My XDress Christmas List

My XDress Christmas List

Hello my Sexy Friends,

It’s that time of the year again when all good guys and dolls start making their Christmas lists to Santa. I started working on mine and this year I am going to send it to Mrs. Claus as I heard from a good source she loves to shop for sexy things. Before I do though, I was wondering if you mind reading it over for me? Please tell me what you would add or change and why. Here it is!

Dear Mrs. Claus, 

My name is XD Blogger and I have been a very good boy this year. I have been kind to others, did my chores at home, and worked really hard at the office. Since I am sure Santa is very busy this time of year building toys I thought I would send you my Christmas list in the hopes that you might be able to help me out. Please Mrs. Claus, know that I like to feel sexy and the products from XDress really help me with this. Who knows, maybe this will give you an idea or two to buy Santa.

The first thing on my list is 'Fairy Tale French Maid Set' from XDress. The soft and slippery satin will feel oh so nice and it would be a real treat to wear when my spouse asks me to do some chores around the house. Maybe even a petticoat and shoes to complete the look?

Next Mrs. Claus I would love a 'Peppermint Frill Brief' (in red of course) because what is Christmas without Christmas panties. These too are from XDress and if they don't have any in my size left I would love a pair of the 'Oh La La Panties' in pink instead (love the ruffles). I bet either of these would help me get in the Christmas spirit. 

I would also like to add to my list if it’s okay a 'Glistening Satin Camisole' so I can wear it under my shirt at the office. It would feel so nice and no one would have to know. Could I also ask for a 'Satin Lace Bra Bundle'. I have one of these already but would love more as I adore how they feel against my chest. They are so smooth and they fit so well (not to mention they look amazing on).  

Now of course I need a few essentials this year too like some 'Stay-Up Stockings', 'Ruffle Top Thigh Highs' and 'Glistening Satin Boy Shorts'. These help make every year a good one.  

Please say a special hi to Santa and the elves for me. I heard a rumor that Elf #562 loves the XDress products too. Please tell him I say hi as well. 


Your Naughty BUT Nice XD Blogger

So what do you think my friends? Does it make the cut or are there changes that should be made to my list? I always love hearing what you have to say. 

Stay sexy,

XD Blogger. 

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What crossdresser wouldn’t love to find some pretty panties under the tree. Pink is my favorite color but any color works especially in pastels and yes lots of lace is nice to. Bras as well, cami’s are so cute and comfortable. Oh well and while I am thinking about it include a cute skirt and blouse. Let’s take crossdressing to a new level in the new year. What the heck. Maybe some of those toys as well?

Hugs, Keri


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