Undercover Lingerie Buyer

Undercover Lingerie Buyer

I am very interested to see how many men have gone to a brick-and-mortar store to shop for lingerie for themselves? 

We know from surveys that more men than you perhaps would expect, love to wear lingerie, especially that designed just for men, as from Xdress. However, Xdress Lingerie does not currently have any brick and mortar stores, so if you want to peruse and feel the quality of lingerie in a store you have to venture out.

Have you thought of going, and then talked yourself out of it?  Have you ever gone to the lingerie store, looked around, and were too embarrassed to actually buy something for yourself?  How about, making the purchase, then asking for a gift receipt, or asked for it to be wrapped making it look like it was a gift for someone else.  If you have gone shopping for yourself, have you had a cautious eye to see if people are watching? Have you made a rushed decision so that you could get out of there faster without being “discovered”, only to find out that you bought the wrong size, or found out that the “fit” didn’t really fit, then felt disappointed with the purchase?  Or the quick buy, when you discover that the fabric you thought looked so nice in the store, doesn’t feel so nice when adorned, and now you are at the office, which will make for a very long day.  I wonder if there was a bead of sweat trickling from your forehead when you got to the cashier nervously making your purchase?  Did you go to the store at Valentine’s or Christmas, because then, clearly that purchase wasn’t for you.  What if someone at the office, or a neighbor saw you? What would you say then?  Any of these situations sound familiar?  

My girlfriend and I went out this summer to buy matching lingerie; matching satin lounge pants, nighties, and satin robe to go over top.  Now, if you looked at the sizing, it was obvious who’s was who’s.  The woman behind the counter said, oh, matching outfits, and gave me a look, when my girlfriend jumped in saying “yes, Brenda is going to love it”.  I did wonder if I would have jumped in and said, yes, we are going to enjoy them very much.  Secretly, I think she had figured it out.   We went out shopping today, and I was wanting to get a longer flowy skirt (I love skirts), and a top to go with.  If asked, I was going to tell the salesperson that we were having a themed dinner party, and that I needed to get clothes for the event. But no salesperson helped us, so, alas, I was not able to use my little trick.  I’ll keep that one in my back pocket. Use it if you like.  I must admit that when I have shopped for lingerie for myself, my girlfriend has been with me. Now, I got to take my time to pick out what I wanted.  It wasn’t always that way, but at least I always had an out. 

Here's the thing. I think that it would be fair to say that most men would feel nervous or scared purchasing lingerie for themselves in a brick-and-mortar store.  And yet again, I wonder how many don’t go buy what they truly want.  You know that you want it, you know it would be a bit of a thrill, yet you stop yourself from getting what you want.

Now, if you are reading this blog, you obviously found this site.  I admit that finding the XDress website was a godsend.  First, reading these blogs allowed me to not feel so alone in my journey, second I could purchase sexy lingerie from my couch, third, I found lingerie that actually fit properly (for obvious reasons), and forth, my lingerie arrived in plain packaging.

What is also great about the XDress site is also the selection of lingerie that is available, plus the consistent new items with varying colors and styles.  I am personally very excited about the new satin line, having a matching satin bra and panty set, and then having a satin skirt to complete the outfit. That makes coming home and dress up something to really look forward to.  Kudos to the XDress team for doing such a great job to give us men, and their significant others, the opportunity to fulfill our desires to wear pretty and luxurious lingerie.  You give us the time to pick what we want, get the right size, experiment with things that you not have otherwise purchased, such as bras or garters, with zero stress.   

What will you buy as an undercover lingerie buyer? As always, I appreciate your thoughts.

– WB

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My experience is like many others here. Often in the past I would go into a large M&S store in central London where I could be completely annonymous and look at items of lingerie – bras and panties – and then chicken out of buying anything! Then eventually I plucked up the courage to make a selection and take my lovely pretty items to the counter and, you know what, the assistants didn’t bat an eyelid when I was paying and they were putting them into a bag! Also I noticed that female customers didn’t pay the slightest attention to me when I was viewing the rows and rows of lingerie. More recently I have been giving most of my business to two small lingerie boutiques whose owners are delightful – they always recommend bras and panties that will look nice and fit me properly, will adjust the bras when I am visiting the shop (ooo, that feels soooo good!!!), and I leave a very happy bunny. So, even though it’s easier to buy online there is no substitute for bricks and mortar when it comes to making lingerie purchases – I personally feel a wonderful buzz when I am in a shop, looking at all the pretty undies and imagining how they might look on me…


Another excellent topic. I completely see myself in everything that is exposed here. Without a doubt, it was uncomfortable at first. However, as the years went by, my confidence grew and I timidly started to buy my lingerie in a specific store. Over time I gained trust with the owner who knows perfectly well that the lingerie is for me and today we are good friends and confidants. She knows perfectly well what I like, the sizes I wear and whenever she receives new collections she is kind enough to call me. I can either try on what I want in the store or often bring it home and try it on and then either deliver it or exchange it for the most suitable size. I often go with my boyfriend and I like him to give his opinion on whether he likes it or not. I bought a bikini online that I liked, it was the first time I did it and it went well. One day I want to try Xdress, I love your lingerie. Kisses. Francisca.


I started out walking into a dillard’s dept store and told sales girls i was going to go to a bachelor party and i wanted to dress as a women and she and another sales girl said they be glad to help pick out womens lingerie and clothes for me to wear that was some twenty five years ago and been doing it ever since. Been going to malls fully dressed and to consignment shops and bridal stores to try on womens clothes


Thanks for this topic. I have bought panties and lingerie at stores that catered to “alternative” sexuality a number of times—years ago there was a place in DC called Dream Dresser Boutique where a lot of crossdressers went. Only a couple times (and very nervously) at main line department stores (Macy’s, VS). But this blog is encouraging and I’m very glad to have found this site.


What is so nice about your blogs is that you some times will come across a situation where some else experienced the same thing. In regards to Dan’s experience with the dermatologist! My situation was similar. When I normally visit my dermatologist, I just have her examine me from the waist up. On this visit, when asked if I wanted the full body examine, I said sure. I was aware that I was wearing some powder blue women’s bikini panties but they could be worn by men/women. The assistant handed me a white cloth robe and instructed me to leave my underwear on. That is when I realized I was wearing WOMEN’S nylon panties! They had the blue bow on the center front as well as the picot lace trim around the waist and leg openings. With the assistant watching, they had me lay back on the table at which time the robe opened up. The doctor actually used her fore finger & thumb on the center bow and actually pulled the panty away from my body as she looked at my “shaved” area! I will say I was embarrassed as they now were looking at me in women’s panties and just being shaved. Of course, neither of them said a word about it.


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