What's Wrong with Feeling Pretty?

Reading and writing these blogs has been very beneficial to me, and from what I have read in the comments, to many others as well.  As more readers come on board, many have commented how reassuring it is to know that they are not alone.  As people have become more open to sharing their experiences, it appears it has given others permission to do the same.  I can say from my experience in reading and writing these blogs, I have also become more and more confident in my decision to dress up and feel pretty.  

I was inspired to write this blog by seeing the latest Blossom Bra, Brazil Panty, and Garter set. I saw it and immediately thought, wow, that is really pretty.  Then I thought of how I would feel while wearing it, which I knew would make me feel pretty. The thought then came across my mind, is it ok to want to feel pretty?  Followed by the thought, what is wrong with feeling pretty?  Women get to do this all the time. They get complimented on how pretty they look when dressed up in lingerie.  What woman wouldn’t want to feel pretty?  If that was the case, why wouldn’t we want to feel the same?

In my previous blogs, I have written about “A Shift in Energy” when getting dressed in lingerie, or a sexy bra and panty set.  When dressing this way, I feel my energy soften because it draws out the feminine energy that we all possess.  From what I have read, we want to unleash, but are afraid to share. My girlfriend picks out a bra and party set for me in the morning when I get out of the shower and it usually matches what she is wearing.  We do have our favorites, and one of mine is the sea foam Glistening Satin set.  My girlfriend always gets a glint in her eye when I put it on, and she will often comment how pretty it is on me.

At night, she will often pick out a satin nighty such as the Couture Satin and Lace Chemise for me to wear for bed. So, having the nighty on and wearing sexy panties does bring on a pretty feeling, and it is even better knowing that my girlfriend enjoys it.  As time has gone on, and I have embraced this feminine energy more and more, it has allowed me to gain more confidence, celebrate it, and truly enjoy the fabrics, styles, and feelings that go along with it. Feeling pretty is its own energy, a feminine energy, that allows the calm, the openness, and the freedom that comes along with it.  For those of you who have felt it, you know what I mean. 

Back to my original question, what is wrong with feeling pretty?  We have heard the stories of those who buy and purge.  Hiding the fact that you enjoy it from your significant other. Maybe feeling guilty about dressing up, feeling pretty, then stopping or holding yourself back, yet finding the draw to come back and wanting to do it again. Looking on the XDress website and seeing something pretty, putting it in the cart, but not hitting the buy button.

What if you could find your joy, put something on and feel pretty, then feel your confidence increase, and embrace that feminine energy that you already have.  As I mentioned earlier, we all have masculine and feminine energy, what is holding you back to embracing yours?

What makes you feel pretty? Satin and lace? Lipstick? Pumps? Garter and stockings? Skirts? I am hoping that if we share what makes us feel pretty, it will give others the permission to do the same.  

I would love to hear what makes you feel pretty, then by sharing, will inspire others to share too.  I look forward to your stories.



Thanks Bruce!
I discovered Xdress during the pandemic and it has been a source of inspiration for me. Sharing experiences that everyone has had over time and being able to talk openly about it, allows us to be more confident in this journey. You’ll find a boyfriend who allows you to be yourself and sometimes it’s closer than what we think. Kisses.

Francisca August 15, 2023

Francisca, thank you for your comments! You certainly have inspired me, and I hope I someday have a supportive boyfriend like yours.

Bruce Olsen June 28, 2023

What’s up with feeling pretty? Anything! Reading and writing on this blog has been fantastic, I feel more and more confident about going forward with the way I dress and sharing how I like to feel beautiful. Since I was very young, I wear lingerie in my daily life, the fact that I choose that underwear or that bra, that stocking is a unique sensation, I would say that until then it was the maximum expression of my femininity. It’s not always easy to share in my case, my boyfriend loves it and he often chooses what he wants me to wear on a daily basis. He has his favorite outfits and I like to see him happy when I look good. I usually like lace, thong or not, it depends on the day. With his help, I got started in women’s clothing, flowing transparent linen pants, I love showing how I’m dressed and last summer I started wearing a bikini, it was a unique sensation. Next step is to use makeup and I want to start with lipstick. I hope I have contributed in some way, to inspire others to share too. Thanks to my boyfriend, the amazing person he is and all the support he gives me! Stay pretty. Francisca

