The Ordeal of Finding Models

Over the years we have enjoyed working with some very handsome fellas, it is one of the great benefits of working at Xdress!  As you all know, we like to mix it up when it comes to creating underwear and lingerie and we are not afraid to break with convention by offering some sheer and ultra sexy items. However, not everyone is a risk taker in the modeling world, and it can be tricky to find good looking guys who are comfortable being photographed wearing lingerie.


We are constantly searching for models that understand our concept and are not shy to be seen wearing lingerie. However, living in a conservative state such as Arizona, this is not an easy task and good underwear models are few and far between. Especially those who will wear panties and a bra, or maybe a babydoll, in front of the camera.  Someone can be very good looking and have a great body, but if he lacks the talent for looking natural in front of the camera, the poses will look wooden and unnatural. We have been fortunate enough to find Michael, Alex, and Jacob, who have pretty much tried on all of our underwear and make every pair look amazing!



Castings & Agencies

Castings can be a hit, but the majority of times they are a miss. It's kind of like finding a diamond in the rough, but eventually we do find someone. Our main sources for seeking out local talent have been social media, Model Mayhem, or recommendations from other models we have worked with. We also check up on local agencies, but this is rarely successful as professional models registered with an agency are concerned that being photographed in lingerie may limit their future prospects with well known brands. Even if a guy is interested, the agency themselves may not be completely okay with the model being in underwear and the possibility of semi sheer items. We have found that Instagram is a great source for finding guys for our editorials, since most post selfies on social media, so we can get an instant idea if the guy has potential. If so, we contact them directly and invite them into our studio for a test shoot. Once we have the model in front of the camera, it gives us a better look at his level of comfort and ability to move and take direction.





For talented male models that want to make it in the biz, LA or NY tend to have the most opportunities, as that is where the majority of great photographers are located. So we often hire a remote photographer who has the vision to capture the Xdress concept in an appealing way. They can also often help to find a model who is happy to wear more feminine attire. We have experienced instances where models have backed out just before a shoot due to nerves or just not being comfortable to be seen wearing lingerie, but this is quite rare. Not everyone gets it or is even aware of the fact that yes, men can enjoy wearing bras and panties too!


At XDress we always want to portray our men's lingerie in the classiest and most elegant way. So we know it has to be done right with someone that has our vision! Once we have acquired the photographer and models, the venue is determined, either in studio or on location, and then the magic happens. Most photoshoots are completed in a day, although location shoots are far more complex and can take longer, and involve many people to help with the technical aspects of lighting and makeup. As soon as the photos are delivered, they are soon downloaded  onto our social media, splash and product pages, and lookbooks.



What are some of your favorite shoots we've done so far? Let us know in the comments below! 


I understand the need to find models that look good to also make your products look good as well, but there are those that look good with a few flaws. Maybe a little extra weight would be the main flaw in a model. There are still some very good looking men that have what it takes to look good in front of the camera wearing lingerie. There’s many that can just be leg models, wearing some thigh highs and having their legs photographed only. I know of one that has legs that a woman would kill for, shaved, healthy, long and stunning.
I know I would feel better to see some non-perfect models posing here in your products. Almost makes me feel like women just want to see or be with a 10 model and leaving no hope for those who aren’t a perfect 10 but still look good dressed up.


Brian Johnson November 04, 2020

Like the models. I think you do a good job in the selection process. I too would volunteer though! Along with a few more “average Joe’s”

Scott September 24, 2020

I’m shocked to hear this because in my world there are many men that I think would jump on it, hell I’d do it for free ,and I’m serious . Signed me up and where do you want me , it’s a dream come true, now let’s light this candle .

David June 11, 2018

Have you ever given consideration to using a portly model who is in his 60’s? I’m sure many of your customers fit into this group!

Kenneth January 31, 2018

Lucky models, lol.
Have you guys ever thought about posting pictures of regular men (customers) in your lingerie, I know a lot of us would put our pictures forward and out of every two million there must be a couple that look good :-) (we can’t all be over weight and middle aged, lol).
I post pictures of guys in lingerie on Tumblr (other sites are available, lol) and they are really good looking guys. Just a thought.

Andy October 07, 2017

Wow, those guys are lucky. How awesome it must be to model for xdress! I’m tall & in great shape, but at age 36 I don’t think I can complete with the likes of these young fellas. Keep up the great work on both sides of the camera and I’ll keep dreaming.


Bradley August 19, 2017

Oh if only I wasnt a little overweight I’d love to model in lingerie.

Dave July 08, 2017

Would love to but I don’t live in NY or LA. I don’t think my 68 year old fat bod is sexy to anyone other than my wife. She enjoys taking picture as I model for her.

don June 10, 2017

If possible, I think we’d really love a larger option of rear scrunched briefs, panties, shorts, etc.

Jake May 04, 2017

concerning modeling … have you ever considered using full size and older guys who love your products?

mark April 30, 2017

Really enjoyed the article. Especially enjoy that you refer to men’s lace panties instead of mens lace underwear. In my opinion that is more realistic and sexier. After all only women’s panties were considered sexy or FUN!.

David Lewis April 29, 2017

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