Summer Up-Keep: Grooming Edition

Summer Up-Keep: Grooming Edition

Summer is fast approaching and the colors of Spring are popping as I write this blog.  The warm air is pushing the cold air aside and soon we will be in shorts, skirts, or sundresses (I know some never put these things away for Winter!).  I think of the beautiful products XDress has released recently and it got me thinking about summer and how we groom to make ourselves “beach ready”?

Many methods are out there and I have likely tried them all so as I unveil my favorite, I will start with the top 5:

1. Shaving:

It does not last that long.  It is the easiest of all methods but also incurs a slight risk of danger. Especially when shaving your man parts. I find it leaves a stubble no matter how many times you shave.  It grows back quickly and I find it very challenging to get “between the cheeks”.  If I had to rate this, I would say it is the third best option.

2. Epilator:

This method is okay but very cumbersome.  Not ideal for large regions as you need to “pluck” each hair one by one.  Ideal for small areas: Unibrow, chin or lip.  It is very easy but also takes a few times for the hair to not grow back.  If they could large scale this, they may be onto something but because it is more designed for smaller regions, I would place this as number 5 on my list.

3. Paste/Liquid Hair Removal:

Inexpensive. Smells gross. Burns a bit on the man parts but does an effective job. Lasts a little over a week before noticeable stubble returns.  The smell is something I find really terrible.  Like burning hair. Probably because it is chemically burning your hair. Fourth best option.

4. Laser Removal:

Permanent is the appeal here. Never having to worry about it again is a big turn on for me BUT the cost is prohibitive as it is very expensive.  It also takes several appointments to remove all the areas.  No ingrown hairs or stubble or nuisance. Just smooth and bare skin.  Highly appealing, especially since bathing suit season is coming! I’d say this is the best option IF you can afford it. So a tie for first?

5. Waxing:

Inexpensive and lasts 6 weeks. I have been waxing for about 4 years now. I do my nostrils every two weeks but the rest is about every six month: Ears, legs, chest, arms, Manzillian (man parts and between the cheeks). The first wax is a bit tough as your hair is longer and unaccustomed to the wax strips being torn off but after a few visits, it gets much easier. So much so that you hardly notice the wax strip being ripped off.  Your waxologist will treat you right and be cautious not to hurt you and don’t worry if you get a little excited while being waxed. It happens sometimes and is completely natural.  Anyway, the smoothness it leaves behind lasts about 6 weeks but if you are OCD like me, you will likely go every 4 weeks to keep it clean down there. I would say this is the best bang for the buck!

So my recommendations for those not familiar with the de-hairing process is to start small and begin with a razor. Be careful and use lots of shaving cream and a good razor.  Take your time. The feeling will be different at first but I think you will grow to like it.  Start with your chest and areas that are not challenging to shave (armpits, legs, etc).  Maybe save the man parts for a time when you feel a bit more experienced? ALWAYS UP AND DOWN. NEVER SIDE TO SIDE! And who knows, maybe you will enjoy that and just keep shaving. For fun, you could have your SO help.

For the next level, I recommend a wax location like a LunchBox Wax or European Wax Center (or other smaller and private centers).  You can do any service you like  but if you have manscaped before, let it grow out a bit as it will be easier for the wax to stick to.  The first time may feel weird but I promise it is not painful and communicate with your waxologist on how it is going. They are there for your comfort.  Grow to embrace hair removal and get as many services as you feel comfortable with. My favorite is the Manzillian along with the chest, nostrils, ears and glutes.  

If you can afford it, go laser hair removal. A big investment up front but long term benefits are great.

So, once cleaned of gross body hair, suit up in any of the XDress panties, bras, bodysuits, skirts and tops and hit the town.  Trust me, your SO will like a smooth you and your outward appearance will be much more femme without body hair.  You will also like the smooth you and flaunt your body in anything and everything XDress has to offer.  And did I mention how sexy satin and lace feels against smooth skin? Wow!

Have a safe, sexy and femme summer!


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Wearing X dresses gorgeous 😍 panties is, in itself. arousing! The thought of wearing my fabulous panties with a hairy torso is a total no no! Beautiful, feminine underwear; needs to be shown in all its glory, completely shaved. I’ve used a razor for many years. Shaving does leave the skin very smooth. However, it is a daily procedure. I met a smooth guy recently. He had gone down the laser route. It felt very smooth and looked really good. Smooth, looks good and feels good too


I have tried all of these, but a year ago decided to take the plunge and go for laser removal. I am now smooth all over, and have never regretted it! Makes me feel feminine 24/7 even when in man mode! Xx


Hello everybody. A very pertinent blog about hair removal. Since I wear lingerie daily I shaved. I did it at home with Gillette and shaving cream, then the waxes started to appear and I switched to waxing. Later I started attending a center aesthetics to do nails and waxing, I made an investment and tried the laser and it’s excellent I have soft skin and I only do maintenance twice a year. It was worth the investment, and wearing briefs and a bikini when we are shaved is a wonderful feeling. Happy holidays everyone and enjoy the summer. Be happy. Francisca.


I use a feminine shave creme and a good 5 blade razor. Shaving takes abit to get use to but it works. Love the feel when your done


I wish these blogs had more photos. Thank you



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