Want To Play Dress Up?

Want To Play Dress Up?

Costumes and Cosplay can be a fun way to explore and enjoy so many facets of our sexuality. Do you enjoy being a sissy, a favorite anime/movie character, or perhaps you like being a maid, a nurse, or slutty schoolgirl? All of these have one fun thing in common, getting to wear exciting different pieces of clothing/lingerie to make up our vision.


Let’s take for example a maid. XDress has some amazing options in this department such as the Elegant Gothic Lolita Maid Dress, Fairy Tale French Maid Set, Simply Satin French Maid Dress, or The Darling Maid Dress. All of these of course allow us to add things to them to help complete the look we are going for such as a Lolita Petticoat and/or a pair of Ruffle Me Up Lolita Bloomers. Now if it was me, I would go for garters and stockings instead with a nice lace panty, but to each has their own preference.



Perhaps you would prefer to be a naughty school girl, or the teacher’s pet? Again XDress can help us with this with their Back To School Uniform, or Teachers Pet Uniform. Pair them with a sexy pair of panties, a cute bra, or bralette, some cute knee highs with Mary Janes Platform Shoes and you have that school girl look all buttoned up. Don’t be afraid to try pairing your costume with a sexy wig too.



There are so many options of costumes to wear that it can become overwhelming so I am going to give some advice that might help. Look to what you like to wear for panties. A lot of what we enjoy wearing for our panties translates into the costumes that we would enjoy too.


With there being so many options for dressing up what sort of costumes do you enjoy or would enjoy wearing? Would you wear it out some place special, or just enjoy in the privacy of your home? As usual I love to hear what you think and remember by sharing we can help XDress shape what sort of products they develop.



I myself would love XDdress to make something like a wet look or black satin spanking skirt that I could pair with garters, stockings, a black bra and posture collar. How fun does that sound? Then my spouse could tell me how bad I have been. Another would be a naughty nurse bra and panty set or nurses dress. 


Dressing up can be a fun form of expression and a great way to escape the hum drum of everyday. Give it a try and I bet you will enjoy it.


Until next time my friends, stay sexy, and let me know what you like please!


XD Blogger


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I love to wear womens undergarments all the time it makes me so comfortable and very sexy. I wish I had more sexy undergarments to wear in my size.

Princess Michelle Ann/Jerry W.

As Halloween approaches, dressing up is “in season!” Take the adventure further and dress up all year round! Make it fun! Make it flirty! COVID puts us indoors more these days and with winter approaching, it appears we will be indoors again soon (I really hope not though).
Superhero nights, lingerie nights, French Maine nights, panty night, no panty night are all great ways to spend the time with your SO.


I can so relate except my older had no idea that she was furnishing me my wardrobe. Still at it today and love ❤️ it as much now as then.

Ms Ricki

I agree dressing up can be fun fun fun. Doesn’t everyone want to do it at least once? I had a sister that was older than me by four years and she loved dressing me up in her things that no longer fit. She even took me out for a walk a few times in the neighborhood. The first time she dressed me I really enjoyed it but pretended it wasn’t that much fun. I even drew the line when she tried to get me to wear panties. (secretly I wanted to try them) By the second or third time I agreed and oh my. A pantyboy was born.

Since those days I only ever dressed totally fem for Halloween parties. A convenient defense for keeping a couple of bras in my dresser. By the time I was in my teens I was wearing panties very often. By the time I was married it was nearly full time. After a few years my wife accepted that I wore panties and it has never been an issue. I don’t dress at all these days on the outside (meaning skirts and dresses). I do however always wear lingerie. I also push the envelope in what I can wear that looks unisex. Shorts are an easy one. I almost always wear women’s shorts. Sneakers are easy (I wear a size nine women’s shoe). Tops, are a little tougher. If you shop well there are jerseys that can pass fairly easily. The sleeves tend to be shorter but once your tan line realigns you are good. Or good enough to pass. The biggest advantage to women’s tops or jerseys is the color selection. Over time I have added all pastel colors in tops to my selection. Only once did I meet a neighbor that had the identical color and jersey I was wearing. I think she noticed but never said a word. So, I say DRESS UP BOYS. Enjoy your fem side.


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