What Do Women Think About Men’s Panties?

What Do Women Think About Men’s Panties?

OK, what actually are men’s panties? Are we talking about the conventional boxer brief? Here at XDress, we don’t do boring and to us, men’s panties don’t have to be plain and simple. Men’s panties are fun, lacy, silky, and everything in between. So, what do women think about this? We’ve come to realize that so many women don’t care. Not only do they not care, they actually enjoy the quirkiness of it all. Women want to make their men happy and if her man is happy wearing a sexy lacy number, then why not? It’s time to break the typical rules on men’s panties, and here’s how:


1. Give Your Man Some Unique Gifts
We all know that gift giving is one of the most difficult things in life, the sheer panic and instant stress that happens as soon as one foot enters the shop. Even if you know the person really well, it can be so hard. A great idea would be to invest in some unique gifts for your man. A gift you know that no one else is going to give him. If you’re married, reenact your wedding night with a frilly garter for him. Not married? A bit of role play is always a bit of fun! There’s also the option to go for a bra for men. Yes, we know most women can’t wait to take off their bra at the end of a long working day, but many men love wearing them and a smooth satin bra is going to feel smooth against his chest. Whatever unique gift you decide on, you’re sure to both reap the benefits.


2. Have Fun
Lingerie isn’t just about something you stick under your clothes because you have to. It’s about having fun! If you’re a woman, do you have fun dressing up for your man in lace underwear? We bet the answer is yes. You feel good and you look great. You have fun. Switch it up a bit with some lace panties for men. Lace is arguably one of the best fabrics going, especially for underwear. It’s sexy, bold, daring, kinky and it’s for men and women! However, life doesn’t have to all be about lace; there are plenty of ways to have fun with your underwear. How about some funky socks and short shorts for men? Match it up with a leotard, or mix it up with your own combination of patterns, designs and fabrics (the more creative, the better). Whatever your style, remember to have fun and enjoy it!


3. Stop Listening to Others
People are opinionated. Whether that be the gobby bloke who lives at the end of the street, the media, or a work colleague, they just are. Whilst it’s true that everyone is entitled to their opinion, it doesn’t mean we all have to agree, or that their opinions should influence the way the rest of us think. If you’re a man who enjoys wearing underwear traditionally deemed as feminine, or you’re a woman who supports her male acquaintances who like to wear said panties, that’s great. At XDress, we fully support your decision to live your life the way you want to and like we said before, if you’re worried about what the females in society think, they’re a lot more open-minded than you probably originally anticipated. If you do come across someone spouting off a load of abuse, ignore them and continue to BE YOU. Plus, it’s none of their bloody business anyway!


We’d love to hear your thoughts on this. If you’re a woman, what are your thoughts on men’s panties? Would you let your boyfriend or husband wear lace underwear for men? If you’re a man, how does wearing these undies make you feel?

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I am married 45 year old and have been wearing panties for 10 years.I wear thigh waist panties. I . love solids in pink, blue, purple and prefer satin with lace. They are so comfortable and feel so soft on my skin. They are just underwear. Women who don’t like it shouldn’t wear mens clothing that 70 percent of women wear or maybe even more. And yes, I buy them myself sometimes with the help of a sales lady.


I am obsessed with seeing my husband in panties, bras, lingerie and little black dresses and skirts with stockings. It really brings out his vulnerable side and I love to play on it and the love making is epic.
Been doing it for 11 years now since before we got engaged and I don’t see it ever stopping any time soon. There is nothing girly about my man at all and I find him even more manly for being able to wear lingerie, heels and a dress and look fantastic as a woman. But then being able to slip in to jeans and a yard shirt to mow the lawn etc. But he will still be wearing sexy panties under the jeans because that’s the way I like it.
If I am super lucky, his panties will poke out the top of his jeans at times and give me a giggle as I watch him work


Danielle, when you described your b/f, you were describing me in every thing you said, with the eceptions of big and tattoos. Yes, I do wear lace panties when “riding”! Silverdao, 4" lift.


The feeling you get wearing panties has so much more sexual energy than regular underwear. Finding a woman that is open to it is easier than one might think. The first showing may be greeted with a strange glance but you are at your most vulnerable at that time and over time, the acceptance gains. Sometimes to the point where she will start buying items for you! Enjoy the experience and be brave to show it off! If she cant get her head around it, maybe she is not the one for you.


It is a double standard and I understand why. Women want a manly man often I believe because there really isn’t many left in the world. I asked a friend that I have had off and on relationship with for years who always said she loved the way I talk and carry myself. So I asked her would she have thought different of me if when she first pulled my pants down and seen bikini underwear. Mind you I was slowly wondering what she would have thought if I started to wear ladies panties. The truth is I’ve never really worn panties but with my first wife I did have bikini and thong underwear. The bikini I had bought because they were super adorable and the thing was just so I could be freaky with my wife at the time in the bedroom. So back to my lady friend who ended up telling me she probably would have thought less of me, but then mentioned I should wear what I want and that some women get turned on by men in panties. But that’s not the way it works i would be judged by women negatively.


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