Francisca June 20, 2023

It is so sweet that others feel like I do. Tonight I embrace my inner fem in pretty silk and lace panties. Simple yes, but one step closer to the princess bride of my fairy tail dreams. XO to all

Curia May 15, 2023

Agree with Ally 15/12- feeling happy is the key. I don’t think I’ll ever look pretty, but I feel pretty when wearing pink lingerie and white glossy stockings, even more so now with silicone breast forms filling out my bra. It just feels gorgeous and right. I’ve just ordered the pink Merry Widow and matching satin panties, and I’m feeling pretty in anticipation!

Georgina February 18, 2023

Great comments Angelica Scott and Ally

I so glad that some can share with out SO! I love underdressing and i feel sexy more than pretty but my body feels pretty

So happy with my new Christmas purchases and ready for the new yr to continue to b me and not be ashamed but to live as my self

Get ur lingerie on


Stevie December 30, 2022

I just purchased my second blossom collection. I totally love the material and style. So Feminine! For the lovely bras I use a white bra extender because the band runs small and I don’t want to go up a size because the cup placement is perfect for my breast! The blossom collections are the most beautiful in my under garment lingerie collection. The white lace thigh highs goes perfectly with the lovely garter , ,and the panties also. Every Gurl should own this amazing set. Please make a full length night gown to accommodate this beautiful collection.


Angelica December 29, 2022

There is nothing wrong with wanting to feel pretty or feminine or masculine or however you want to fell. I feel pretty when I am freshly showered, cleanly manscaped and dressed in XDress Satin Panties. The warmer weather allows me to be a bit more risqué with bras and pantyhose under work clothes but the prettiest I feel is when I get home to my SO. We lay around in satin lingerie and rompers and enjoy each others satiny smoothness. She looks pretty in satin as well, especially a satin cocktail dress. Stay sexy, wear whatever makes you pretty!

Scott December 28, 2022

I sure hope the blossom collection comes back with more colors! ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💖 And possibly solid colors? These have been the best item XDress has had in YEARS. Makes me feel so pretty and comfortable. I’d buy new colors in a heartbeat.

Thank you – Ally H.

Ally December 28, 2022

Dear Greg – I’m with you. It’s so exciting isn’t it? Merry Christmas everyone. May you fill your stockings to your heart’s content! Ally x

Ally December 20, 2022

Gregg you are going to love that set! Please leave a review !


Stevie December 20, 2022

Just received my panties and bralette along with my stockings! I couldn’t wait to put them on! Thank you for the beautiful thing’s, can’t wait for my lover to see me in them, and for him to get me out of them lol 🤣 thanks again!

Greg December 20, 2022

I feel you! No more apologies for my choices ! For me, i m a guy and i m not trying to pass; so to others it seems wierd! Their problem!!! Ally hi!
It is to each their own


Stevie December 16, 2022

Nothing wrong at all to feel pretty or be beautiful. For me, X dress and body aware clothing and lingerie have been a helpful part of me taking up my power and beauty to embrace my trans identity and being amidst the anguish of “norms and ideals” of what we tell each other as to what one should wear or who and how they should be. In all candor I’m exhausted with gymnastics of it all. No apology ever again. We are pretty and beautiful. Forget the apologies, embrace the affirmation of your beauty!

