Morning Ramblings of XD Blogger (To Pouch Or Not To Pouch)

This morning after grabbing a quick shower I went to my dresser to pick out my panties/underwear for my day at work. After riffling through the contents of the drawer for 5 minutes looking for the perfect pair from XDress to start my day off feeling sexy (today it was the Glistening Satin Tanga) it came to my attention that my daily wear panties are mostly pouches while my leisure or fun panties are not. It got me to thinking to myself is this common for a lot of men? For me a pouch allows me to keep my package neatly contained and slightly forward and I am guessing for those of you really endowed (average here) this would be of benefit too.  I always found that non pouches left my boys feeling loose and out of control unless I was excited. For those that are below average in the twig front I often wondered if pouches would be a hindrance. Would things stay in or would you be constantly be adjusting to keep things right (Yes these are the things that dance through my mind when picking out underwear).



When it comes to romantic times with my love though I find I really enjoy the non-pouch (standard front) panties as it forces my package to strain against the fabric which both my love and I find sexy (It feels great too!). An example of this is the Invisible Pleasure Brief (which will become anyone’s fast favorite if you try it).  So I thought I would ask you my friends what are you favourite style to wear and why? Is it a pouch or standard front?



What I also wondered about on my drive to work is what would be the best style to wear if you were tucking. For this I would imagine a standard front would be best but if anyone could shed some light on it for me I am sure there are some that would be most grateful.


Now I want to share a secret with you my friends, I would like to try chastity sometime (gasps I know) but I want to make sure I am informed as to what the best style of underwear to wear is and what device should I get. More research is required on this front and I think I remember seeing some devices on Epic Leopard. I would imagine that while wearing a device a pouch would be most comfortable but again this is only my guess. Maybe at a later date I can shed more light on this.



I hope my friends that everyone enjoyed the brief glimpse into the things that just pop into my head randomly and how I find myself being always curious to the various styling of panties. The panties from XDress sure help me feel sexy and paired with the perfect cami or bra I am unstoppable in my day to day activities.


Stay sexy my friends and remember we define what is the norm, not society!


XD Blogger


I’d never want to pouch because then it doesn’t feel like crossdressing. What I really want are panties with a front that’s flat but stretchy enough to accommodate a male without looking like it’s SUPPOSED to accommodate a male. The other big reason is that pouches always seem like they’re meant to let the penis hang down, which makes it REALLY awkward and uncomfortable when I get aroused. I’d rather wear something that keeps me pointing up when I’m soft, so I don’t have to reach down and adjust myself when I start getting hard. Unfortunately I seem to be in the minority on that mindset, because it’s almost impossible to find panties that fit like that. Even brands like XDress – despite being perfect for me in every other way – don’t have any options I think I could enjoy wearing. It’s both baffling and infernally frustrating! ……………. Xdress comment: We have a lot of panties without pouches!

Jesse October 22, 2020

Pouch is a bit more comfortable sine they are designed for men but womens panties are good too! Sometimes my parts slip out but not too often. Women’s panties have a lot more selection and inventory and I find the hipsters and cheeky’s to fit a bit better than the tangas (probably because there is more fabric to hold me in place).

Scott September 23, 2020

I only wear sexy lace panties and bra under my work clothes, if I know its going to be later getting home I will take stockings, slip, long maxi skirt and blouse and hi heels, it’s late when I finish work and nobody around, I slip into men’s toilet with my bag, I quickly remove my clothes and dress up in lingerie and female clothing then slil long pants over top and a shirt, I go to car and see nobody around so before getting into the car I remove male clothing so I’m only wearing female clothing, I get into the car slip on a long wig and then start the long drive home, it takes about 2 hour to get home, once home I shower then slip into a long sexy nitie

Tony April 22, 2020

I to started wearing sexy lingerie and female clothing when I was about 13,I love the silky lace panties and bra, I wear stockings, slips, dresses and skirts, I don’t see any harm with guys who want to wear women’s clothing

Stev April 22, 2020

I love wearing flat front panties but find that they get uncomfortable as the day goes on. So, I like to have a little more ballroom in the afternoon.

Lorna March 31, 2020

Well, seeing ladies’ fashion, I used to think that they have such good options. Why don’t we have those? I must say, I really liked these designs. I have seen lots of designs such as mens gstring, mens sheer underwear, etc which are very fascinating. They have such sexy and erotic designs.

Shen January 02, 2020

Well to each his own but I started wearing or dressing because it was womens things and I was fascinated by them.. the things and the women. So underwear with a pouch is exactly that underwear. I wa ant to wear panties so no pouch.
That being said, I do own many pairs with a pouch for a couple of reasons. First of all some of the designs are sexy and they look good on the models so okay I will try it.
Second. When we are going out or to a family function whatever you get the point. I am still closeted so I wear the mens attempt at panties at those times. One big plus about the pouch. Because there is no construction on my junk I believe as does my wife. My erections are way more intense and honestly, bigger than when I have been tucked or even just confined all night or day. So there you go pros on both sides.
For me the fetish started and is based on womens clothing. It turned me on and still does because it is taboo. Coo coo ca choo.

Aloneous October 31, 2018

To pouch or not to pouch? Great question!

Firstly, thank you for your wonderful blog entries, Hannah! Thought-provoking and always arousing!

