What's Wrong with Feeling Pretty?

What's Wrong with Feeling Pretty?

Reading and writing these blogs has been very beneficial to me, and from what I have read in the comments, to many others as well.  As more readers come on board, many have commented how reassuring it is to know that they are not alone.  As people have become more open to sharing their experiences, it appears it has given others permission to do the same.  I can say from my experience in reading and writing these blogs, I have also become more and more confident in my decision to dress up and feel pretty.  

I was inspired to write this blog by seeing the latest Blossom Bra, Brazil Panty, and Garter set. I saw it and immediately thought, wow, that is really pretty.  Then I thought of how I would feel while wearing it, which I knew would make me feel pretty. The thought then came across my mind, is it ok to want to feel pretty?  Followed by the thought, what is wrong with feeling pretty?  Women get to do this all the time. They get complimented on how pretty they look when dressed up in lingerie.  What woman wouldn’t want to feel pretty?  If that was the case, why wouldn’t we want to feel the same?

In my previous blogs, I have written about “A Shift in Energy” when getting dressed in lingerie, or a sexy bra and panty set.  When dressing this way, I feel my energy soften because it draws out the feminine energy that we all possess.  From what I have read, we want to unleash, but are afraid to share. My girlfriend picks out a bra and party set for me in the morning when I get out of the shower and it usually matches what she is wearing.  We do have our favorites, and one of mine is the sea foam Glistening Satin set.  My girlfriend always gets a glint in her eye when I put it on, and she will often comment how pretty it is on me.

At night, she will often pick out a satin nighty such as the Couture Satin and Lace Chemise for me to wear for bed. So, having the nighty on and wearing sexy panties does bring on a pretty feeling, and it is even better knowing that my girlfriend enjoys it.  As time has gone on, and I have embraced this feminine energy more and more, it has allowed me to gain more confidence, celebrate it, and truly enjoy the fabrics, styles, and feelings that go along with it. Feeling pretty is its own energy, a feminine energy, that allows the calm, the openness, and the freedom that comes along with it.  For those of you who have felt it, you know what I mean. 

Back to my original question, what is wrong with feeling pretty?  We have heard the stories of those who buy and purge.  Hiding the fact that you enjoy it from your significant other. Maybe feeling guilty about dressing up, feeling pretty, then stopping or holding yourself back, yet finding the draw to come back and wanting to do it again. Looking on the XDress website and seeing something pretty, putting it in the cart, but not hitting the buy button.

What if you could find your joy, put something on and feel pretty, then feel your confidence increase, and embrace that feminine energy that you already have.  As I mentioned earlier, we all have masculine and feminine energy, what is holding you back to embracing yours?

What makes you feel pretty? Satin and lace? Lipstick? Pumps? Garter and stockings? Skirts? I am hoping that if we share what makes us feel pretty, it will give others the permission to do the same.  

I would love to hear what makes you feel pretty, then by sharing, will inspire others to share too.  I look forward to your stories.


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Thanks Bruce!
I discovered Xdress during the pandemic and it has been a source of inspiration for me. Sharing experiences that everyone has had over time and being able to talk openly about it, allows us to be more confident in this journey. You’ll find a boyfriend who allows you to be yourself and sometimes it’s closer than what we think. Kisses.


Francisca, thank you for your comments! You certainly have inspired me, and I hope I someday have a supportive boyfriend like yours.

Bruce Olsen

What’s up with feeling pretty? Anything! Reading and writing on this blog has been fantastic, I feel more and more confident about going forward with the way I dress and sharing how I like to feel beautiful. Since I was very young, I wear lingerie in my daily life, the fact that I choose that underwear or that bra, that stocking is a unique sensation, I would say that until then it was the maximum expression of my femininity. It’s not always easy to share in my case, my boyfriend loves it and he often chooses what he wants me to wear on a daily basis. He has his favorite outfits and I like to see him happy when I look good. I usually like lace, thong or not, it depends on the day. With his help, I got started in women’s clothing, flowing transparent linen pants, I love showing how I’m dressed and last summer I started wearing a bikini, it was a unique sensation. Next step is to use makeup and I want to start with lipstick. I hope I have contributed in some way, to inspire others to share too. Thanks to my boyfriend, the amazing person he is and all the support he gives me! Stay pretty. Francisca


It is so sweet that others feel like I do. Tonight I embrace my inner fem in pretty silk and lace panties. Simple yes, but one step closer to the princess bride of my fairy tail dreams. XO to all


Agree with Ally 15/12- feeling happy is the key. I don’t think I’ll ever look pretty, but I feel pretty when wearing pink lingerie and white glossy stockings, even more so now with silicone breast forms filling out my bra. It just feels gorgeous and right. I’ve just ordered the pink Merry Widow and matching satin panties, and I’m feeling pretty in anticipation!


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