Waistbands & Social Constructs Part II

Waistbands & Social Constructs Part II

We are here on this site as we care about what we wear, how we want to express ourselves, and how it makes us feel.  Social constructs around fashion and design have been placed in quite a neat and tidy box, for men at least.  As I have mentioned in other blogs, it’s ok for a woman to put on baggy jeans, a plaid shirt, and hiking boots, and no one would ever think twice.  A man puts on a blouse and skirt, or a dress, some cool pumps, and bring out the torches and pitchforks. If we as men want to express our feminine side, or feminine energy (as I see it), we must either hide it, and have our dirty little secret, or be fortunate enough to have a significant other who appreciates us for who we are, and how we choose to dress. 

From a social standpoint, let’s look at retail shopping.  The next time you head off to the mall, or your favorite clothing retailer, stop and take a look. What is the allotted square footage to the woman’s section and see how it’s put right in your face at the front of the store. Look at the selections being offered, such as styles, colors, fabrics, and overall options. Look around at the spring and summer choices, full of bright colors, yellows, oranges, bright greens, and pinks.  What about shoe options? What are the styles, colors, and options?  I was just in a retail shoe store recently, and was thinking, this just isn’t fair.  Do women wear more clothes than men?  Can’t see how that would work. You don’t see them like Cher and doing an outfit change between lunch and coffee break. So, what’s the deal?


Men's blue satin shorts and bra


Now, let’s look at the retail space for the men’s clothing section, maybe 50% of the footprint? Maybe? Placed at the back of the store, and filled with blue dress shirts, blue blazers, and khaki pants. Ugh.  If you want to purchase a pair of pants, besides denim, you can have the option of grey, black, or blue.  I guess it makes decision making easy.  The only place you can get colorful pants or shirts is by heading to your local Golftown. Apparently, only golfers are allowed a more colorful selection, and only when accessorized with clubs and a bag.  Now, the men’s shoe section. The thought of it makes me sleepy. Nothing like a black or brown oxford to really snaz things up.  Trust me, I look for cool and funky shoes all over the planet when I travel, there is the odd unicorn out there, but they are few and far between.  I finally found some bright yellow brogue oxfords on this last trip. The only colorful shoe in the men’s department. They stood out, I can tell you that.  When I looked at the women’s section, it was colorful options galore.

When, and why do men settle for drab and boring?  Why are subdued colors, and standard fabrics and styles accepted?  Is this because society has told the male population that boring is standard?  It you go for something out of the norm, will be judged? Sure, there are some options out there, but it has taken me a lot of time and investigative work to discover the brands who dare to create these styles.  Trust me, it looks like Elton John threw up in my closet. 


Men's blue satin crotchless panties


So, outside of outwear, what about underwear? See the same pattern?  I was in a men’s store in New Orlean’s, and required some underwear (experienced a missing luggage issue), and guess what the selection was? Black, grey, or blue boxers.  Now, should I have gone into a women’s store for the same thing, what options would I have? I think you get the point. 

I’m very thankful that XDress provides me, as a male, options for what I want to wear, what colors I want to wear, what styles I want to wear, what fabrics I find comfortable, and how it makes you feel.  For those of you who have broken out of the social constructs, I applaud you.  If it’s outerwear, or underwear, create your own style, express yourself, and lean into that energy that makes you, you. Love to hear your thoughts.


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Is swimwear coming? Summer is practically here. Can’t wait to see what xdress does. I agree we have to keep the feminine energy going! hopefully some new items come in lots of pink! - Editor’s note: Unfortunately our manufacturer let us down and we won’t have any Xdress Swimwear this year.


Glad to see part 2

Yes, we no longer have to settle for boring underwear

I ve often said if its made for men is it crossdressing?

Thanks to this site the colors styles are now available for us. So glad i no longer have to go to the women’s section

I love the styles even if they are considered feminine. So what, like you said, we should have all styles available like women do ….

Women have
Boy shorts
Boy friend jeans
Can wear whatever they want

I claim the same ability

Get ur lingerie on

I did


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