Matching Your Lip Color with Your Outfit

Matching Your Lip Color with Your Outfit

Makeup is a tricky thing, especially when you’ve never even tried any out for yourself. You have to figure out which foundation matches your skin, how to correctly put eyeliner on so it flatters your face, how much blush is just enough, and so many different techniques that make that face really pop. It can all be so overwhelming!


With the release of our new Makeup Collection, we figured we could help you out a bit with how to incorporate our products with your day-to-day looks! Today, we’re going to give a quick little guide on lipstick shades of colors that we offer, and which shade would work with the looks you may already have at home. Even though a lipstick shade could look really pretty, wearing it with the wrong look could work against you! Here are some suggestions on what kinds of looks you could wear with different lip colors!


Nude Pink



This Nude Pink Creme Lipstick is perfect for everyday, natural looks! If you’re just going for something casual, or just need a shade that matches whatever you’re already wearing, this is the way to go. It’s classy, but subtle, showing an effortless level of glam. This color is incredibly versatile, and can be worn with virtually any outfit in any season!




This purple color from our Bold Effects lip colors is definitely great for more intense looks! If you’re planning a night on the town, or trying to draw more attention to your face, this is the color for you. It looks great on darker skin tones, and/or in combination with darker hair. This would be a good color to wear during spring or winter, but pair it nicely with whatever color scheme you already have, and your lips will catch the attention of many, throughout the night.


Red Lip


Such a classic! This cranberry color from our Creme Lipstick line will make any look of yours instantly classy, elevating even something as simple as a plain tee. This color looks great in contrast with white, and is one of the most simple ways to add class to your everyday looks. Whether it’s a casual day out or a formal night with a significant other, this lip color will be your best friend during any season.



Have you experimented with incorporating lipstick into your favorite outfits? What is your favorite lip color to use? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

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