I love the panties here on XD, and have several. In many situations an accommodating pouch can be the better choice for us men who love our femininity yet possess moderate endowment. My boyfriend would argue that point, though – “No babe, you’re well above average!” Fortunately, he’s significantly and quite delightfully larger than me in that department, but I digress!

There are just some activities where a man needs the equipment corralled and controlled, and panties with a pouch gets the job done. Motorcycling (yes, I wear a bra and panties under my riding gear), working out, hiking, and in general, any moderate to strenuous physical activity. But when it comes to everyday going-to-the-office wear, light chores around the house, quiet time with him, or sharing his bed, I don’t want a pouch. I have lots of thongs, bikini briefs, boyshorts, cheekies, and hipsters that I’ve bought from women’s underwear and lingerie stores. I love the panties for men – they’re great in the right situation – but I dearly love wearing women’s panties!

Why no pouch? Easy answer. I’m fascinated by the psychology of sex, of attraction, of arousal. In the relationship my boyfriend and I share, my, um, “male equipment” has no penetrative role. He’s the bold, aggressive, handsome, hung (yes, much bigger than I), 100% masculine alpha male, and the penetrative role is his. Wearing no-pouch panties when I’m with him reminds me of my place; having very little room in my flat-front women’s panties reinforces that bright line in our gay relationship: that I am ever and always the feminine, and he is only and undoubtedly the masculine. Wearing women’s panties, for me, is like an emotional emasculation. Panties, and bras, strip me of my masculinity, while at the same time ratifying and amplifying my femininity! I absolutely ADORE that state of being, and he loves it when I’m in full feminine flower!

Now, male chastity? That’s a subject and a further state of being that I would love to explore! And my boyfriend has expressed a profound desire to “lock me up!” More to come!

Nick June 28, 2018

I love the lace thongs my boyfriend wears. They are high waisted and the cut is more vertical than most panties. Very femme! I just wish you made a similar cut with a front pouch……..I know I would buy every color and fabric!

JB May 30, 2018
I am hung very small especially when flaccid. so I wanted to weigh in from that perspective — most of the bulge I have is is balls but I love pouchless panties and being flat there so I tuck and tape or where a gaff. I used to be a big hairy muscled dude but I shave everywhere more and more often and most always wear bra and panties as a minimum.
JT Murph April 19, 2018


DERBY March 28, 2018

i have long stopped wearing male underwear and have since for a very long time wear panties and thong lace panties, thanks to xd.

J March 27, 2018

I no longer have any male panties.. I prefer panties from xd.
i love thongs,frilly panties. just about any fem panties.Most of my sleep wear is baby dolls, camisoles and leotards.and night shirts.I know wear some types of make-up generally mainly eye make-up. I love using facial creams and body lotions as well as body mists.I also use dillapators all over my body.

Holly March 23, 2018

muito lindo , o sutien e a calcinha com bolsa , eu uso calcinha feminina que deixam meu penis bem seguro e firme , mas essa calcinha com bolsa é linda , deixam bem lindo , seguro e toda plenitude do amor e sentimento intimo aflorado e delicado.

Lelo March 16, 2018

When playing dress up I prefer regular panties so you can have better access to the penis

Jacky March 04, 2018

Oooogh. So much material, here.

I like panties in part because the material is so much lighter that other wares offered for men.

I like panties that do not have pouches. When i have to wear pants i tend to feel all snug in place. I also find that i like the pouchless full cut brief style as long as it has a narrow crotch and elastic leg openings. I really wish there were a panty that would hold my testes tight (or even within the inguinal canal) while allowing just a little more room for my penis. Sitting and moving without having my testes in the way is so much more comfortable for me.

I tend to stay away from the frillier panties. Judging from the customer reviews on this site i am far from alone in that. The goddess brief, with is no-frills other than the fabric, seems to have reviews that far outnumber the reviews of every other product on this site.

Two weeks ago I acquired a Holy Trainer. It is not comfortable and does not seem to stay in place with underwear other than briefs. With briefs it is comfortable and fun to wear.

Matt in Washington March 02, 2018

After years of wearing “fashion men’s underwear” that looked a lot like women’s panties, some of the first ‘panties for men’ I purchased from BodyAware (XDress’ partner company) had no pouch. The cut was generous enough to fit comfortably, and provided the look and feel I prefer. No pouch is my preference. Comfort is a function of: 1) fabric (elasticity), 2) an adequate cut (amount of material), and 3) some elastic around the leg to hold things in place. A pouch is more a preference, than a necessity, if those three things are considered in the design and manufacture. My personal blog on the topic of men in panties features an entire article, with photographs, on women’s panties that I have found fit comfortably, and are well suited to a man’s physiology and physique. I also review XDress products, which are cute and comfortable. Check it out at

Steve Kaverman March 02, 2018

I wear my Bras and Panties 24/7 365…I sleep in my Nightgown !!! I LOVE TO SEE CUTE GUYS WEARING THEIR BRAS AND PANTIES !!!

PaulaPlaytex February 28, 2018

I’d really like to find some heavier weight undies like regular men’s underwear but cut more like women’s undies, without a pouch for a sleeker, sexier look. I love some of the cuts Body Aware has but I find the fabric is too frilly. I like tucking all my junk in and just having a nice, flat profile but the undies need to be substantial enough to keep everything held in.

Yikes February 27, 2018


PaulaPlaytex February 26, 2018

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