Tomi December 15, 2022

The Xdress model in the new lingerie range looks gorgeous – more than pretty. I have to be honest with myself and admit that my physique and face are not the same. However, that doesn’t stop me pursuing an aesthetic that is pleasing to me and sourced from the wardrobe and products that are typically aimed at women. Key for me is not ‘passing’ as a woman, but being happy and accepted in the way I dress. I’m not sure I ‘feel pretty’ when I dress – but I certainly feel happy I’m presenting an expressive, curated me in a package that borrows heavily from traditionally female attire. There are things that work on me and things that don’t. And high heels are out because I find them so uncomfortable. If it doesn’t work on me or is uncomfortable, I leave it alone. Lovely, comfortable underwear feels great – but it’s only me that sees it. I think these days I’m more concerned that I’m ‘rocking a look’ rather than feeling pretty. Each to their own though I guess. Ally x

Ally December 15, 2022

Whether I look pretty or not is a moot point for me. I want to look sexy! Watching myself in the mirror, confidently strutting in 6” stilettos, my legs made longer by the heels and glistening beneath glossy stockings which are secured in place with a six strap garter belt positioned over satin panties, I feel hot. I feel empowered. I feel sexy! I’m sure that my persona when I’m dressed up like this would be similarly exciting for my wife and could open undiscovered possibilities in our intimacy, but I haven’t yet found the courage to tell her or show her. Dressing in lingerie is a long held habit that I’ve only ever practiced in private. I’d love to introduce my wife to my sexy, lingerie-wearing self, but I’m apprehensive about sharing my secret for fear of non-acceptance or rejection. For now I think I’ll just continue to express my sexy alter ego in private and dream about what could happen if I ever feel brave enough to set it free… K

K December 15, 2022

Great blog and love not only your courage to say it online but also open yourself to the acceptance of your SO. Love everything XDress offers and am happy with all the support

Scott December 15, 2022

Another great post! There is nothing wrong with feeling pretty. However society says girls are pretty! Even when women say “thats a pretty man” its said with the understanding that its sort of a pun.

If we were allowed to feel pretty as young boys then our proclivities for lingerie wouldn’t b such an issue

As a child when i saw how everyone fawned over my 3 little sisters i wanted to feel like that-so i started dressing in clothes that I thought would make me pretty.

I still like feeling pretty today. And tge xdress clothes are the perfect adjunct for it. So much better than womens clothes

Get ur lingerie on!’
I did


Stevie December 15, 2022

Please bring back robes! You used to have the best robes.

Xx – Greg

Gregory December 14, 2022

I love the dress all sexy and girly. It all started with panties which led to cute outfits, makeup, along with high heels 👠 and of course a cute bag. I love dressing for my wife but I love dressing for myself even more. Makes me feel wonderful inside when I’m all girly I’ve only been out in public a few times but it was great. A little nervous but that comes with everything that is good in life. I wear panties almost everyday. It is my favorite part of getting dressed picking which panties I’m going to wear today. I love to feel pretty so I would say go out and be pretty. Enjoy your beautiful self 💗

Angela December 13, 2022

I love everything in the blog, exactly what is wrong with feeling pretty but I feel so much more with what is wrong just feeling good, sexy or comfortable in the clothes you wear. I am not a pretty man but i can say that putting on my favorite panties or wearing my favorite leggings or night dress is so wonderful, my wife is totally on board and although i’m not outgoing in public many nights I pull on a sexy night dress, I am always in leggings and go to work with panties and underwear all the time. When I am wearing my favorite undies I feel so strong, when we shop we look for things for me to wear, I keep myself shaven and clean and just love feeling feminine on a day to day basis but my feminine side bring strength to me and a feeling of being complete and able to understand my partner and other better.
I love the thrill of shopping for clothes, the first time I wear something new, my closet is full of lovely clothes and my drawer has only feminine underwear

thanks for all the info

Smewie December 13, 2022

I too feel pretty when dressed up whether it be just pantries and bra or full outfit it makes me feel pretty and feel so comfortable doing so.

Continue with your blogs as I love reading them.

Jim December 13, 2022

Wonderful question WB…..i feel pretty when i don a matching bra and thong set of lace, in the morning mirror. Watching myself as i dress and looking into my own eyes……i feel pretty after polishing my toe nails in a hot pink…..i feel pretty (and smooth) after shaving my goods, chest and armpits in an uber hot bubble bath……i feel pretty when i use my fav oil fragrance, tunisian jasmine……i feel pretty when walking “ladylike” into public settings carrying my clutch….. Thanks for sharing your thoughts too! 💕🦄 PJ

PJ December 13, 2022

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