Pump It Up!

Pump It Up!

Greetings, fellow members of the gender fluid. I would like chat with you about physical fitness – well sort of.  I go to the gym three times a week and love the conditioning it provides. I especially love the tone that it is giving my legs.  My dear wife brags on my legs and has made me so vain about them.

The other day I was working one of the machines and in walks this lovely lady in a really spiffy gym outfit. It was an electric green tank top, bare midriff, and matching leotards with white shoes. She was styling! I got to thinking about what I would wear to the gym if 1) I had the choice, and 2) they didn’t beat me up and throw me out. And then I thought, hey what could I wear if I work out at home? I have free days from the gym and could do some aerobics, right? I can wear whatever I want at home, given that my dear GG is cool with my crossdressing.


So I let my mind wander into outfits I can wear. I thought about tap pants with the Smooth Satin Tank from Xdress (which is absolutely comfy). And then I thought about going totally over the top and wearing leotards with the Tutu or Rainbow Tutu. That would be totally cute. While we are at it, how about the Ballet Body Suit or The Silky Romper? They both look like workout outfits to me.


Are you into yoga?  Let’s try some yoga pants with a nice Glistening Satin Bra. Speaking of bras, if you are into heavy workouts, I suggest you not wear a bra, as they are basically a sponge for perspiration. There is a cute little woman at our gym that does the elliptical trainer for an hour and a half. Talk about toned! The only problem is she wears a bra, out of modesty I’m sure, and at the end of her workout she has two dots on her shirt – yep, one for each breast. So, unless you are interested in advertising that you crossdress, I would say, “Heavy sweat, no bra.” There’s your helpful hint for today.  

So, enough of my ramblings. I would love to have you share with me your ideas of the perfect workout outfit.  Do you like to pump it up, and if so, what is your best idea of what to wear? I’d love to hear your ideas. You just might give me a reason to go shopping!

Yours for physical fitness (well, that and, honestly, for cute outfits!)


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I love the gym and I wear womens leggings there all the time. My favorite is the Nike Epic Lux. I also wear a compression shirt that shows off my chest. Pre-Covid, I would get a few strange looks in the locker room which were quickly dismissed by the number of women who would look at my package and butt. I love the way workout gear looks on women as their curves and outfits are always so cute. I suppose this was by first experience with true cross dressing as I have attempted to try a sports bra to wear out on the floor but it didn’t fit right so I abandoned that idea in favor of the compression shirt. I do my run then then my HIIT in front of a mirror. The leggings are awesome at accentuating your muscles. When I change, I put on manties or panties depending on the day and am not afraid to show that off in the locker room despite a few glances.
COVID had me working out from home but I still wear the same outfit. I then go to Starbucks in my leggings and the Barista (female) always smiles when she sees me and compliments me on my outfit.


Hi Angie

We are going through a bad time worldwide. As I am at home without being able to work I have been exploring the blog. I found this item that had already thought about it several times. I don’t like the gym but I do sport outdoors. At that time I can explore my more feminine side without being discovered. I normally use thong sports pants with Nike or Adidas women’s leggings and they are super comfortable and feminine. I also have a sports bra that you can’t see under a sweat and looks great.
Best Regards


Well Angie if you know me I’m a sucker for leotards from xdress that’s what I wear in the privacy of my home . On days off work I was super shy and nervous wearing a thong leotard in my home gym. I got the satin thong bodysuit in pink and satin thong bodysuit in periwinkle and showstopper bodysuit. And I have home gym barbells and leg lift machine and bench press . And tread mill, but I usually run park Sundays .I wear my bodysuit under my clothes or n2n singlet I wear the thong leotard first then singlet then my running clothes to jog in the park. When I get home I peel my sweaty spandex off . But when home alone I wear my bodysuits, usually the showstopper in hot pink with puma shoes leather or Jordans . Or barefoot like a gymnast . I wear satin bodysuits
or showstopper bodysuit in hot pink to work out too on my treadmill, stretch and do yoga and lift weights in my garage lol but I get testosterone rush due to spandex nylon xdress uses . I shave my body and arm hair to wear these leotards lol. I just ordered a yogaaware bodysuit hoping the material is different than showstopper hot pink which gets see-thru when sweaty . But Angie if you’ve never worked out in a thong leotard, no tights, you don’t know what your missing plus guys these thong outfits show off your assets🍑🍑🍑🍑🍆🍆🍆


I’m glad you both get it, Stevie & Dave. Muscle and lace are a great combination! Oh, and Stevie, I’m doing fine and thank you for asking. I hope both of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We had family here over the week, so I missed my regular workouts. I was finally able to get back to the gym this morning (Saturday). Just for fun, I wore panties and bra under my workout clothes. Gave the workout that extra zing. Don’t you love being a crossdresser and getting to do all the fun things we do?! Get out there, gurlfriends, and pump it up!



Angie and Stevie,
I’m glad you both enjoy the fitness lifestyle and the value of a good physique. The value of a good garage gym is that you can wear whatever you want (as much or as little) and if you have a good mirror for form, you get to admire a good set of lingerie as well as, hopefully, a body you are proud of. Regardless of age, weight, or body composition, something lacy and comfortable can boost anyone’s confidence and sense of pride.


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