Take Your Best Selfie in Xdress Men's Lingerie

Take Your Best Selfie in Xdress Men's Lingerie

Hi friends! I’d like to formally introduce myself. I’m Brittany, the photographer extraordinaire for Xdress. I wanted to share some simple wisdom I have gained over the years photographing all sorts of people, especially when wearing men's lingerie. Tips on how to take the best selfie you could possibly take. It’s really simple and once you get the hang of it, you can play around with all sorts of fun angles and lighting. And what better way to show off those cute new panties you just got than with a selfie, am I right? Of course I am. 

Tip 1: All about that Lighting

The key to any good photo is the lighting. Good lighting helps all of us look our best…and we wanna look our best when taking a selfie to send to that special someone! The best kind of light is natural light coming in from a window. It’s soft and wraps around every part of the image beautifully, really giving off a natural gorgeous feel. But, if it’s past your bedtime and the sun has said goodnight, then I suggest moving over to some artificial light. Typically our bathrooms have some of the best lighting for any time of the day. The lights are high above the mirror and are bright enough for us to show off everything we want to. If you feel like being fancy, then you can get a ring light. This way you can move it wherever you want. There’s even a lot of them now that can change colors and hold your phone for you. 

Bonus Tip: If you are taking a selfie in the bathroom, please make sure it’s cleaned up. Nothing spoils a mood more than seeing your counter covered in every product you own…not to mention seeing the toilet seat still left up, even after your partner told you to put it down for the 50th time. Try your best to make that bathroom look its best, so all eyes are on you. 



Tip 2: Mirror Mirror on the wall…or floor

A mirror selfie is classic and easy to accomplish. All you need is a mirror (duh) and your gorgeous self in your prettiest Xdress lingerie. You can do this in several ways. For those of us who prefer to keep our faces hidden, you can position the phone to cover your face, strike a pose, and click! This shows off your outfit without giving away everything. If you don’t want to cover up, simply hold the phone slightly off to the side to reveal that beautiful face. Another fun angle is facing away from the mirror to show off those…assets. Ha. Simply turn the front camera on, hold the phone off to the side and slightly up, and snap. Now you have a hot photo showing off those panties.

Bonus tip: Clean your gosh darn mirror. I promise you, it will save you from having to write “I know my mirror is dirty, please just look at me” captions. 


Tip 3: Full frontal

Now we get to play with some fun angles. One of the most flattering selfies is the “down angle” selfie. I like to do this one sitting on the edge of the bed, or a chair, crossing my legs, holding the phone up above my head, and getting the entire body in the frame. Shows off my outfit and everything else in a great way. You can also try this one standing if you prefer. 


Tip 4: Video yourself

Now I wish I came up with this idea, I don’t know who did, but whoever you are, thank you. If you don’t have anyone handy to take some fire pics of yourself, this method is like having a mini photoshoot. Prop your phone against something, I like to use a water bottle or use your nifty ring light with a phone holder. Set the front-facing camera to video mode, and record. During the video, move in different poses and have several facial expressions. Move slowly and hold each pose for a couple of seconds before moving into the next one. When you are done, watch the video, then screenshot the poses you liked the best. Boom. Instant photoshoot and some of the best selfies ever. You don’t even need another human there to help you if you are too shy to be posing in front of people. Not gonna lie, it’s kind of fun to play model for a minute or so. Turn on some fun music and strike a pose. 


With these tips, your selfie game just got turned up to 100. Share some of your favorite selfies in Xdress lingerie with us on Instagram by tagging XDress! I’d love to see these tips in action. Phrasing. 

- B

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So hot


Great models, great selection!
Enjoy the variety & styles.
Love the way your models appear so casual and comfortable.
I’m preparing my order and looking forward to future emails.

George Anderson

Hi I would love to show you all my Panties bra short skirts and tight short shorts I would love to meet other guys who loves wearing women’s underwear and hang out with them in our panties


Lets all use one of the techniques and submit a pic in the reviews of the lingerie


Hi everyone

Thanks for posting, Brittany, it’s good to get insight from a professional photographer, especially the part about cleaning up the mirror, not to mention the rest of the bathroom or bedroom!


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