What a Difference a Bra Makes

What a Difference a Bra Makes


Wearing a beautiful bra can make you feel oh so sexy and I love the bras XDress carries. I have to admit, when I ordered my first one I was a bit nervous wondering what it would feel like and what would my love think but after getting my first one and wearing it we both agreed it was super sexy and exciting. 

Now there are 2 primary types of bras that XDress carries. A bralette, which is a pull-over your head or a clasp/hook and eye back which is more like a traditional bra. You might be wondering what the best type is for yourself and to be honest the answer is different for everyone.


I myself love the clasp back style the most. The Summer Satin Rose Bra or The Satin Underwire Bra I love because I really enjoy the experience of being able to do it up or have it undone (wink). With the Satin Underwire Bra I love the slight lift it gives creating a little bit of cute cleavage. 


The bralette style I love too because I find these fit a little more flush against my body and allows me to wear them under my dress shirts to work or on the weekends under a t-shirt. The Butterfly Bra is amazing to wear under a dress shirt and I found becomes almost like a second skin when the straps are adjusted properly. The best part too is no one can tell unless you let them have a glimpse. The Glistening Satin & Lace Bra feels amazing to wear with a t-shirt and feels amazing against your skin and if you’re not feeling the satin try The Rayon Bralette. Both of these are in high rotation during my weekends. You can even just wear them with a pair of leggings for a super cute look.


Now for those new to wearing a bra I would suggest trying a bralette first as you can gather them up and slide them down over your head like a t-shirt or cami. If you decide though you really want a clasp/hook and eye style then a tip I have until you get used to reaching back to do it up is to not put your arms into the straps and put the bra on backwards. This allows you to do up the hooks and then spin it around and slip your arms in the straps. Don't be afraid once it’s on to adjust your cleavage in the bra. You will find that it will sit better if you do. 


So what is your favorite bra to wear and why? I love to hear from you and I know XDress does too.


Until next time my friends please remember we deserve to feel sexy and we make the norms.


XD Blogger


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Absolutely, bras make a huge difference! To me, it doesn’t truly feel like crossdressing without one. My favourite bra to wear is a simple pink triangle bra, where the fabric rests neatly on my flat chest and snugly against my nipples. And it has a clasp in the back, which I like because that’s more discreet under clothing than having to tie the two sides together in a knot, and it’s more adjustable than a bralette back.

I have yet to find such a bra anywhere, unfortunately (though I’ve found kinda similar ones on Amazon). The closest thing Xdress has is the bra from the 4-piece rhinestone set. All the other ones either have busy patterns, or a seam where the nipple might be, or they’re not meant for a flat chest at all, or they cover so much I might as well wear a crop top.

What’s the matter, Xdress? Are ya too fancy for a simple monochromatic triangle bra?


am unlined underwire nylon bra is best for me. Feels so good on my nipples


Bras have become my favorite lingerie piece. I only wish XDress had more choices, especially with back clasp, underwire and band stabilizing bones under the arms to prevent muffin tops.
Pleas bring back a high waist shaper… one that I can pull out and overlap the bottom band of my bra. When I wear that combination with enhancers in my cups I feel very empowered! The firm hug is indescribable. Beyond amazing!


Thanks XD Blogger for starting this discussion. BTW, you are a fantastic lingerie model. For several years my lingerie collection consisted of only hip laced nylon tricot panties. However, as I increased my visits to lingerie departments, I observed that bras were both beautiful and sensual. This observation unleashed in me a very strong urge to complement my panty wardrobe with pretty color matching lace bras. My initial bra purchase was that of an underwire nylon bra in black which is my favorite color. It had lovely lace on the upper edges of the cups. I decided to buy it but was unsure as to what size. I resolved this question by selecting a bra which would be proportionate to my torso frame. Hence I bought a sexy looking 38b bra. After nervously purchasing my first bra, I rushed home with my heart pounding and went straight to my bedroom where I stuffed it with several pairs of my male nylon bikinis thus creating a female profile in the full length mirror. I was quite pleased that I appeared to be much more feminine than ever before as the bra accentuated my female shaped body. I really liked the way my bra fit snugly on my chest. Oh baby, it felt SOOO GOOD! As they say what happens when you put on panties for the first time, I was hooked big time! This experience prompted me to enlarge my lingerie collection by first buying a black garter belt and a pair of ultra sheer nylon stockings, thus opening the floodgates for the acquisition of more and more different kinds of sexy lingerie.


XDress did it! They put the clasp on the back of their Cheeky Satin Bra! Love it! Thanks!


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