as it had blown off her shoulder. I couldn’t believe the feel of it in my fingers. It was soft and oh so smooth. I didn’t know what it was but later learned it was silk. The sensation of it has stayed with me ever since. I had an older sister that was starting to wear more girly things and I had to check them out. I loved the panties and would put them on when no-one was home. When I was in my mid-teens I would take notice of my mother when she wore her long flowing nightgown. I was mesmerized by the beauty of it. She looked like an angel in it. When I was home alone I would put it on and loved the feel of it on my body … sooooo sensual. I loved how it looked on me and knew I had to have this in my life. When I got married I had bought a sheer nightgown for my wife but knew I would wear it when she wasn’t home. I tried to get her to let me wear it occasionally but she wasn’t into it. Years later we divorced and I began to really indulge my fetish for lingerie (mainly panties and nightgowns). I’ve had a few girlfriends over the years and have told a couple of them that I enjoy wearing lingerie but they never saw me in it. I’m single now and really want to bring out the woman that is inside of me. When I get home I want to slip into a long flowing sheer nightgown and wear it all evening and if I have the day to myself I want to stay in lingerie all day. I’m not sure if this is considered cross-dressing as I don’t go out in public while dressed. With that said I know I have a very soft feminine side to me that needs to be and wants to be expressed. To be honest I’ve been giving thought to going further and would like to look like a woman and go out as a woman. I have no experience in getting that look but want to achieve that. I’m a male but inwardly I’m a female that wants to share that part of me with that special person whether they are male or female. At this stage of my life its about being accepted for who I am inside. I don’t know if I’m Bi or Gay but I’m attracted to both sexes at this point. When I see someone that is attractive/handsome and I can see they look after themselves I notice. I don’t know if I’ll meet that special some-one but in the meantime I wear beautiful lingerie and enjoy my company. I’ve added a few things to my collection (thigh-highs, garters and more nightgowns in various colors) but my favorite is still a long flowing sheer nightgown. I look at myself in the full-length mirror in my bedroom and see a beautiful woman.


I was 8 years old when it started for me our family went to visit my great-grandfather and the lady next to my great grandfather had a swimming pool but we didn’t have our swimsuits she said that we could still come over and go swimming but she only had girls swimsuits and I put one on and the rest is history I’ve been loving them ever since. I’ve worn dresses before as my mom my aunt and grandmother were all seamstresses so I was like their mannequin.


I started out with my mom’s panties but my sister’s things were sexier. I finally realized my destiny.


It started with me at the age of 10 when my mum bought the wrong tights she had bought school girl tights so i took the opportunity to grab them and try them on and it felt amazing then i started buying my own tights but one time I went to another shop and got a pair of tights and when I went to pay for them there was a girl from my year 4th year of high school year 10 today then I started to buy my own panties and bras then went to skirts blouses i’m now 53 this August and married to a woman have 2 beautiful teenage daughters


I love to have my pubic hair off and walk around with a little bra and nylons and a little tight thong on

Steven Wilson

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